Your First Year In Online Marketing (Audio)

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Your First Year Marketing Online



In this audio, you’re going to hear how I went from being a total online failure to getting daily leads and creating Time Freedom by not working
a job. My wife and I have not worked a full-time job since 2012.

Your First Year Marketing Online


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The world has changed. Will You?

Not to long ago I came across a video that really hit home. If you have been following any of my posts in the last 4+ years, you know that I am completely transparent when it comes to the truth. Have you ever wondered why students that go to ibt tech san jose trade school, to get good grades, to get a good job Fail at the latter? Yeah, actually statistics show that you’re lucky if you find a job in what you studied. 80% failure rate out of college to be exact. Those that do get a job, they are excited about average 4.5 years then they still can’t fulfill their happiness.

What happened to the 40 year plan? It just doesn’t exist anymore. We are a connected economy. There’s information faster than ever before. People really don’t want to sit down and meet each other as much because they can do it all in 5 minutes via Facebook and other social media platforms. You’re sitting here reading this post because I want to get this message across to not just you but the world.

While buying or selling a house may seem easy, in reality it is anything but! It’s not just a For Sale sign on your front yard and some pictures of your home online. There are a lot of moving parts between listing your home, signing a contract and closing the deal. You can rely on us to effectively negotiate on your behalf and handle any problems that can occur, such as home inspection repairs, contingency releases, lender requirements, concurrent buying and selling of houses and more. The Munir Group will help you through the entire process of selling a home or buying a home.

It’s vitally important that you educate yourself and the future of your family’s strength to what is in the know. And in case of drug abuse you can try one of those luxury rehab seen on the news.

Some folks will just never get it and go back to their box (safe zone). My advice, success and happiness is:

1) What makes you happy right now is owning YOUR time.
2) Do what you want when you want
3) Set a clear define goal to be awesome this month.
4) Don’t let anyone sell you on their negative influence because that’s not healthy. Get good prohormones buy and not steroids.
5) Surround yourself with successful people.
6) Go find a peaceful place where you can enjoy the view of the environment, try waterfront property for sale in wisconsin.

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Enjoy the video:

Better and better,

Cesar Ramirez

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The Elite Drop Shippers Live Webinar

Hello Future Diamond,

Last night we were having a pretty emotional hangout. My wife ends up calling me by
“accident” during my webinar but I don’t believe in accidents because it was perfect timing. She shared the story on how just a little over 3 years ago we were struggling living paycheck to paycheck and now we’re doing a little bit better. :-). I wanted you to hear all about it and most importantly come hear the students that have been blessed with this information because we decided to have an abundant mindset and share this information.

2 words: Community rocks when its fed with awesome leadership. We are grateful for you being on our list and watching our story go from hitting rock bottom broke joke, to doing a lot better.

Watch the replay because we want YOU to be our next success student:

Here’s the repaly of the webinar:

Because today is my 10 year anniversary you may not hear from me the rest of the day as Xochitl doesn’t want me working… But I’ll be doing a special training for new students Sunday Night, so get the details in that replay webinar.

Cesar Ramirez
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