The world has changed. Will You?

Not to long ago I came across a video that really hit home. If you have been following any of my posts in the last 4+ years, you know that I am completely transparent when it comes to the truth. Have you ever wondered why students that go to ibt tech san jose trade school, to get good grades, to get a good job Fail at the latter? Yeah, actually statistics show that you’re lucky if you find a job in what you studied. 80% failure rate out of college to be exact. Those that do get a job, they are excited about average 4.5 years then they still can’t fulfill their happiness.

What happened to the 40 year plan? It just doesn’t exist anymore. We are a connected economy. There’s information faster than ever before. People really don’t want to sit down and meet each other as much because they can do it all in 5 minutes via Facebook and other social media platforms. You’re sitting here reading this post because I want to get this message across to not just you but the world.

While buying or selling a house may seem easy, in reality it is anything but! It’s not just a For Sale sign on your front yard and some pictures of your home online. There are a lot of moving parts between listing your home, signing a contract and closing the deal. You can rely on us to effectively negotiate on your behalf and handle any problems that can occur, such as home inspection repairs, contingency releases, lender requirements, concurrent buying and selling of houses and more. The Munir Group will help you through the entire process of selling a home or buying a home.

It’s vitally important that you educate yourself and the future of your family’s strength to what is in the know. And in case of drug abuse you can try one of those luxury rehab seen on the news.

Some folks will just never get it and go back to their box (safe zone). My advice, success and happiness is:

1) What makes you happy right now is owning YOUR time.
2) Do what you want when you want
3) Set a clear define goal to be awesome this month.
4) Don’t let anyone sell you on their negative influence because that’s not healthy. Get good prohormones buy and not steroids.
5) Surround yourself with successful people.
6) Go find a peaceful place where you can enjoy the view of the environment, try waterfront property for sale in wisconsin.

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Enjoy the video:

Better and better,

Cesar Ramirez

The eXclusive Diamond Club (The Truth)

The eXclusive Diamond Club


On December 2011, Cesar moved to the mountains of Southern California with his beautiful wife and handsome 3 boys. Cesar’s ultimate goal was to replace Xochitl’s teaching job income with a work at home project that would make sense. Cesar reached out to a long time business partner Dion Jaffee (DJ) who he met in 2007 in a Network Marketing company. Cesar knew that DJ was earning $1000 to $2000 a week just by drop shipping from ebay. Pretty attractive eh?

The problem was, to Copy and Paste, it took Xochitl about 30 minutes per item. So Cesar pulled out his Computer Software Development mind and went to work on developing a scraper. The idea worked so well that now people area seeking this information so they can take care of their families.

This project started officially to be known to the public March 1st, 2012 when Cesar and DJ launched their first webinar to Cesar’s list. This webinar became so EPIC that DJ couldn’t handle the traffic of interest. Cesar decided to jump in and support DJ on these calls and started coaching others remotely.

This project was developed by Dion Jaffee and Cesar Ramirez to assist struggling working at home Internet Marketing folks who had a hard time making daily sales in their primary MLM or affiliate marketing opportunity.

What exactly is The eXclusive Diamond Club?

By August of 2012, and setting enough clear defined goals, Cesar was able to bring Xochitl home from work to work from home. How cool is that? We have personally coached over 200 students and we still practice what we teach by each running our own ebay store. eBay just recently announced they are providing health insurance for those that become a power seller on ebay.

There isn’t many projects you can work on that allow you to be insured by the company. This was key for us.

What’s the cost for our coaching? $0. What’s the cost for the software $0?

The way we earn our income is through a backend program that we chose to leverage. You see, we all seek residual income. One of the major key elements that I have come to realize is that when it comes to any work at home project, you have to build residual income through others. Most people attempt to recruit you to some deal whether it’s weight loss, anti-aging cream, or digital service. The problem with this is that most people have a hard time recruiting. When they do recruit, they have about 95% chance that person they recruited will quit unless they help them put money in their pocket. True? Absolutely.

Therefore, we have solved this issue by giving away this information and software to put money in their pocket today. Make sense? I don’t care if it’s $20 or an extra $200 a day from eBay profits, if you help others, they will stick around. That’s just the bottom line. So it’s my belief that this process works and it has.

eDC2.0 has been developed because eDC1.0 back-end program failed. We decided not to jump on the next shiny object, but I gauranty you will be excited with what we chose to build up your back-end. Solid company. Solid products. Need I say more?

The Unfortunate

Unfortunately, we can only coach about 10 people a week because we get so busy training each person and holding their hand along the way. As a matter of fact you can come say hello to our Facebook Fan Page and like us here:

To wrap it all up. Think about this. 80% Free Value, 20% sales. Give something away for free with high value where your income is not dependent on who you recruit into your business, and people will stick around. They will love you and stick by you all the way.

I look forward in working with you on a future project: <– btw, I give you that marketing system for free when you join.

Cesar Ramirez
“Servant Leader Mentality.”

P.S. If you decide to work with us on this project, please be patient as we are currently backed up. Expect a personal call from me or one of my qualified students.


Culture and Influence

If a business or a group of individuals with a like-minded purpose don’t have culture, there really isn’t an influence to move folks from A to B.

