Webinar on the use of GVO Conference

So here are my thoughts on this video software I use for webinars. I like the concept and simplicity of GVO Conference. Considering most Video Webinar software sell for over $40+, this was a no brainer for me. The common software used by many is GoToMeeting, but I believe the lack of video for the host leaves out the miss connection between your audience and you. I’ve have only found that people who believe they are leaders and do webinars make their business grow. I’ve never seen someone fail, if they stay consistent and use the recommended tools.


Therefore, because of the low promotional code of less than $10 bucks, you are getting enough tools to use for your business. Whatever product or service you are offering, this tool will allow you to showcase it to your audience. In the video below, I show you a nice little trick on how to import your friends from Facebook or any email application and invite them. Because you already have a trust factor with them, this system will allow them to trust you on a low buy in and you will be able to get the opportunity to up-sell them on your Network Marketing or Affiliate program. Leave your thoughts and comments below.