Why eCommerce Works in This Changing World


Everybody will agree that electronic commerce or eCommerce is a mainstream way of doing business. All major organizations have their own websites and engage in online sales of products and services. Even small and medium-sized businesses have learned to tap the virtually-limitless potential of the Internet to reach their intended markets.

eCommerce is basically about the sale of goods and services, and transfer of funds, through an electronic network such as the Internet. While earlier versions of eCommerce existed years earlier, the 1990s is considered to be the period when online trading flourished due to consumers having more access to the Internet. It was also during this era that online retail giants Amazon and eBay started operations. A small trivia: Amazon is said to have started in a garage selling books.

eCommerce Equals Accessibility

Some people prefer online shopping for a variety of reasons, foremost of which is accessibility. Retailers’ websites are available 24/7 (24 hours a day seven days a week) and may be accessed at any hour of the day. Most are user-friendly, a feature that developed from past experiences by businesses with complicated and tedious site designs.

Perhaps a significant component of accessibility is its international reach where people from different parts of the globe gain unlimited access to the virtual stores. The full strength of 24/7 operations of online stores comes to fore from its ability to service customers from various time zones unlike some grocery stores in Calabasas.

A natural consequence of the global reach of eCommerce is the virtual elimination of cross-country business barriers and their attendant bureaucracies in international trading.

Friendly Web Designs

Web designers for online sellers implement standard features in their designs to make websites more accessible to consumers. The attention given to accessibility is well-grounded because millions of visually-impaired individuals use the Internet too. Sellers whose websites are easy to navigate will garner a bigger customer base. Towards this end, a well-designed website usually contains a content link at the very top of the page, audio options and absence of time limits within which to complete specific actions.

Of course, there are always apparent downsides to everything, including eCommerce. The primary complaint against online shopping is inability of the purchaser to personally examine the product before buying it. Buyers are therefore forced to rely on product descriptions and warranties by the sellers. For the impatient shoppers, the unavoidable delays from purchase to shipment and eventual receipt of the product is another negative point of eCommerce.

Maximizing the Benefits

People who have products to sell and want to sell them online have to take into account these pros and cons of eCommerce. Successful leveraging of products and services necessitates knowledge of different aspects of eCommerce in order to maximize their advantages and minimize the disadvantages. If you believe that you can get the best out of your products and services through an online store, then you should start right away.

Are all these efforts and expenses associated with worth your money and time? Definitely yes. There are numerous reasons to make eCommerce a financially-viable platform to invest in.

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Practical Ways to Attract Customers to your eCommerce Business

You have set up your very own online store selling products that you personally handpicked and perceived as having the most potential to appeal to shoppers. Creating an eCommerce business is, however, only the start. Your primary purpose is to generate sales by bringing customers into your store to view the products and ultimately make a purchase. The task is not as daunting as it may sound if you understand these essential facts about eCommerce.

Personal Interest. Putting up an eCommerce business entails a lot of hard work and preparation. A vital element of success in business is personal interest from the owner on the nature of the business. If you love cooking, selling ingredients and kitchen utensils will suit you, even kitchen extensions london would be great. This requirement also applies to eCommerce.

Pricing. Know the best prices for your products. Pricing an item too low hurts your Return on Investment or ROI. A price tag that is too steep will keep away bargain hunters and the average buyers.

Shipping Costs. Customers want to buy items online, but they do not want to pay for shipping charges. You can become more competitive by offering free shipping, but shouldering the shipping cost will reduce your profit margin. Find ways instead to incorporate shipping cost to product prices then offer free shipment. Your products will look more appealing to customers.

Foreign Products. You have more chances to sell your products if they are not locally available. Local stores are your competitions even if you are an online retailer. Look for and trade in merchandise that are not yet widely distributed by physical stores.

Suppliers. If you do not produce your own products, finding the right manufacturer is crucial in the success of your eCommerce business. The suppliers must not only be offering reasonable prices that give you wide margins for profit from resale but must be reliable in observing delivery schedule too.

Analyzing Amazon. A good way to jumpstart your business is by emulating today’s successful eCommerce businesses. Learn from one testimonial and you have a guaranteed formula for success. Just what did Amazon do that made it the online retail giant that it is today?

Product Variety. Amazon sells practically everything that consumers would need. You name it and Amazon has it. Other online sellers offer the same product range but Amazon presents more than mere merchandise variety, and that is customization.

Personalized Approach. Amazon does not only sell its products to visitors; it personalized the way it offers the items for sale. Its homepage shows its featured products as well as special offers and promos. Previous visitors will also receive relevant recommendations for other products of interest. The result: you get the feeling that you are a special customer and not just one of its thousands of visitors.

