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Moving and Shaking in Business

Moving and Shaking in Business… …is a daily task. I’ve often heard it said that if you’re too comfortable, your paycheck will reflect so. Be hungry daily. Be inspired. These simple steps below should keep you on the right track of focus. I remember looking back to what kept me in the game and still […]

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Merry Christmas 2015 and Lessons Learned…

Hello my friends Merry Christmas from Xochitl, myself and the C.A.L. boys.     As I look back at this year, I’m most grateful for my Family and Friends that have believed in me, and I in them. It wasn’t the most simplest year for us as my wife Xochitl recently hit us by surprise. […]

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Online Selling Outlook for 2016

There’s only more than two months left until we bid goodbye to 2015. Of course, with the passing of time comes change. So how will online selling be in 2016? What will be the trends in that period, and most importantly, how can you capitalize on them? A new infographics released earlier by Smart Insights provides […]

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Stress in business

Stress in Business Today’s post is about stress in business. I think we all have experienced a bit of stress in business because it’s not normal for someone to produce on their clock. Whether you’re building a network marketing company, an online ecommerce business or you’re an inventor, you may experience stress when you face […]

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Why eCommerce Works in This Changing World

Everybody will agree that electronic commerce or eCommerce is a mainstream way of doing business. All major organizations have their own websites and engage in online sales of products and services. Even small and medium-sized businesses have learned to tap the virtually-limitless potential of the Internet to reach their intended markets. eCommerce is basically about […]

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