The art and history of self hypnosis

About a year ago, my wife introduced me to a concept called Self-hypnosis. She heard about it through a gentlemen name Burt Goldman. It stemmed off from watching The Secret and then as some bold people do, decided to dig deeper. This lead into studies of Abraham Hicks which lead into the concepts of Self-Hypnosis. I’ve always thought it was a bit of strange concepts, but as I started to hear more about it through the audios that my wife had playing, I got intrigued and decided to write an article about the history of self-hypnosis. Enjoy and leave your feedback below on your experience or interest.

Lets talk about Hypnosis. I believe many of us is now addicted and exercising self hypnosis in their daily lives. While modern hypnosis is credited to Austrian Franz Anton Mesmer, it is actually an ancient practice. Hypnosis can be traced back as far as 3,000 years to the Evers Papyrus of Egypt. But Franz Anton Mesmer helps us to understand better modern hypnosis.

First allow me to thoroughly explain the history of hypnosis as self hypnosis is hypnosis minus another party hypnotizing you.

Franz Anton Mesmer was 32 when he received his medical qualifications. His dissertation was written on heavenly bodies on people’s health. This became the basis in which his philosophy of mesmerism would be founded on. His theory of magnetism would come from seeing a street magician use a magnet to get people to do his bidding.

Mesmer had success with patients when he used his new founded magnetism techniques. He then at the age of 43 moved to Paris. Mesmer had great fame and success until a group of people one of which was Benjamin Franklin began to investigate him. The group concluded that the people who were cured had done so with the powers of their own imagination and that their cure had nothing to do with Franz Anton Mesmer and his magnets.

It was in 1841 that Dr. James Braid would bring mesmerism back but this time be as hypnosis. Braid coined hypnosis from the Latin word Hypnos which happened to be the Greek god of sleep. Dr. Braid would go on to discover the fixed gaze technique that could cause a sleeplike state of mind. Many more people would follow suit and in the twentieth century Milton Erickson would begin to use hypnosis in his psychiatric practice. From there it was in 1958 that the American Medical Association accepted hypnosis as a medical form of treatment. It´s probably more effective though to read Bed Time Stories for Children to fall asleep.

As for the history of self hypnosis there have been important connections between self hypnosis and the Jewish cabalistic mysticism made. Before it was used in western medicine, self hypnosis was used for healing and as part of human religious practices. Self hypnosis now a days is widely accepted as a scientific approach to self discovery and change.

The extent in which self hypnosis has become widespread is apparent in all those self help audio tapes that people are buying and listening to while they are in bed. This method is done in the hopes of achieving positive results while a sleep that will carry over into the waking conscience. This is a far cry from the earlier day of hypnosis and even the earlier days of self hypnosis. As history has unfolded and knowledge has taken shape, we have learned that if you have a problem or a bad habit hypnosis can be used to fix or cure your problem.

More and more people are learning more about hypnosis and bypassing a hypnotist and doing their own hypnotizing. No longer are people dependent upon a trained hypnotist for them to be able to use hypnosis to bring about positive change in their lives.

I suggest that everyone, must practice Self hypnosis each day. Simply, because life now-a-days is filled with so much stress…Keep your mind trim by giving it a chance each day to rest and properly process information. Hypnosis can also be used to accelerate healing, so any winter ailments will quickly get better and a routine of practising hypnosis can lead to a general improvement in health.

At the moment, one of the famous self hypnosis is “The Silva Method”, this is the name given to a self help program developed by José Silva, which claims to increase an individual’s IQ and sense of personal well-being by developing their higher brain functions. Proponents believe that it can improve a person’s self image, allow them to think in a clearer manner, and that it can assist people in overcoming conditions such as nicotine addiction. So, if you want your partner to get rid of smoking, then you must of-course, get so much knowledge and practice “The Silva Method of Hypnosis”. Many people are also addicted to alcohol and drugs, this is harder addiction to overcome than nicotine. If you have strong addiction for drugs then visit St Louis drug rehab center and get treatment, read their popular take on it.

According to notable author Arthur C. Clarke and former stage magician James Randi, the Silva method consists of the application of positive thinking, visualization meditation, and self hypnosis. Some, including Silva himself, believe that it can be used to develop paranormal abilities such as ESP, and that practicing it can allow you to tap into a higher consciousness.

The Silva Method is one of a number of therapeutic techniques sometimes grouped under the name Human Potential Movement.

Silva began developing the method; formerly known as Silva Mind Control, in the 1940s before launching it commercially in the 1960s.

It developed out of Silva’s belief that the thoughts and actions of 90% of the world’s population were governed by the left hemisphere of their brain; limiting them using only logical, intellectual, objective means of problem resolution. Silva believed that by training people to think with both the right brain hemisphere as well as their left they could access information stored at a subconscious level. According to Skeptical author Robert Carroll, the Silva method appears to be based on the work of Roger Wolcott Sperry, but with Silva’s own twists in it that is claimed to make it an inaccurate model.

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