You see I’ve seen average people try to drive traffic all day to their business. They created a huge list with either Aweber or similar type list builders, but if you don’t massage that list. If you don’t provide great content, then you won’t be able to bring value to others.

You see, those that I’ve seen make money without picking up the phone and contacting semi-cold market leads  —  Don’t convert well. Why? Because there hasn’t been a great connection with that person. A real “story” that converts well for that person to connect.

You see, people do business with people not businesses. You may have heard that before. One of the methods that I teach in building a list that trust you is providing a “real life story” of what you’re about. There’s some magic in keeping your listeners watching what you do and what you say. Does that make sense?

I use to be the guy who but leads by 1100 packs for $450 and those were the crappiest leads I have ever bought. They were sold leads to 5 other companies and it was like talking to my parents and asking them for a $200 Transformer when I was a kid. A bunch of No’s!

With that said, check out these bad ass stories of some folks that I’ve personally worked with and trusted for over 4 years.

[Click Here] To Begin Your Journey.

Cesar Ramirez

P.S. If you want to start having success online financially, you deserve to hang out with those that “actually” do it. Don’t take advice from people that are not making the money that you are seeking to make.

5 Powerful Attraction Marketing Training Tips and Techniques to Attract Top Industry Leaders to Your Business by Chris Record

This is a guest post by a good friend of mine, Chris Record, who I have been following for several years and learning from his training on the topics of Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Direct Sales Recruiting, & Law of Attraction Marketing Techniques.

For more information about Chris Record, visit his blog at

Are you a fan of Attraction-Based Marketing?

Have you heard the buzz and find yourself wondering whether it’s just guru-hype or whether it really works?

We are a competent and honest Import Service center servicing all makes of cars, light and medium duty trucks with expertise in import car repair, and with the best Dallas accident lawyer dealing with any issues that may come up.

Have you read books like “The Secret” and “The Power” and you want some specific Attraction Marketing Training to help you take your business to the next level?

Are you looking to attract top industry leaders into your business to help you attain massive success?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you are going to appreciate the value in these 5 attraction marketing tips below.

5 Powerful Attraction Marketing Training Tips

1. The Power of Positioning

In order for people to see you as a leader, you need to position yourself as a leader. And this same advice will work to help position yourself in any way that you desire.

So let’s look at The Power of Positioning.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

Why would someone want to follow me?
What value do I have that I can share with people?
What values in other people do I see that attract me to them?

The purpose of these questions is to getting you thinking about how you can position yourself in a way that you can create more value to people, in a way that attracts them to you and inspires them to follow you. When you have a car , you can inspire people, and your windshield can be repaired by auto glass hamilton, on a heartbeat so call them now.

This might be a certain skill that you have, and perhaps you can offer training on that skill and “position” yourself as an expert with that skill, and then give your training and value away for free to attract people to learn from you and learn more about who you are.

Most people position “other” people as leaders, but at some point you want to position yourself as a leader as well, so that you can harness the law of attraction using self-branding and attract more leaders into your business.

Put your opinions and thoughts and personality in front of as many people as you can, to find and attract like minded people who agree with you, and are fascinated to learn more. If you are in Lynnwood and looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer.

One powerful key to making this happen is to set yourself up with a blog onine as an outlet to share these thoughts and ideas. The perfect example is this blog here ( which brands Cesar as an industry expert in Attraction Marketing, and attracts people like myself to write articles for him.

This is the Law of Attraction in Effect right in front of your eyes!

And it’s just one example of the power of positioning and putting yourself in front of people who will be attracted to your brand, your business, and the idea of partnering with you in one way or another.

2. Are You In The Right Environment?

People generally become a product of their environment. If you hang around people long enough, you generally become just like them.

Now I realize this is just an assumption, but it’s actually true in so many ways. Here is an example exercise that one of my mentors would use while training audiences while he was a public speaker.

“I want you to think about your 5 closest friends. Now thing about their lifestyle, their income, and their habits. Now think about your own lifestyle, income, and habits. For most of you, it’s probably right around the average of your 5 closest friends.”

The point is that your environment will make a huge difference, not only in how you see yourself and your success, but also in how other people see you.

That doesn’t mean that you need to go out and spend a ton of money on nicer clothes, a new car, and a huge house. But it does mean that you need to think about the environment that you are putting yourself in and do what you can to improve it and create the environment that you are seeking.

For example, when you drive around in your car are you listening to positive audios that are teaching you how to become a better leader or teaching you specific skills? Look for opportunities like that to create a better more positive environment in things that you do on a day to day basis.

3. Internet-Based Attraction Marketing

Using the internet to attract high quality prospects, customers, leads, partners, and leaders into your business is a no-brainer, but it requires a solid plan to achieve great results.

There are many techniques, but the one that I want to share with you today is the idea of using a Self Funded Proposal to attract the right target people into your business.

When you identify your target market online, you want to advertise to them so that they can find you. But advertising costs can pile up making this difficult, so most people choose not to do it. That’s where self-funded proposals come in.

What is a Self-Funded Proposal?

