Business Builder Boot Camp Day 3 – Set a Deadline

Setting a deadline for a goal can be the most difficult task. Some folks have procrastinated on their commitments. The pain of just thinking about it stops them from getting started. The biggest misconception in this industry is that new folks aren’t educated on marketing tactics that actually work for them. The duplication process starts when rejection is decreased and success is provided. I currently provide quality prospects to my team and I don’t get caught up on the emotion of “what if they mess up with them” or “why should I horde all the people to myself.” I like the fact that I don’t have to go help everyone out there that requires another stream of income and I can leverage others to assist me in helping my business grow. You have heard it said before, “the more you help others get their paycheck to where they want to be, the less you have to worry about yours.” That’s leverage.

Set you goals on a deadline. Do the daily activities that are required so that you can meet that deadline. Clear any outside influences that may affect you from achieving that goal. Hang around folks that move you where you want to be. It only makes sense. Save yourself the headaches early :-). Make it a profitable week.

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– Cesar Ramirez

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MP3 or CDs for Audio Books?

So it’s been my experience that I can take a few hours to import MP3s into iTunes. The CDDB (CD Database) doesn’t always recognize CDs that aren’t trademarked or registered. Therefore, I have to enter it by hand and it can be tiresome. Here’s my point, even though you enter them in, sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re on the right audio track because the title may be too long, it may just get shuffled, etc. I’m sure there is an easier way, but just owning the CD and using it when you need to focus on that author and lesson of the day is enough. The CD is enough to get you focused on that lesson. Did you know it takes 17 times to listen to an audio book before you can absorb it correctly?

The whole key to reversing the process of disappointment in your life is to keep working on yourself. Jeffery Combs, my coach allowed me to release a lot of the baggage I took from childhood and let go. I had an open mind to invest in myself. Unfortunately, a lot of folks I know aren’t open to change. The sad reality is that their ego doesn’t reflect their bank account. They’re one paycheck away from being broke. They have no control of their lifestyle and that is disappointing to say the least.

You’ll never go back to the old ways. Once you know what’s possible. You won’t be able to contain yourself of the rich information that will assist you in changing your lifestyle, your friendships, your bank account. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

Your Online Marketing Efforts. Where to Start?

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Watch closely how I break down and discuss how to get started with online marketing. This is ultimately my suggestion to years and months of struggling and how it has allowed me to brand myself. Truly a phenomenal adventure and you will enjoy this webinar.

To Your Abundance,

Cesar Ramirez

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Cesar’s Monday Webinars start Tonight!

Hello my friends. Cesar Ramirez here. Looks
like the winner for the Enterpreneur’s webinar will
be Monday Nights (starting tonight)
at 5pmPST/8pmEST. Again
today’s topic will be about outsourcing and
how I have been able to outsource my work
over seas for cheap. Many folks complain
about not enough time to build their business,
well let me tell you that this will be crucial
for your business so you can leverage yourself
for pennies. Probably one of the most
important topics to any business owner for
any business.

Note: This will be a generic webinar
and there will be no pitching of companies so
feel free to have your downlines learn
from all this. You and your business will thank
me later. 🙂

I will leave 10-20mins open for Q&A.

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The importance of communicating with yourself.

I always believe that everyone in every part of the world deserves space for themselves and to be alone. When we are totally burnt out, we require to be free of all surroundings. The best suggestion I can give, whenever you’re in this stage, is to try an interpersonal communication. Interpersonal communication is the act of talking with yourself; or in other words, self-talk. If you have tried talking to yourself, without using your mouth, just the brain, then you are actually doing an interpersonal communication. It would be great if you could do that with your eyes closed and of course in a very cozy place.

However, if you feel like shouting while talking to yourself, you may do so. Avoid doing it in public, or people may think you are out of your  mind :-). All of us has had our share of insanity. Yet, keep in mind, all of us communicate with ourselves whether we’re aware of it or not.

When we talk to ourselves, we have to do it optimistically and not the other way around. If we let negative thoughts consume us while we talk to ourselves, then I bet you won’t feel good, and your self esteem will be totally torn into pieces. It’s easy to believe that you cannot stop negative words and thoughts. However, if you want to understand why you’re feeling bad, open your eyes to the negative conversation you’re having with yourself and you’ll find the answer you are looking for! Be aware of the people you are surrounding yourself with. The conversations that you are becoming apart of.

There are many ways to communicate with yourself. We can read books that enhance our personality, we can join yoga classes, we can talk to our mentor,  or simply write down the list of our dreams, goals, visions and missions in life. Everything will be on track, if you let your mind, heart and body be in perfect and positive condition.  Change your thoughts, change your words, and change the conversation you’re having with yourself.  Don’t allow yourself to be downgraded, criticized, and judged by you. If you are doing this to yourself, imagine how you’re allowing others to treat you.  You will absolutely unequivocally attract people the way you see yourself.

We need to compliment and love ourselves unconditionally.  Yet by doing this, we need to have self control and balance so we won’t be conceited in anyway. There is nothing wrong with complimenting yourself, talking kindly to yourself, ignoring the negative thoughts, and humbly appreciating your uniqueness. There is nothing conceited about that at all; as a matter of fact, it’s very inspiring!

Allow me to encourage you to talk to yourself, be positive, let other people see your bright aura. Let them be blessed by your gracefulness about yourself :). You you don’t know yourself, who will? Follow your passion. 

In closing,  acknowledge your failures and learn from them.  Some of my best lessons were taught when I hit a fork in the road. You can either take them as character building elements, or you can duel on them. You do not want to duel on them. Those who focus and live in the past stay there. You energy should be 100% on the present because it’s what you can control.