Top 15 Iphone Apps for Real Estate Investing

Since the world is becoming more computer driven everyday, it should come as no surprise that devices like the iPhone are becoming so popular. This is because these devices make it much easier than ever before to receive the information that you need when you need it. These devices are of particular importance in the real estate industry, as having access to this information is of the utmost importance. Before, people used to go to to add value to their homes and lots of people still do. The following are some of the more useful iPhone apps for those in the real estate industry like the popular real estate websites as for instance. If you just want to sell your house there are companies that buy houses nationwide you just reach their site. If you are not in the real estate industry as  the Mavi Unlimited company,  yet but want to start your business I suggest to use Commercial bridge loan programs which can give you financial help and you can also lean more info about Lending Tree here.

Trulia Real Estate Search is a valuable tool because it helps users find homes for sale within a certain area, and it lets them know about when buying a home. They are being sold by HOA Management & Community Management Services | Cedar Management because they are the best at what they do. It also provides access to open houses in the area which most count with a big property and an AAA-Fence-Master surrounding the property, which makes it the only app potential home buyers will need when tracking down something that they are interested in, If you want to have a real estate agency online without having the need to download their app I suggest to check out Lead Propeller´s site. By the way I just happened to buy an amazing home in Louisville thanks to a great agency. Here are some tips for negotiating when selling a house.

WHERE is another app that can help you find a location that you are looking for, but it goes beyond just finding homes. This app has a partnership with both Starbucks and Gas Buddy, so it can be used to find coffee or gas anywhere in the country.

Evernote is an app that acts like a virtual notebook, as this allows you to keep track of notes, pictures, or anything else that can help you with your real estate career. You can even take pictures of business cards and store then in Evernote, as this app allows everything you need to be at your fingertips at all times. Best of all, it is completely searchable, so you will not lose any of this information and will not have to search for it manually either.

The NorthPoint Mortgage Calculator is a handy tool to have because it can help you discuss numbers with clients much more easily. In a matter of seconds, you can provide customers with a rough estimate of what the home will cost them each month, which could be a very valuable selling feature.

Puluwai Real Estate Search is another tool that can help you search for available homes all over the country. This app gives you a map view and a photo gallery, so you can go into great detail when looking for available homes and can easily show these listings to customers. If you need financial accounting, we suggest go to condo financial accounting.

RulerPhone Lite is an outstanding app because it acts as a ruler. This means that you can measure absolutely anything that you are showing and give the dimensions to the customer. This can come in particularly handy if the customer is wondering about the size of a room because this could be a very important selling feature.

Expense2Go for Salesforce users is an iPhone application that will help users to keep track of their expenses. This is very useful for those in the real estate industry because all you will have to do is take pictures of your receipts, rather than keeping them for days at a time.

Qik is an app that allows you to stream video from your iPhone, which will allow you to show lives videos of a listing to customers. This is great if a customer from another city wants to view a home, as you can give a tour in real time, without the customer having to travel. You can even broadcast to multiple people or store the video on your blog, which can definitely help you to generate more sales.

Home Value Pro is an app that provides market data for home buyers, so that they can find estimated prices and other information on a nationwide basis. This could be important for realtors who are trying to show customers that a home is, in fact, priced fairly in a certain market, at least I know that Douglas Ebenstein, CEO of Capitol Commercial Properties cares about this, which is why they always try to give their customers the best.

Dropbox is an app that will link your iPhone with your other computers. That way, you can have access to your desktop and laptop files, while only carrying your iPhone around with you, which means that you will not have to carry around a laptop ever again.

WorldCard Mobile is a business card reading app that will ensure that you do not have to carry anyone’s business card around with you again. This will make your life a lot easier because you will never have to worry about losing a potential customer’s contact information at any point.

Yelp can be used by realtors from Halton Home Evaluation because it provides a great deal of information about a certain area. While this mostly applies to local businesses, it can also be used to chart property values in a certain area by providing a specialized look at every property, is a site that gives the costumers the right values of the properties they want with excellent negotiations which will give many benefit to the client.

The Zillow iPhone app is a GPS system that shows available homes, cost estimates, and homes for sale, all on one screen. There is a huge database that is associated with this app, which makes it an extremely valuable tool for anyone in the real estate industry. Fortunately, there is this great post that will help you decide.

Ustream is another streaming app that will allow real estate professionals to stream live video of a property. There are a few different ways that this can be utilized, depending on who you want to see the video, but many realtors are now making a video of a tour and then posting it on a website or blog for all to see.

