What The Heck is the ALS Ice Challenge?

What the Heck is This Ice Challenge About? On Friday 8/22/2014, I was nominated by my friend and business partner JC Hernandez to do the ALS Ice Challenge. Before I did, I wanted to know more about it. What it did for others and what was the point of icing myself? At first I thought […]


Zack Morris Phone Brick Old School Phone

Calling Network Marketing MLM Prospects

When it comes to generating leads, that’s something we can all say is a pretty streamline type of deal. Once you find your niche of capturing leads, you are rocking and rolling in what I like to call finding your passion in marketing. You see this beautiful industry called Network Marketing has allowed my wife […]

Free Pay-Per-Click Training by Cesar Ramirez

Free Pay Per Click Training   Hello my friend, the intention of this webinar is to give you an insight to what’s possible with some PPC leveraging Microsoft Bing Ads. Sorry for the black screen in the beginning but JAVA updates were kicking in. Video sharing starts at 8:22 mins in but the story is powerful […]

Cesar Ramirez PPC Training


Setup WordPress in Less Than 20 minutes. 1

How’s it going my friend, just recently my boys requested for me to set them up on a blog so they can write about their passions and post videos. You can get the details on how I did that for them using WordPress. I have been with 1and1.com since the very beginning. I thought this […]

What would you ask a Millionaire? 1

What would you ask a Millionaire?                             How do you stay motivated? “Mach II With Your Hair On Fire: The Art of Vision & Self Motivation” When should I quit my job? When going to your J.O.B. is costing you more money […]



Coaching Call with Mr. X

Home Business Coaching Webinar   So it’s been a minute since I’ve brought a new guest speaker to my list. I believe this guy’s story will help you understand the philosophy behind it all. You may connect with his story. He went from literally broke to building a team of 60,000 people in his home […]

My Neighbor Dorothy

My neighbor Dorothy is the sweetest gal. 93 years young and a heart full of gold and love. #bestfriendtag #Neighbor #Beauty #Kangen #kangenwater #health #life