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My first video on VideoFyMe

This is my first #video on #videofyme – #cesarramirez – #followme http://CesaRamirez.com I’m doing a test on this iOS App called VideoFyMe. So the cool thing about this app is that it can shoot a video to Facebook, YouTube, Blog, and much much more. I highly recommend using it to build your user following from […]

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Harnessing Your Internet Marketing Skills: What You Should Know

Internet marketing is a necessary strategy one should have in his/her arsenal in order to advance one’s business. Although you might not necessarily need the Internet to sell your products, you still should utilize it to lead potential customers to your website. When they reach your website, you can then market your products and services, […]

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Over a year ago I recommended Silver…

Friends, if you remember my blog posts over a year ago, I recommended investing in silver when it was just about $15 an ounce (I would of said earlier if I saw it coming). $15 an ounce is still dirt cheap for any serious investor. Just today silver was announced at $37 an ounce, an […]

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All this social media education, where do I start?

With this video, I go into the concepts of getting started with Social Media. The only true website you own is that one that you purchased the domain name and web hosting. All the other social media websites, ie, Facebook, Twitter, etc are websites that you can use to draw traffic to your blog. Cesar […]

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