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Craigslist Marketing. There are the right ways of doing it, and the wrong ways. You have to understand the game. In this powerful training, Cesar Ramirez shares with you the power of using your HTML skills and Photoshop skills to create an attraction of endless leads. Showing you exactly where to put the ad so you won’t get charged from Craigslist. Also showing you how to track the number of clicks and where your ad was coming from. You and your business deserve this information.

NOTE: I realize this is advanced stuff for most folks just getting started. Obviously I gave my major secret here to the world on how I draw traffic consistently. Additionally, I gave a lot of information here that created a lot of emails in my mailbox. Here’s the deal, I am passionate about this industry. Additionally, I’m a father and husband and my time is valuable.

I have spent hours creating a product for you that will show you step by step methods and additional bells and whistles like a free photoshop editor and tracking tool (without the need for a blogsite). If you consider the amount of money people pay for Pay-Per-Click -> $500+ a month, this conceptĀ  is a no brainer.

Go to now to grab your training. I show you what cities to focus on that contain 50K-200K of traffic.

Cesar Ramirez
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The power of the internet. Learn it. Win it. — Cesar Ramirez

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  1. Cesar, great video full of value. With this type of detailed information it makes it easy to build a business step by step.

  2. Hi Cesar,
    This is a quality tutorial for Craigslist advertising, and the pretty links plugin looks very interesting too, definitely some ideas for me to try out!

  3. Awesome content Cesar, thanks so much! I use all the time but the interface isn't as useful as I would like, and this integrated approach seems so much more appealing.

    Thanks for a great post!

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  5. Sharon, I appreciate your kind words. Please be sure to opt-in to my list for the release date of “Craigslist Ad Power”. You’re going to love it!

  6. Hey Cesar,
    I just happened on this training from Ray Higdon’s blog and I’m wondering with all the changes at Craigslist if this is still a viable strategy that would work now. I notice this training was almost a year ago.

  7. You have to get creative. My recommendation is to use and create a squeeze page with you telling your audience what you’re looking for on video. Then, you can capture a lead by having them optin into a form. That’s how I built close to 400 leads in less than 6 months on my list.

  8. Hi Caesar. I repeat Fontella’s question. It’s been a year or so since your release of CL Ad Power. Is this information still viable given CL changes?

  9. I’m still using this information to this day. If it wasn’t viable, it wouldn’t be up. Craigslist will always have challenges just like any other product/project you work on. You just have to learn how to stay under the radar. Thus why I use a special tool taught in the course.

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