She Shines Just Like a Star

“She shines just like a star” – How a women likes to feel empowered from her significant other. What is it that makes her feel good inside….

Allow me to name a couple of women I knew, who shine like a stars: Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Alice Walton, Lorena Ochoa. Natalie Coughlin, Sarah Brightman.

Question is, what makes these women, successful and famous? In my own opinion, it’s because they know what they want, and they know how to get it. They are the best of who they are, simply because they have a fighting spirit. They always triumph over tragedy, and always willing to learn from their own mistakes. They walk into a space, and always feel like they stand out. And there’s enormous pressure to perform well, in case any mistake they make reflects on everyone of their gender.

I must say these type of women were not easy to please…Men could possibly get intimidated to even think of being involved to this kind of female personality. However, isn’t love conquers all? I have some ideas, and easy way to make your lady feel empowered by you:

* First, know what she wants and compromise, Nothing can impress a woman more, than a guy treating her as his princess.
* Don’t tell her that she’s fit or hot. Instead, tell her that she’s pretty, gorgeous, or beautiful. Compliments like these sound more sincere, and will make the girl feel loved. But don’t over compliment a girl, because you might just freak her out, or give the impression that you just want something from her in return for your kindness.
* Hold her hand a lot, kiss her cheek/forehead and hug her. This makes her feel protected and looked after, it also shows affection that girls love.
* Find out what her favorite flower is and send her a bunch! She will love it!
* Show that you care by trying to take part in the things that she loves doing, ex. going to see a chick flick, even if you think it will be boring.
* Ask her questions about her hobbies so she knows that you are interested in her. This will show her that you care about her interests.
* Tell her that she is the most special person in your life and that life would not have been complete without her. Be romantic, but not freaky. Don’t be a kiss-ass either.
* Sing romantic songs to her, even if your voice is horrible!
* Tell her that she is your first priority and that you would always keep her happy in time of need. And don’t just say it, actually do it!
* Do what she wants, sometimes. But don’t become her yes-man, as you’ll come across as a push-over.
* If she is sad ask her how you can make it better, don’t just sit there and say “I’m sorry” girls want a guy that can make them happy even when they are down.
* If she is late or forgets something wait for her, be patient and understanding. This will come to help you in the end as she will hopefully return the favor. Don’t guilt her, especially if the first word she says is “Sorry.” Guilting her only makes the encounter start off awkward.
* Send her random text messages like: ‘I miss you, I’m thinking about you’ etc. This will let her know that she is on your mind. But don’t over do it! she’ll think its cute but once it becomes a routine, she will start disliking it!
* Invite her out, at least once a week. Go to different cozy places you’re both interested with and then have memorable fun together.
* You have to see where she herself is coming from. Her point of view. Even if you may disagree it’s still best to get even a glimpse of what shes feeling.
* Realism is key to any part of a healthy relationship. You have to be real with one another. First and foremost equality will be the best source for this method. Don’t let one control the other. Be true to each other and love each other.

They said that: Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, simply because there are lots of differences “in all manners”, between a man and a woman. But the key word, in keeping a healthy relationship, and to keep the woman of your dreams, is understand the essence of, COMPROMISING. Finally, set some goals for each other so that you both have an end goal in mind. This creates excitement for each other to go somewhere. If all else fails and you don’t achieve that goal, it is the journey that you both took that matters most.

Cesar Ramirez

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