Business Builder Boot Camp Day 3 – Set a Deadline

Setting a deadline for a goal can be the most difficult task. Some folks have procrastinated on their commitments. The pain of just thinking about it stops them from getting started. The biggest misconception in this industry is that new folks aren’t educated on marketing tactics that actually work for them. The duplication process starts when rejection is decreased and success is provided. I currently provide quality prospects to my team and I don’t get caught up on the emotion of “what if they mess up with them” or “why should I horde all the people to myself.” I like the fact that I don’t have to go help everyone out there that requires another stream of income and I can leverage others to assist me in helping my business grow. You have heard it said before, “the more you help others get their paycheck to where they want to be, the less you have to worry about yours.” That’s leverage.

Set you goals on a deadline. Do the daily activities that are required so that you can meet that deadline. Clear any outside influences that may affect you from achieving that goal. Hang around folks that move you where you want to be. It only makes sense. Save yourself the headaches early :-). Make it a profitable week.

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– Cesar Ramirez

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Business Builder Boot Camp Day 2

Write your goals down. They are essential to your business. A goal unwritten is just a dream. Study your comp plan in your company and figure out what it will require for you to replace your current monthly income and beyond. Sales is the most rewarding industry you can be apart of if you can “figure it” out. When you realize that all sales is is a transfer of belief, you have made it. When you invest enough hours “in yourself” to improve, you will see that nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.

Cesar Ramirez

Day 1 – Business Builder Bootcamp

What is it that you really want? Set a clear defined goal. Dig into your “reason why” you’re doing something different than the norm. Do you want more time? You’re psychologically unemployable?

1) Define Your Reason Why.
2) Set a date when you will achieve that goal.


Does this really work? Yes, exponentially, you can make magic happen. In two months I set a goal to retire my wife. I was able to do it because I created a software that not only I can benefit, but so can the masses. Take a look at what retired my wife. [Click here to see it]

Cesar Ramirez

P.S. Take massive action.

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