Day: February 17, 2010

Why Internet Marketing through Network Marketing/Affiliate Marketing

The value of understanding Internet Marketing vs. approaching your friends and family (who are not qualified for business) in the industry of Network Marketing. Now-a-days, to be a successful businessman/woman, it is indeed important that you are knowledgeable about Internet and Marketing. Sounds very confusing, tough and complicated especially when you will start computing and […]

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Numis Network 1st National Convention

Logging in today as the first trip to Florida. I’ve never been in the Orange state in my life and I made a promise to a 5 years old he will be there for his birthday on October 19th, 2010 for Hollywood Studios. My son Cesar Antonio.  As most of you know, I’ve been an entrepreneur […]

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Skymall Magazine

So I was pulling out a skymall magazine on my flight to Tampa, FL and I came across this page. “The greatest gift … is to help others help themselves.” Wow! How powerful is that?! The main reason I began flipping pages anyway was because I was listening to an audio training cd set by […]

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