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What would you ask a Millionaire?

What would you ask a Millionaire?                             How do you stay motivated? “Mach II With Your Hair On Fire: The Art of Vision & Self Motivation” When should I quit my job? When going to your J.O.B. is costing you more money […]

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Coaching Call with Mr. X

Home Business Coaching Webinar   So it’s been a minute since I’ve brought a new guest speaker to my list. I believe this guy’s story will help you understand the philosophy behind it all. You may connect with his story. He went from literally broke to building a team of 60,000 people in his home […]

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Tethering WIFI At An Internet Marketing Event

Hello my friend, today I’m going to share with you a little tip on what has helped me brand myself. You know that tethering word on your smart phone. People talk about it all the time. You can tether your wifi enabled phone to your computer / laptop or even iPad, becoming “kid friendly wifi.” […]

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The Elite Drop Shippers Live Webinar

Hello Future Diamond, Last night we were having a pretty emotional hangout. My wife ends up calling me by “accident” during my webinar but I don’t believe in accidents because it was perfect timing. She shared the story on how just a little over 3 years ago we were struggling living paycheck to paycheck and […]

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Increase website traffic

Increase website traffic Hello my friends, I’m going to share with you 50 ways to Increase website traffic I know you’re always looking for those tips to get you traffic to your sites. Well how about 50? Enjoy: 50 Tips On Getting More Traffic To Your Website 1. Write and submit articles to the article […]

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