A Message of Hope and Love

Today’s message is one of hope and love.

Average Joe’s making money online is unheard of because

of the information overload we receive. I know this because
I find myself pretty technical and I know what it takes to perform
online. Even with my engineering background, it took me 6 months

to build that confidence and “Swagger” if you will to build a brand.

I find “average Joe’s” don’t have 6 months and they need money
as soon as yesterday. That’s when we moved out to the mountains

of beautiful Southern California to “unplug” from the Matrix of
the 9-5 rat racers. I can’t stand traffic. I can’t stand seeing kids being
left by themselves not raised by at least 1 parent. It saddens me.
That’s when I discovered Network Marketing. The problem
is that “average Joe’s” don’t want to leave their families once or
twice a week to hang out in a hotel meeting getting ra ra ra to
make you feel good for the rest of the week. Nobody needs that. I
mean sure it feels good and its like going to church, but the bank

account needs to grow as you grow or the spouse is frowning on you.

Fact is, I was fed up with seeing “Average Joe’s” fail and quit
on me after I put my time into their growth. They say you have
90 days to put money in their pocket, but the truth is you have about
less than 2 months or they start to blame you, or your company. I’m
already a full-time daddy taking care of 3 boys and building a
successful online business, I don’t need to be baby-sitting adults lol.
But that’s what we do to make our business grow. It’s a fact. Some
of you know exactly what I mean. Other’s are chasing after high

ticket sale items thinking that’s where the pot of gold is. I’ve been there
many times in my Real Estate career and after 6 months of not closing
a short sale, I decided it was time to move on to take care of the family, funny because now I am talking to the Castlewood Ranch real estate agency but now I am the one getting a house. For more information, visit Homes for sale in West Edmonton.
Fast forward now 3 weeks later, I’m grateful I didn’t have an ego that
was bigger than my bank account. Lots of folks do and I can hear
it in their hesitation and mindset when on the phone with me.
They want things for free because they believe they need to
“make money first” before investing time or money with me. Those
are the procrastinators that have been burnt in the past and put blame
on others. Additionally, they spend more money on gas driving to a
dead end job being surrounded by CNN (Constant Negative News) or
a hotel meeting where they hang out on the curb waiting for that prospect
who said would show up. — Didn’t.
I just had to let this out because I’m sick of these offline or online
peeps selling you a new program or deal every single month that
average Joe’s can’t succeed in.
We are the eBay Diamond Club.  Fact is, most people that took action
in the last 3 weeks have made sales on eBay. 100% profit into their
Paypal account and most importantly they built a customer database FREE.
No website or list builders because eBay does it for you. #Genius.
Come hear the success of the students tonight at 6pmPST/9pmEST so
you can blog about it after on your blog site. (I support the Davids because
they also fight the forces of evil).
Not only are we giving away the eBay training for free, but I have developed
an eBay software to accelerate your eBay earnings that I’m currently not
charging for. Register early and find out what the last 30+ students have
experienced. If I show you how to earn money with the eBay Giant where
there’s no convincing or shipping of physical products, you can live at the
top of a mountain in peace and enjoy life like me.
The webinar is at close to max capacity of 50 registered, so you want to make
sure you lock in a seat now, because you’ll learn from Dion (the 22 year old
whiz kid) that changed our life. Let go of your ego (and eggo too lol) because

it doesn’t serve you and its actually hurting you financially.

Helping average Joe’s fighting the forces of evil of attrition (people quitting)

since 2007.

Cesar Ramirez

P.S. Think about it, if you help average Joe’s make an extra $500 a week or
even in a month with eBay in their first month, than why would they quit?”


P.S.S. If you were one of the few people that were on one of the last 2 webinars we
did, you want to make sure you call me before 6pm tonight (California Time) because
waiting only increases the financial bleeding. Stop wasting gas and learn
how to finally make money from your laptop and spend more time with your
love ones tonight!
P.S.S.S. Sorry for the long email, but it was time someone coached you on the
truth. Just saying.

What’s your why? Here are mine:  Isn’t it time you start living, instead of just making a living? Call me now.


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The Perfect Follow Up System

Follow up letters. They are the key to email marketing. Whether you are selling a product or trying to enroll new people into a MLM program. Follow up letters make the difference between a forgotten offer and a sale.

This is a wonderful system that will make the clicks turn into sales, even for the most difficult of prospects. Though it is geared mostly toward those promoting a network marketing program, it can easily be incorporated into any type of offer.

1. The First Letter
Once a person requests information on your offer, a letter should be immediately sent out to each person thanking them for their interest. This letter should briefly introduce yourself and detail the benefits of your offer. Avoid speaking about the features of your offer. Nobody buys features. They are only interested in how your product will benefit them. It’s the “what’s in it for me” mentality.
Be sure to supply a link to your page/order form, and, it is recommended, your contact information (telephone # and best time to reach you). Do this on every letter you send for your business from now on.

2. The first Follow-up Letter (24 hrs after initial letter)
This letter should remind the prospects that they requested the information from you. Tell them you’ll give them a special bonus if they enroll, but tell them that you can only offer the bonus for 72 hours and to take advantage of it as soon as possible.

3. The Second Follow-up Letter (48 hrs after initial letter)
This letter can be about your story and how this program has made a difference in your life. If you write as the average “Joe”, your prospects will be able to identify with you easier. This letter should sound sincere and NOT hyped.
Excited maybe, but NOT hyped. Think about how you can relate your situation to theirs every step of the way as you write it. Talk about all the benefits you have received since you enrolled. How it has helped you, unlike other similar programs you either tried or looked into. How you’re confident they will benefit from it like you.
Also talk about how you will support them. Remember this. Most people want to know they can depend on someone for guidance and help when they need it. But if you make a commitment to support them, don’t take it lightly. Your support is the #1 reason you will develop a loyal and committed downline.
Remind them they have only 48 hours left to get your bonus offer.

4. Third Follow-up Letter (72 hours after initial letter)
Here is where you offer an additional bonus. Make this a very attractive bonus and even better than the first. This is where you must bring a call for action. Make the bonus as irresistible as possible and you will bring a good percentage aboard. Remind them that they only have 24 hours to take advantage of the bonuses you’ve offered.
Also, supply just a few testimonials and state something like, “Don’t take my word for it…”

5. Final Follow-up Letter (84-90 hours after initial letter)
This is your final follow up. Don’t leave anything on the table. They have not signed up yet, so ask “Why haven’t you enrolled yet?” Get as much feedback as possible (it helps you to improve YOUR weak areas).

You might want to offer them something to get their feed back…like the first bonus. If you can get them to send feedback, you still have an opportunity to recruit them.
Provide a few extra benefits that you may have not included in the first letters, or mention the strongest ones again. Mention that your bonus offer has almost expired. Explain that you are a winner and don’t accept failing…ever! You want them on your winning team and will do everything in your power to see them become successful. Possibly offer to help them recruit, at first, so long as they are willing to learn from a winning team and put forth the effort so they can in turn, duplicate your success.

Leave them with, “Now it’s up to you to prove to yourself that this program is everything I’ve said and more.” Remind them, “Wouldn’t a few hundred dollars extra a month makes a big difference in your life? How about a few thousand? Better yet, be your own boss and achieve total financial independence.”

Be as bold as possible without making any false claims, and you just might push some of them over the fence. NEVER talk about big money unless you’ve already made it. Otherwise, your credibility is lost and your downline will quit. Speaking of fence, get some privacy and install a privacy fence today.

Your continued success will VERY MUCH depend on how well you work with your downline.