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let’s meet tomorrow

My friends,   Before I wish a fantastic and amazing weekend to you, I want to personally invite you to meet the coach’s coach. That’s right, back in 2008 I was in the slumps and praying for something to come so that I can financially move my family forward. The guy, the coach, that kept  […]

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How Dancing is Like Your Home Based Business

How Dancing is Like Your Home Based Business Make a movement. Keep it simple. Keep it duplicating. This video tells all:  This guy has NO FEAR. He doesn’t give a, you know what, of what his friends think about him. That’s a leader. You have to see your home based business in the same method. What does […]

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Numis 1st National Convention Live Stream

These are videos that I streamed live (RAW) for people that could not make it out to Numis’s 1st Nation Convention. The video frame rate is choppy on purpose because that is what happends when you stream live and record it over the net but the audio is fine. No one in history that I […]

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