Jim Rohn – Life is Like The Seasons (Hip-Hop Video Remix)

A video remix of some inspirational audio samples from the God Father of Personal Development, Mr. Jim Rohn. Every great mentor leads back to Jim Rohn in one way or another. There is no other quite like him. It’s because of him that my wife and I improved on our relationship. It all started from 1 audio or a book a day. Then it compounded over time and I do not even recognize myself from where I use to be. I stay and operate in the present (thank you Jeffery Combs). If you were inspired and in tears like I was, I would appreciate if you shared this video with your friends.

MLM Lead System Pro – “Branding You, Inc.”

If you suck at html or webdesign, and you’re looking for an alternative to have your own custom high-converting capture page with funded proposal sales funnel, MLM Lead System Pro is your absolute answer.

Yeah, I use it too. I’m paying $47 a month just for the training it provides. Education is an asset to you and your business. My friends Norbert and Brian (2 million dollar producers) host a training webinar every week. And you get to ask questions, and get feedback on your marketing efforts. In the weekly webinar, you will learn the cutting-edge internet marketing strategies to generate 20 leads daily from free advertising and paid advertising.

I’m really not BSing here. Just the training itself is worth more than the $47 I pay each month.

So what is MLM Lead System Pro?

It’s pretty similar to Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring system and power prospecting system except it’s way more powerful and customizable to brand yourself as an expert without being an expert.

Test drive MLM Lead System Pro today for 30 days for only $29.97. You must act quick though because the prices are subject to change.

In magnetic sponsoring course, Mike told you how to really succeed in network marketing:

* Build a list of eager buyers
* Build a relationship with your list
* Market to your list

This is what MLM Lead System Pro Plug-in-and-play helps you to accomplish on autopilot:

* Target the absolute hottest prospects
* Allow for customization and uniqueness to stand out in the market place
* Brand YOU as the leader
* Build YOUR list not someone else’s
* Include sales funnels that would create multiple sources of ongoing income (more than 10 income streams)
* Include customization to promote primary business opportunities seamlessly
* Allow for customization and control over all email autoresponder messages

Test drive MLM Lead System Pro today for 30 days for only $29.97. You must act quick though because the prices are subject to change.

Now, I can brand my self as an expert by sending out professional pre-written autoresponder messages to whoever opted in to my list to get free training.

I make money through affiliate product that my prospects buy from me.

When they’re interested to join a new MLM company or to start a home based business, they contact me first.

My prospects ask me what my primary business is after they already spent money with me.

I’d tell you how much I’m making, but seriously you wouldn’t believe me. So why should I bother. If you want the same kinda results I’m getting,

Test drive MLM Lead System Pro today for 30 days for only $29.97. You must act quick though because the prices are subject to change.

Are you looking for a way to anchor that autoship?

Are you looking for a way to anchor that autoship, ?

It all starts with the product my friend.

Here’s the top 5 ways that I get it done:

1. 100% of my organization is not only on autoship, but putting in
orders for extra product. Why? Because my product is MONEY.
What percent of your organization is on autoship and buying extra on
top of it???

2. With my product, you don’t have to acquire a taste for it,
demonstrate it, try it on, justify the cost, or hold a meeting to
explain how it works. Why? Because my product is MONEY.
What other product is that simple to understand?

3. With my product, you succeed even if you fail.
By simply accepting the product when it shows up to your doorstep,
you’ve just increased your net worth literally whether you ever sell
any of it or recruit someone. Why? Because my product is MONEY.
What other product can put you on auto-success?

4. My product is the only product that nobody would ever complain
about having a garage, pantry or basement full of. Why? Because my
product is MONEY. What other product can be stocked up happily in
the average home?

5. My product is the only product that has the potential to appeciate
in value simply by being held and it doesn’t expire. Why? Because
my product is MONEY. What other MLM product can be held and INCREASE
in value over time?

So if you want these kind of results maybe it’s time
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Today at 12pm EST and again at 8pm EST, I’ll provide all the
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Cesar Ramirez
CEO, of BringParentHome.com
(760) 297-0366
Skype: djczer

The Success Cycle – 10 Steps

There are 4 ways you get paid in this world. Kiyosaki developed the cash flow quadrant which states you are either an Employee, Self-Employed, Business Owner, or Investor. I trim it down to say you are either getting paid for showing up to a job: This is called collecting a paycheck and you getting paid for what you are told you are worth. Then there are those who believe they are worth more and their philosophy is that they can dictate what they are worth by selling a product or service to the market place. They get paid what the free market bares. One of the cheapest and most affordable ways for the average person to get ahead in this world is network marketing/direct sales. This is not a get rich scheme, but it is a get rich faster then any other method if you apply and make it your craft. I’ve seen broke homeless folks go from the outhouse to the penthouse. With that said, here is the Network Marketing Success Cycle. If you can follow and absorb these steps, you will be very successful. The key thing is keeping the main thing, the main thing.

Network Marketing Sales Life Cycle.

Step 1 – Dream Big Dreams (write them down/vision board)
Step 2 – Make Commitments
Step 3 – Use the Products
Step 4 – Get a Prospect
Step 5 – Invite the Prospect
Step 6 – Tell the Story
Step 7 – Answer their Questions
Step 8 – Follow up
Step 9 – Start Them Right
Step 10 – Duplicate Yourself

Your partner in success,

Cesar Ramirez