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Numis Review – Is Numis Network a Scam?

nu·mis·mat·ics – noun – The study or collecting of coins and money What is the Numis Network? It’s the crossroads where collectible silver and gold coins meet the network marketing industry. This concept is creating a whirlwind of enthusiasm throughout the network marketing world. The Numis Network is a young network marketing company built by […]

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The power of Robots in your Social Media Advertising.

PLEASE CLICK ON THE TWEET BAR IN GREEN ===============> 5/6/2010 – Update: The new version of Facebook FriendAdder allows you to address the person with their first name. So it sounds more personal-able :-). Use the code <FriendFirstname> Step 1- I use this tool called “Facebook FriendAdder” [Download It Here] Step 2- I found a […]

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