Type A Personalities and Ponzi Schemes

As you can see, I had to come out and let the truth out. Too many folks hide and try to spend energy on Type A Personalities.

Let’s look at type A people in more detail.

Type A folks have major issues around three key areas: time, money and dirt.

Type A’s and Issues surrounding time.

Type A people have limitless problems with time. Type A’s need to be on time, they need to avoid running out of time, they need to have a watch or clock handy so they can measure time, they invest time, measure the value of time spent and time left available. These folks have issues with deadlines, as they are restricting, yet they feel they must have them and they must be met. Time is a tool for measuring and a means of limiting, confining and defining. As such, time is important to someone who has always had to meet standards and deadlines for acceptance.

Issues with money.

Type A people have esteem issues, as they don’t base their value on solid ground but rather on meeting standards. As such, rather than by their inherent value as people, they value themselves and what they do by money. What’s it worth, what did it cost, how much do they earn, have and spend? They spend or give money as a way of showing love or affection. It is their empowerment and security. In relationships there is a medium of exchange and of acceptance with others and it is money.

Issues with dirt.

As the type A individual is perfectionist and of low self esteem they don’t want to have any association with dirt. Getting dirty makes them feel cheap and worthless. They need neat surroundings.


Something like remission or over compensation can occur in which the type A personality may swing to the extreme opposite to cope. They may give away money to show they can, get dirty or do dirty jobs to confront their fears and may throw caution about time to the wind to set themselves free. Still you can see that they still are tied heavily to these issues.


Type A personalities may deny emotion or not know they have any. They may feel guilty for having or showing emotions as this would take them away from the source of real value for them which is to meet standards like a perfectly performing machine.

2nd Topic cover Ponzi Schemes (Cash Gifting). Strangely enough, a mutual friend gave me a call to share his
excitement about what he found. Honestly, the call itself smelled fishy and it totally did not make sense. There was no information to be found on the company online and the simple fact that someone would send in $2000 to receive $14,000 back in 3 weeks deserves a careful attention of a Scam/Ponzi Scheme. I sure hope that hard working folks don’t get duped into these systems. Money exchanging hands without a valid product or service with residual tied to it isn’t a system. Get rich schemes are the reason this country is in the sh*ts right now. We’ve lost the true vision of momentum of the compounding penny. Would you rather take $1mil or the compounding penny? In a month the compounding penny becomes over $5mil.  We just don’t think that way.

So what do you want to look for when investing your time away from work fulltime or parttime? Home based businesses are on the rise. There are a lot of legitimate ones and a lot of sketchy ones. You want to look for a business that the founder has a clean track record. 100% debt free a huge factor. NOT being publicly traded is a huge plus because the business is focused on making the executives happy, not their stock investors, plus they also have a Gadget Insurance covering them.

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