Wake Up

I wrote this for a friend. Understand my mission is to speak truth as I’ve come to know it. Both by biblical and tradition through the last 2000 years. Many of you have been lead to Fundamentalism (By bible and faith ALONE you’re saved).

Unfortunately, “The man – Martin Luther’ who created this false thinking deceived you. 7 books were removed from the Bible to support this notion of thinking. Don’t be that person that’s been lied to. Wake up and keep digging.

If you don’t like what I write, keep digging for truth and let’s educate each other:

“The Catholic Church isn’t for the perfect. It is perfect because it’s Jesus’s Bride and gift to us through Peter, our 1st Pope (Matthew 16:18).

It’s the Hospital for the Spiritually ill (all of us). At the end we know by our Lady of Fatima that it is fully perfect and Jesus wins and the Sinful acts of all humans alive will either be repented or sent to Hell. That’s the promise we were given.”

God Speed,

Senior Knight Cesar Ramirez (Heresy Slayer)