Technical Efficiency. The sheer technical innovation and massive technology employed by Amazon easily dwarf the eCommerce processes used by normal online retailers. Of course, Amazon has the technical know-how and financial capacity to do this. Its eCommerce architecture is patented down to the smallest details. While you may not be able to employ all these expensive technologies on your sites, you can adopt at least the principles behind the infrastructure.

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Advantages of Starting Your Own Business in eCommerce Now

Two of the biggest eCommerce players today are Amazon and eBay, where people go to buy and sell a wide variety of brand-new and second-hand items. You can search on these sites practically every consumer product from the latest mobile phones to hard-to-find vintage computer parts. Other online retailers concentrate on specific niches for their businesses such as Spotify, which currently reigns over the music streaming market.

The enormous success enjoyed by these online businesses proves there are concrete financial advantages from engaging in eCommerce, most of the time these industries succeed thanks to agencies like the one from that advice them. So if you have specific products or services in mind and want to maximize your market reach, an online store could be the best option for you.

There are several tangible benefits from conducting your business through eCommerce including the following:

  • Low starting costs. You save on hundreds of dollars from paying monthly filling out a rental application for a physical store. You will also be needing less personnel to operate your business, which drastically lowers overhead expenses.
  • Flexibility. When you have to innovate to conform to the latest trends or adjust the prices of your products to reflect economic changes, you can easily do this with an online store.
  • Wide reach. This actually counts for one of the biggest advantages of eCommerce—the ability to reach a large number of potential customers.
  • More Product information. You can provide enough description on a particular item on your online store to give buyers the desired information before deciding to buy any product.
  • Hard Statistics. With search engine optimization (SEO) and other online marketing tools, online store owners have hard data to refer to in measuring the effectiveness of their marketing strategies, that’s why you need rental management in Jacksonville FL.

Once you have your online shops organized and running, the next important step is marketing the products to reach as many potential customers as possible. An apparently viable marketing move is to imitate other online sellers, and that is selling your products through the established gateways. But is this really an optimal business decision? Let us consider some of the consequences when you list your products through Amazon and eBay, or use the services of PayPal in processing payments.

Amazon Cuts

Retailers use to sell their products for bigger market exposure. Amazon gets a percentage for each sale (10% to 15%) in addition to subscription or listing fees. A sales channel called Amazon Advantage generates 55% commission for every sale. Hence, if you decide to have your products sold at, be prepared to pay considerable percentage fees and commissions, which means less money going into your stores.

There is also a system called customer tracking at The site collects data from every registered user and recommends products to users based on their past transactions. If you are just one of several hundred retailers at, your customer data may result to purchases but you have to compete against the other hundreds of stores offering similar products as yours.

EBay Charges

EBay charges a $0.35 insertion fee for items within a specific price range. Once somebody bought the listed product, you will have to pay eBay a final value fee based on a percentage of the final price.

PayPal Fees

PayPal charges fees from the payment’s recipients. Merchants or sellers also pay a fee for every transaction coursed through PayPal. In addition, money placed in PayPal accounts earn interests that PayPal collects.

Save Money

Using the services of existing eCommerce providers costs money. The money that you spend on them is money that does not go to your cash registers, and money that you could use to bring in more customers to your store. Know that there are effective ways to attract customers to your site, you just need to know what these are.

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Turning to Jesus Christ When Longing for a Father

Father’s Day is the celebration of the sacrifices our fathers did for us. It is also a commemoration of the father-figures who have stood beside us along the way. For those whose fathers have already left this earthly realm, have been away for so long, or were simply never there for them, Father’s Day may come mixed with the feeling of longing or sadness, it may be just an opportunity to get awesome gadgets for the man but in this situation, one must be reminded of Jesus Christ and learn from the way he lived.

Jesus Christ was born without his biological father on earth. He may have had Joseph as a father figure, but being conceived through the power of the Almighty God through the Holy Spirit does not give Jesus and Joseph any blood relations. So he was in a sense biologically fatherless.

Despite that, Jesus Christ embraced his unseen Father as he walked the earth. Thus, he has symbolically become one with the Father, as the Bible had made us understand in its teaching about the Holy Trinity.

No matter where your father is now, we should always remember that there is one man who is above all and had transcended the love of fatherhood. That is Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ as a Father to All

Jesus Christ exemplifies the traits that a father should have. He is guided by morality and a leader by example. He never hesitated to give up his life too for the people who have looked up to him.

The path Jesus Christ walked was filled with goodness in every stride. He basically practiced what he preached. Along the way, he influenced a lot people to follow the way to righteousness. Just like a father who is symbolically the head of the family in the Christian tradition, Jesus Christ led the community through his words and examples. However, his ultimate display of fatherhood was when he sacrificed himself on the cross to cleanse us all from our sins.

