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How to use Automation in Facebook for Business.

5/6/2010 – Update: The new version of Facebook FriendAdder allows you to address the person with their first name. So it sounds more personal-able 🙂 . Use the code

Step 1- I use this tool called “Facebook FriendAdder” [Download It Here]

Step 2- I found a group that was my target audience

I’m going to give an example
Let’s say the network marketing company is called 5Linx
I blasted out to add 30-50 people from an 8000 5-Linx group while auto adding them that said:

“Hello <FriendFirstName> , my name is Cesar Ramirez and I just found you in the fan page for 5Linx. I have a tool that I use which has generated me over 50 targeted leads in a single day. If this tool helps you out, you can thank me later. You and your business deserve the tool:”

Bam! It worked like butter. Now the 5Linx folks are taking the bait thinking I’m in 5Linx and this is exactly how reverse psychology works in business. You are not lying to them because you never said you were in XYZ company. All I said was that I just found you in that fan page.

I no longer have to add friends manually and this to me is like having multiple hooks out there. Enjoy and please RETWEET at the top if this empowered you in anyway.

Great news! Facebook Friend Adder Pro is now released. It allows you to do a lot more then just massively ad friends. You can post on friend’s wall. Details:
1) Manage Accounts;
2) Manage Proxies;
3) Find Targeted Friends;
4) Add Targeted Friends;
5) Message Targeted Friends;
6) Add Online Friends;
7) Message Online Friends;
8) Remove Sent Requests;
9) Confirm Received Requests;
10) Invite Account Friends;
11) Post Wall Updates;
12) Like Wall Updates;
13) Comment Wall Updates;

[Buy Facebook Friend Adder Pro Here]

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Cesar Ramirez