Finally, Tweetie 2 is a tool that allows realtors to post updates on Twitter on a constant basis. When used from the iPhone, realtors can stay in constant communication with potential customers, which can surely bring is more revenue. This is a pretty diverse tool that allows users to post pictures and everything, so it is an all in one tweeting application. Although there is people that find success in selling their own houses without a realtor there are other who prefer to use a vancouver realtor to sell or buy houses.

These iPhone applications can definitely make any real estate professional’s life a lot easier, as they make communicating and keeping track of information a lot easier, read this page to learn more about it. Some of these apps are free, while others cost a small amount of money, but all of them can definitely help you out a great deal in this industry. With a rapid growing network of our company, we constantly find ways to maximize the potential of real estate in digital. We can help you here:

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Can You Pass the Leverage Test? by Todd Falcone

We talk about leverage every day in network marketing. It’s the basis of why we can earn the kind of money we do. Earning income on the efforts of lots of other people is a great way of leveraging yourself.

But, can you actually pass the leverage test in all that you do in your business?

Throughout a normal day of being a network marketer, there are many things that you are probably doing, including sending and responding to emails, spending time for personal development, prospecting, running ads, conducting meetings, doing 3-way calls, training, and so on.

Everyone has 24 hours in a given day. Bill Gates, Oprah, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, me, you…everyone has 24 hours each day. Human beings need to sleep. So…no one can work all 24 hours.

Are you maximizing your productivity in the hours that you are able to put into your business? For most people, the real answer is “no,” even though they may have kid themselves into believing something different.

After you read this, run into the bathroom. Look at yourself. And ask this question, “Am I really doing all that I possibly can in the most efficient manner to propel my business forward to its absolute capacity?

Be honest when you ask yourself that question. If the truth hurts, change it.

Here are a few tips to ensure you are maximizing your leverage in your business:

1. Prioritize Your Prospecting Calls. Make sure your dials are efficient. If you know you’re on the line with someone who is a loser, get off the phone. Use your ears and quickly determine whether or not you are on the phone with the right candidate. If you’re a talker, put a timer on your desk and set it at 5-minutes. When it buzzes and you’re still on the phone with the same person, ask yourself whether or not this person is really worth the time you are putting in.

2. Watch the Chit-Chat. It’s real easy to get caught up during productive work hours having conversations that are meaningless to your business. Talk to your friends and family later, unless they are in your business. Be productive during your productive time.

3. Prioritize Your Call-Backs. If you’re a busy person like me, there is a good chance that your phone is ringing all day long. Oftentimes, I am on the phone and it goes directly to voice-mail. I only call back people in a timely manner when it is critically important to do so. And…if I don’t know you and you are not clear on your message, your call back goes to the bottom of my list. Here’s what you can do with your voice mail to ensure that people tell you why they are calling and can give you a legitimate reason for calling you back. “Hi…you’ve just reached the office of Todd Falcone. I’m on the other line currently. At the tone, please leave your name and your phone number twice, and be sure to tell me the purpose of your call, as I prioritize my call backs due to my busy schedule.” You get the point. If you don’t put that on your voice-mail, you’ll have people calling you and you have no clue who they are and what they want. This is a time-saver.

4. Conduct Group Trainings. Instead of wasting your incredibly valuable time conducting one-on-one trainings, schedule a weekly training call and a weekly Q & A call that allows you to impact many people rather than only one.

5. Tools Are Leverage. Tools serve a multitude of different purposes. Whether it be a sales aid like an audio CD or DVD, a weekly meeting, or weekly conference call, they serve several purposes. Primarily, they ensure that the message being delivered is consistent. Secondly, it puts you in the position of not having to do the telling and selling. That’s what tools are designed to do. Use them.

6. When It’s Prospecting Time, Prospect! Get this. There are only so many hours during the day when you can actually reach people. When it’s prime-time, only conduct primary activities that lead to revenue. The middle of the day and early evening is not the time to be listening to motivational CD’s, and it’s not the time to be writing ad copy. Spend your hours wisely. Being an entrepreneur means that you might be burning the candle at both ends. I spend my evenings and mornings writing, reading and listening to stuff that furthers my education.

7. Sort Your Emails. Get a spam filter. It will make your life a lot easier. If it is not pertinent to respond right this second, then respond to it later. Again…make sure you are focused on revenue producing activities.

8. Hire some Help. We are all busy. You’ve got laundry to do, shopping, running errands, paying bills, kids, etc. It is incredibly easy to hire commercial laundry service supplied by Besafe. Find someone who can do your grocery shopping for you, clean your house, mow your lawn, go to the post office, or whatever else it is that keeps you out of production. You’d be amazed at what you can get for under $10/hr. You have to put a massive value on your time.

Those are just a few ideas on how you can make your life easier, more productive and get more leverage out of the leveraged business you are in.