Cesar Ramirez

Stress in business

Stress in Business Today's post is about stress in business. I think we all have experienced a bit of stress in business because it's not normal for someone to produce on their clock. Whether you're building a network marketing company, an online ecommerce business or you're an inventor, you may experience stress when you face a challenge. That challenge can be different for everyone. It can be either a financial challenge, customer challenge, time challenge, or a routine challenge. These are just some examples. I hope that today's tips will help you over come some of these challenges. My advice for ANY stress in business, is to STOP what you're…
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Why eCommerce Works in This Changing World

Everybody will agree that electronic commerce or eCommerce is a mainstream way of doing business. All major organizations have their own websites and engage in online sales of products and services. Even small and medium-sized businesses have learned to tap the virtually-limitless potential of the Internet to reach their intended markets. eCommerce is basically about the sale of goods and services, and transfer of funds, through an electronic network such as the Internet. While earlier versions of eCommerce existed years earlier, the 1990s is considered to be the period when online trading flourished due to consumers having more access to the Internet. It was also during this era that online…
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why ecommerce

Practical Ways to Attract Customers to your eCommerce Business

You have set up your very own online store selling products that you personally handpicked and perceived as having the most potential to appeal to shoppers. Creating an eCommerce business is, however, only the start. Your primary purpose is to generate sales by bringing customers into your store to view the products and ultimately make a purchase. The task is not as daunting as it may sound if you understand these essential facts about eCommerce. Personal Interest. Putting up an eCommerce business entails a lot of hard work and preparation. A vital element of success in business is personal interest from the owner on the nature of the business. If…
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Advantages of Starting Your Own Business in eCommerce Now

Two of the biggest eCommerce players today are Amazon and eBay, where people go to buy and sell a wide variety of brand-new and second-hand items. You can search on these sites practically every consumer product from the latest mobile phones to hard-to-find vintage computer parts. Other online retailers concentrate on specific niches for their businesses such as Spotify, which currently reigns over the music streaming market. The enormous success enjoyed by these online businesses proves there are concrete financial advantages from engaging in eCommerce. So if you have specific products or services in mind and want to maximize your market reach, an online store could be the best option…
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the holy trinity

Turning to Jesus Christ When Longing for a Father

Father's Day is the celebration of the sacrifices our fathers did for us. It is also a commemoration of the father-figures who have stood beside us along the way. For those whose fathers have already left this earthly realm, have been away for so long, or were simply never there for them, Father's Day may come mixed with the feeling of longing or sadness. In this situation, one must be reminded of Jesus Christ and learn from the way he lived. Jesus Christ was born without his biological father on earth. He may have had Joseph as a father figure, but being conceived through the power of the Almighty God…
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what it means to be a catholic

Born again Catholics

A special write up today. A topic I never cover on my blog because it was personal. Until I felt a calling to let the world know. Just at tid bit of confusion can lead someone in the wrong path where they can get hurt by the enemy. I hope you enjoy this write up... Interesting Shift (How deep down the rabbit hole will you say enough is enough)? It wasn't long into my business life that I realize I hit a road block. My relationships with people were being destroyed no matter what advice I gave them. I realized that I had ignored my core foundation of being the way…
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Internet TV Cable Cutter Webinar!

Hey there my friend, This is a friendly reminder that tonight at 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern we are doing a webinar on this electronic device that is changing family's lives around the world. I'll be showcasing it through live video! It'll be live so make sure to bring your questions, show up 5 minutes early to make sure you reserve a seat and get this..... I event shot a video today sharing the details: If you haven't, register for the webinar tonight, click here. What you'll receive: 1) Information on the changing market 2) Why now is the time to be a "cable cutter" 3) How to avoid being…
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White Maserati Gran Turism

“Interested in a Maserati?”

Calling all Street Hustlers and Network Marketers.  We just got a fresh stock of Streamsmarts in! Thank you all for your patience. Some of our resellers took 5 already and another one took 10. If you’re interested in becoming a bulk buyer, let us know by filling out this form here: http://jstvbox.com/resellerinterest Applicants will be qualified on a first come first serve basis. Streamsmart Boxes are Quad Core! That’s right, our new Streamsmart boxes are Quad core and super fast. They provide over $80 worth of programming subscriptions so you can watch your favorite fights. These are the creators of the Dragon Sports Add-on. If you have had trouble with…
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Lead Generation Webinar Tonight!

Lead Generation Webinar   Hello my friend... Listen. We had a crazy turnout last week. I received at least 25 emails asking me for a replay. For whatever reason, some folks couldn't make it on. Unfortunately, the recording came out corrupted. Here's the good news though, we're doing it again tonight, (Thursday at 7pm acific / 10pm Eastern). I don't want you to lose out on this opportunity as my guest speaker Adam agreed to come out gain and share the power of his software. From last week's training, I setup a test on how it works. You an check it out for yourself. Text the word "Apply" to 951-373-2764.…
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