When you pay for advertising, you need a way to recoup those costs as fast as possible. What most successful internet marketers do is position a low cost product in between them and their leads. This is called a self-funded proposal.

When someone clicks on your ad, and enter their email address, you take them to a sales page (video pages tend to work best), and that sales page should have a great sales pitch on a very lose cost product that you earn 100% commission from.

So if you make $50 in profit from this product, then you know that you can spend up to $50 in advertising to get just one buyer. At that point you break even on your advertising and ALL of your leads are essentially FREE!

Now you can attract all of the best people for your business without worrying about the high costs involved with marketing. You just need to test out various ads on small levels, and see how your sales pages convert. Once you figure it out, you have something that you can scale up as big as you want to take it!

4. Leverage Win/Win Scenarios

When you are attracting top leaders you always want to focus on what’s in it for them. But at the same time you need to make sure that there is something in it for you to make it worth your time.

This is what we call a win/win scenario.

The best way to go about this is to ask them questions about what they do, and what their goals are so that you can truly identify how you might be able to help them or work together somehow.

So many marketers just “push” their opportunity on other people, and they come across as pushy salesmen.

You want to “pull” people into your opportunity like a magnet. This is attraction marketing. And the best way to attract people is to tailor your offer to fit their needs and create a win-win scenario.

5. Learn How To Tell Your Story

I saved the best for last. The most successful entrepreneurs that I have ever met are all GREAT at telling their story.

This is something that you actually want to write down on paper, and rehearse and practice.

Think back to several things that have happened in your life that you can draw learning experiences from, and somehow find a way to tie them back into what you are currently doing with business.

Facts Tell, Stories Sell.

People buy off emotion, and justify off of logic, and the better you get at telling your story, you will captivate people and draw them in, which is the foundation of attraction marketing.

It’s all about your story.

So make a conscious effort to work very hard on creating a great story, and then practice it and get down some bullet points that you can repeat over and over again.

Listen to the stories of top leaders in your industry, and see if you can craft up your own version of a story and tell it the way that they tell it.


In summary, if you learn how to be a great attraction marketer then you will position yourself as a person of authority and draw in a loyal following that will want to partner with you on all your deals and buy everything that you have to sell.

It’s definitely a skill worth taking the time to Master!

—- About the Author —-

Chris Record is an internet marketer living in San Diego, California specializing in teaching people how to make money online using automated sales funnels, viral blogging systems, email follow up campaigns, and search engine optimization techniques. If you would like to work with Chris Record, or learn more about him, visit his blog at

Punk Kids Killed My Income!

My friends, at the end of the day you have to ask yourself, “Am I running an undercover business, or do I want people to know I am open for business?” After all, money only comes from one place and that’s people. Therefore, you deserve to be recognized by the masses online. The only way I know how to do that is to properly brand yourself.

Why Branding Yourself is Important?

Simple! Attraction Marketing’s foundation is “YOU“.

Now, I’m going to allow you to understand a simple concept. I spent the last 18 months learning how to brand myself properly and I did it with this Blog site early of 2010. This lead to learning new measures and developing my niche. Most of you know that I created my own marketing product ( because I wanted to solve people’s biggest pain. Spending too much outgoing money on Pay Per Click, SEO, Social Media, and not receiving a single qualified lead.

I recently ran a webinar with Russell Yurmal from Social Spin and you are fortunate enough to see here.  Let me shed some light on Russell and his team for a moment. I have spent hours and hours creating blog sites for clients to properly brand themselves, and at the end of the day I was burnt out from having to change their changing habits.  These guys blew me out of business because they are giving Blog sites away for free. How can I compete against that? So what I ended up doing was partnering up with them and I became a part of their affiliate system. I know what you’re thinking, can I become an affiliate too? Answer: Yes (but watch the webinar). You and I can make a small percentage off the sales of hundreds and thousands of blog sites and we didn’t have to lift a finger of technical knowledge because they got “The Factory” in place.

====> Click here to grab your FREE Blog site like this one now. (Make sure to let them know you want a custom header better than mine (Cough cough, I made mine).

Seriously, I’m a victim of “doing it yourself” and at the end of the day I didn’t make a dime playing techno-geek. It doesn’t make sense to. Your time is best spent doing what you love doing -> Making money. Additionally, using your blog site that Social Spin put together to write about your passions. What you will learn from the webinar below is “why it’s important to put yourself in the mind of the reader and connect to their pain.”

Now this pain is different for everyone. It could be about any topic that average people and/or business owners are struggling with (can be a technical article for example). Or talk about your product and service and how it has benefited you and your family. Or capture a reader by having them opt-in to get your free ebook drip on them with a few emails.  What Russel Yurmal at Free Blog Factory recommends is to focus on people’s pain first and give 80% FREE value and 20% sales. The sale always comes after giving enough FREE value in your email drip list (autoresponders), teleseminars and webinars.

Start your journey to “Branding You”. Watch the webinar.

[Click here to see the FREE Recorded webinar I did with Russel]

To your massive success,

Cesar Ramirez

P.S. When you have your FREE blog setup, make sure to ask Russel’s team how you can create backlinks from your site to mine and I will do the same. (You’re going to love the traffic!)