For a father, no matter how sinful or imperfect his child may be, he would still do everything to save his child. That’s how Jesus Christ acted despite our hardheaded and sinful nature.

Now going back to the relationship of Jesus and Joseph, even though their blood was not related, the Son of Man still revered his father figure. In Joseph’s part, he treated Jesus Christ as his own. Looking beyond this display, God still makes a way for us to experience fatherhood despite our biological fathers are not with us physically.

Remember, You are Never Without a Father

In today’s society, there are mothers—who either remain to be single, were widowed early, or separated from their partners—who are fulfilling even the responsibility of a father. This applies as well to a relative, a mere neighbor or a friend who has taken up the mantle of fatherhood to support us.

In other words, no matter what might be the reason is behind the absence of your father by your side, God continuously makes a way for us to experience what it is like to have one. Therefore, we must always glorify Him, and take the experiences of Jesus Christ in our hearts and in our acts. Even if there is no one physically whom you may consider a father to you, do not despair. Always remember Jesus Christ who has acted far more than a human father would be to a child, and having a Heavenly Father who is watching and guiding us all the time.

The Importance of Jesus Christ in Today’s Society

It is important that we are constantly guided by Jesus Christ’s actions. In mirroring his acts, we could also become a good father to our families or people who depend from us, a good leader by example in our community, and a good son or daughter to our parents.

Happy Father’s Day

Cesar Ramirez


what it means to be a catholic

Born again Catholics

A special write up today. A topic I never cover on my blog because it was personal. Until I felt a calling to let the world know. Just at tid bit of confusion can lead someone in the wrong path where they can get hurt by the enemy. I hope you enjoy this write up…

Interesting Shift (How deep down the rabbit hole will you say enough is enough)?

It wasn’t long into my business life that I realize I hit a road block. My relationships with people were being destroyed no matter what advice I gave them. I realized that I had ignored my core foundation of being the way I was raised. I didn’t build my business on the Rock, like the great Jim Rohn reminded me through my personal development career.

The reason I even got intrigued into Network Marketing was because of personal development. A strange shift happened though in 2006 when I was introduced into The Secret. Somehow my wife Xochitl and I got thrown into this new age way of thinking by searching deeper into The Secret. It put the enemy into our lives stronger then ever and we didn’t see it coming. Basically the “new age” way of thinking put our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ second. Logically, it makes a ton of sense doesn’t it that through the teachings of The Secret, it puts YOU in control and It’s about YOU and what’s in it for YOU and how “YOU” can attract and control any situation. I gotta tell you that’s a lot of stress and work… I didn’t realize this until….

October 2014, Jim woke me up.

Jim asked me “What is your walk like with Jesus?”. He educated me that total surrender to Him will allow you to release the anxiety that he saw me carrying…

He is a Non-Denominational Christian that basically told me this new age way of thinking is the enemy’s way of getting you to not focus on Jesus. I was raised what is known as a “Cradle Catholic.” So I grew up attending weekly mass with my family. I didn’t really know what it was to be an “All in Catholic.” As Jim tried to convert me to his “Non-Denominational” church and invited me to his Bible study, I felt a piece of the puzzle missing at his church. It was like having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the bread. My soul told me to keep searching…

The Holy Spirit lead me back to search for more on why Jesus’s original church was being separated. Why are there so many denominations and every single one of them attack the original Church Jesus started? The Catholic church. Christ said, (Matthew 16:18 –  “And I say unto you, that you are Peter, and upon this Rock I will build My church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto you the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

All the roads were opening up as I was “seeking the truth.” All I was seeking was the truth of where it all started. Not what men like Martin Luther created to separate us and make a diluted version of what Jesus started. Again, I was seeking truth and completeness with Jesus and his bride, The Church. I wanted to feel whole and complete.

My wife found this article from a Christian Fundamentalist by the name of David Currie, and Born Again Catholic. An awesome conversion story that put me back on the path of being a Catholic. I found the truth as I continued searching after this article.

My brother and his beautiful bride

My brother Marcos is a big part of my path. As Xochitl and I were seeking more, Marcos and his wife Haydee educated us on scripture based on the truth and belief of the Catholic Church. Many don’t know this but before Marcos got married he was pursuing the possibility of being a Catholic Priest. I remember the exact expression and anger that came out of my humble brother when I told him that I had a friend trying to convert me to a Non-Denominational Christian. Mind you, I have never seen my brother so mad before in my life. He lead me to the scripture of Matthew 16:18 that stuck with me throughout my journey. No other faith can claim that scripture. Catholics are the #OriginalChristians

That Tuesday Night

My boys are part of the Boys Scouts of America. I was sitting in a Boy Scouts meeting with my wife and my boys, when I got this feeling inside (The Holy Spirit) to go into the hall way. A tall black man was standing there in this black suit (Knights of Columbus) and I approached him. I asked him, “is there any bible study here to learn more about the Catholic Faith?” He pointed me to room 103 and said “You’ll find your answer there.”


