Be a Leader.

The most important thing to consider, and ponder if you really want to become a leader, is that you can prove to people that you’re not afraid to take any risk. You are a well defined goal achiever. A person who can stand up against all “odds”. A person who is so willing to accept all corrections and remain hopeful, that’s what you call a true leader! Of course, patience as adage says, is a virtue…and for leadership sake, it’s a must.

It’s easier said than done. Many could look so sincere as they claimed to be a leader. Let’s give some people a benefit of the doubt, they actually are sincere at that moment when they are talking. When the odds gets along their way, then that’s the time you can say, ooppsss….they have forgotten their pledges.

As for me, it is so upsetting, when the claimed leader was caught backsliding and preferred to be just a follower. I may suggest, that its better for an individual not to claim that HE IS A LEADER, unless he has proven his worth. Swallow your fear and gained experience before you claim to be a leader!

Consider reaching out for a mentor, listing down your failures and avoiding to bounce back over the same mistakes. Be aggressive and assertive. Take time to think before you act. Always ask for guidance, no matter how smart you are. Inspire yourself by reading books of being a good leader. Follow the steps of a successful leader. Believe in yourself, and have faith at all times.

Being a leader starts from within, from the people you’re dealing with everyday of your life. Being a leader doesn’t necessary mean you have to be the most intelligent person in the world. In fact, you can be an ordinary person, uneducated or even the youngest among the group. You can be a leader, if your mind and heart is willing. All it takes is willingness. You will have the guts, if you will explore your skills of being a leader. Let no one ever intimidate you.

Every individual has different strategies of being a leader. What matters most is that whatever style you follow, you gained respect. If not, then maybe there’s something you ought to change. Something, you ought to get rid of. Examine your values and goals in life. Treat the people you wanted to lead with respect. You can never be a leader if no one believes in you, and no one is willing to support you.

Don’t pretend to be someone you are not, not even withheld your hand to something you are incapable of doing so. That’s why, I mentioned earlier, to think before you act, and always ask for guidance. No Man is an Island…

Now that I have shared my best knowledge about being a leader, I must confess that this has been my struggle. I have been so scared of being blamed and rejected. I was once so scared of competition. Thank God, for all my mentors, who have made me realize that I have the skills to be a leader. I just have to conquer and swallow my fears.

Live life to the fullest, and be a LEADER!

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