AWEBER Cleaning up Tire Kickers

Aweber has grown my business in a tremendous way. The folks that typically are in my list are folks that are work from home, network marketers, etc that are looking for tips on marketing their business. If you are looking for duct cleaning, repairing, resealing and even replacing with perfection. Air Duct Cleaning Dallas services has satisfied many customers till date. Enjoy this tip on cleaning up your list, especially when it comes to carpets at your home, that’s we are offering you best Oahu carpet cleaners.

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Does the cost of aweber go down if you remove unsubscribes?:

From Aweber:
AWeber – Paul Jacobsen, May 22 08:56 am (EDT):
Hello Cesar,

The answer is Yes.

Once the unsubscribes are deleted from the account, they are removed from the grand total which would reduce the price for the next invoice.

There are two types of subscribers that count towards your pricing:

1. Active subscribers. These are the ones receiving messages with no problem. 2. Inactive Subscribers. These are people either unsubscribed or undeliverable. The reason you are chaged for them is because the system is still storing that information. However, you can delete them at any time.

The type of subscribers that does NOT count towards your pricing are what we called unconfirmed subscribers. These were the people that were sent the confirmation message but never clicked the confirmation link. The reason you are not charged for them is because our confirmation link has an active period of 30 days. So if they dont press that link after the 30th day, the system auto deletes them. So since we never technically stored them you are not charged for them

I hope this helps out but if you have any further requests, just let me know


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