MLM Recruiting Secrets for Success

Here are a few MLM recruiting secrets GUARANTEED to take your network marketing business to the next level? How do I know? Because what you are about to discover is a handful of proven “MLM recruiting secrets” we have made use of to individually sponsor 30 new network marketing distributors in 30 days and … […]

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Live From My Lead System Pro Live The Dream 5 Austin, Texas 2014

Live From My Lead System Pro Live The Dream 5 Austin, Texas 2014 #cesarramirez #internetmarketing #Austin #Texas #rayhigdon #robfore #ltd5 #ltdV #livethedream     Greetings from Austin my friends! Pretty fun email today for you.. This weekend I attended the Live the Dream event which is put on by My Lead System Pro and it was […]

Wife and Husband Support Entrepreneurs

The awesome support of a wife is like no other. I’m one of the few folks out there that still believes in great relationships. The humble people of this world are the ones I love to hang out with. The selfless folks that aren’t self centered. Trust me there’s few but they are out there. […]


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Creating Your Own Squeeze Page and Email List on WordPress

Creating Your Own Squeeze Page and Email List on Wordpress   Ok so here’s the aha moment. My great friend Scott tells me, dude you got like 4 different email hosting sender list thinga-majigs and you should just add them to this wordpress app called MailPoet. I was busy at the time and then I […]

Quarter 4 Elite Drop Shippers

#elitedropshippers #ebay #workathome parents #exciting here to serve the next generation of students go to

TGIF Legoland Day

Celebrating a week of working and playing hard with our online business with the #elitedropshippers. You deserve to fire your boss and enjoy life on your terms. #jobfree #sixfigure #lifestyle #tothetop


What The Heck is the ALS Ice Challenge?

What the Heck is This Ice Challenge About? On Friday 8/22/2014, I was nominated by my friend and business partner JC Hernandez to do the ALS Ice Challenge. Before I did, I wanted to know more about it. What it did for others and what was the point of icing myself? At first I thought […]

Monday – Personal Growth

#accomplish #dream #believe “To accomplish great things we must not only aver but also dream. Not only Plan but also Believe.”