eXclusive Interview With Affiliate Manager of MyPCBackup – Ian Leighfield

This is an interview we did with the co-owner and affiliate manager of My PC Backup to answer all your questions and put your mind at ease about the company, crediting, billing, payouts, and haters that are trying to stop you from making easy money online!


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Cesar Ramirez

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Craigslist Training on Affiliate Marketing of CraigslistAdPower.com

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This training covers some most needed concerns on how to drive traffic to a product and receive commissions. In this case the product naturally was one I created that trains people on how to do such a task. The affiliate website for CraigslistAdPower.com is http://www.CraigslistAdPower.com/affiliates.php If you enjoyed the training, please comment below and share the post.

Note: Because of software I used to record, some syncing issues were present during the recording so try to focus on what I was saying more than visually.

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So, top Milwaukee assisted living community were thinking of ways for Lil Cesar to come up with creative ways to generate some extra income at age 6. I taught him a little system called copy and paste and he was able to put some links up on Craigslist to generate some traffic. So here’s the simplicity of this system.

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the required prize.
7) Every referral earns you $20.
8) We recommend using a domain name from the system that you create because the domain name from the FreeCash machine has been blacklisted by Craigslist.
9) post up 4 ads a day throughout the day. Begin enjoying extra cash to your paypal.

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When folks are looking for a great startup business to fund their marketing passions, this project has been serving us for over 4  1/2 years. This is the project that retired my wife and myself because she wasn’t very good at recruiting. Therefore, I handled the recruiting side and built this system into a Gold mind for other members to do the same. Learn how to leverage several softwares that we built to save time and headaches in a drop shipping niche. Go to http://www.WorkWithCesarRamirez.com for more information.




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