Seek and you shall find! I had received the blessing that has converted my wife and I to tune into personal development “on the rock.” The gal that was teaching what’s known as RCIA. RCIA stands for Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. RCIA is a relatively new, dynamic, and intense process that is also as old as Christianity itself. Like many things that brought renewed life to the Church after Vatican II, its roots are found in the very early Church. I shared the story with the gal that was there and she stated that I deserve to come join them Tuesdays to seek the information I was seeking. She also pointed me to a radio station that is run by mainly Protestants who converted to The Catholic. [Tune in here]

Born again Catholics!

Surrender to Christcopy-logo-trans-glow
We have been tuning into Immaculate Heart Radio daily since then. My wife and I have strengthen our core beliefs after asking questions and seeking truth. We are grateful for the leaders that stepped up and have evangelized folks daily and answered their questions. I recommend Patrick Madrid (6am-9am PST), Chris Aubert, Patrick Hoffman (Catholic Answers 3pm-5pm PST)

The next step. I’m not here to twist your arm or convert you. I love everyone regardless of religion or beliefs. I’m just sharing our personal story. What has lead me to the next step is that I have helped folks in my business seek Him more. You see, the element that may be missing in your life is a strong relationship with Him. He loves you and He wants you to know that. Give Him a shot and surrender all your worries to Him.

What’s it mean to be a Catholic?

Some have this perception that what it means to be a Catholic is simply reading the Bible, going to church, and spreading the word of God to others. While these are viewed as the responsibilities of a Catholic, these only form parts of their overall mission in this world.

Being a Catholic is the observance of the key virtues and sacraments promoted by Christianity. It is walking the path that Jesus Christ has gone through. This does not necessarily mean that you should have yourself crucified though in order to walk the road He took. It is understanding all His teachings by reading the Bible and listening to them in the church, then putting into action all of that into your daily life.

According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), the seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching that must be observed are the following:

1. Having Due Regard to the Life and Dignity of a Person

The Catholic Church recognizes that the life of a person is sacred. On the other hand, dignity is the pillar of a society’s moral vision. Therefore, these two must be protected at all times. Wars and conflicts must be avoided as much as possible to preserve lives and provide everyone a harmonious place to live in. A peaceful resolution of tensions must be explored first and considered as an ultimate solution to any issue.

2. Family and Community Participation

Catholicism is a community-based organization. It sees a human being as a social creature. Thus, it urges the participation of its members in the organization of the society to ensure the protection of human life and dignity in sectors such as economics, politics, law, and public policy. In addition, Catholicism pays special attention to the strengthening of the family, because it is the most basic institution of the society where the morality of each individual is forged.

3. Protection of Human Rights

The Catholic Church believes that human life and dignity could be defended through the protection of their rights and ensuring that these are met by the members of the society.

4. Heeding the Needs of the Poor

The community is being marred by the increasing inequality between the rich and the poor. The Catholic Church encourages those who have more in life to share their blessings with the poor to ensure that the latter will be provided with means to uphold their dignity. Based on the speech of Pope Francis, which is related to the matter, everyone must return to the centrality of the human being, to a more ethical vision of activities and of human relationships without the fear of losing something.

5. Practicing Solidarity

Regardless of religion or social inclination, Catholicism promotes unity and sees everyone in the world as belonging to a single human family. It is a means of following the Lord’s command to love our neighbors. It encourages unity as well in fulfilling the mission that Jesus Christ has given to everyone.

6. Maintaining the Dignity of Work

While work is an important aspect of one’s life, it should be done in a way that does not violate the dignity of a person. It should also incorporate decency, fair wage, and giving a person the right to have a productive work.

7. Respect for God’s Creation

Human beings have been given dominion over God’s creations. Hence, a person must respect and protect all the forms of life that are essential for the survival of the planet and to everyone who lives within it.


The Next Step

If something is missing in your life and you’re tired of carrying that weight on your shoulders. I have made an awesome connection with a man who has written books on Mens spirituality. I plan to do some webinars on helping you take your business to the next step by building it on the rock. You will rest better at night with that peace in your heart. I’ve tried it all now try the best – The Rock. Stay tuned…