A Road Less Traveled…

You can’t go back, you can’t go right, you can’t go left….Only forward. Continue through the fire, the broken road, but in the end, it’s soooo worth it. You will find paradise. Some call it stupidity to do what I did. I call it adventure. Welcome to my world.

In eastern Australia, whale watching occurs in many spots along the Pacific coast. From headlands, whales may often be seen making their migration south. At times, whales even make it into Sydney Harbour.

New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife took an active role in 2010 during the peak southern whale watching season between May and November with the launch of its whale watching site.

In Panama, the Pearl Islands archipelago receive an estimated 300 humpbacks whale from late June to late November. These had become now the main attraction for whale watching san diego. In the Gulf of Chiriqui, the World Heritage Site of Coiba Island National Park and the islands near the town of Boca Chica are offering opportunities for boat rentals for people to appreciate the area, visit newport beach boat rental. Isla Iguana near Pedasi is now a popular destination for whale watchers. Several foundations train local community members to perform as guide and captains for whale watching tours.

In Ecuador, from June to September, there are many sites from which large groups of humpback whales can be seen, including Isla de la Plata (AKA Little Galapagos) and Salinas, at the tip of the Santa Elena Peninsula.

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6 thoughts on “A Road Less Traveled…

  1. Great analogy Cesar. – And so glad to hear you made it safely through! Venturing into something new and less-traveled can be extremely scary. But nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

  2. Hi Cesar, Great analogy. Yes… no turning back.

    many thanks for sharing your little 'adventure' and turning it to a great lesson.


  3. “Sometimes the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason.” Jerry Seinfeld

    I always look for any opportunity to use a Seinfeld quote:) Great post! Kevin

  4. Makes me think of when me and my husband were on our honeymoon and we were trying to get to a town up in the mountains. The map was not marked very well and we ended up on some scary roads and there was no place to turn around! We just had to keep moving forward, and we did reach our destination. We got different direction when we left the town 🙂
    ~ Linda Dougherty ~

  5. Excellent video and analogy. What an adventure and where this road of life and business can take you. Just love it! Thanks Cesar!

  6. Excellent video and analogy. What an adventure and where this road of life and business can take you. Just love it! Thanks Cesar!

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