The Truth About Traffic

The One Metric That’s More Important To Your Online Success Than Any Other

The above video is taken from Jonathan Budd’s event, ‘Unstoppable Millionaire,’ held back in 2011, which over 150 people paid $2,000 to attend.

This was the very first time I’d ever spoken on stage. Ever.

You will probably be able to tell!

Some of the Facebook PPC content may be a little outdated, but, the concepts around how I think about traffic are still as relevant as ever.

Here’s what you will learn:

    • The REAL truth about traffic, and why you’re not getting as much as you’d like (plus how to fix that problem)
  • Facebook PPC Training: Advice I wish someone had told me when I got started (which would have saved me several thousand dollars…)
  • The Number #1 most important number you need to monitor in your online business – that 97% of your competition have no friggin’ clue about…

The above video is taken from Jonathan Budd’s event, ‘Unstoppable Millionaire,’ which over 150 people paid $2,000 to attend.

When Jonathan asked if I would be willing to fly in to San Diego and speak, I hesitated at first. I’d never spoken in front of such a large audience before… and besides- I live in Perth, Australia- a 30 hour plane trip away!

But after considering it, I told him YES, I would be there.


Because I knew the people in that room would be going through the exact same problems I went through when getting started in internet marketing…

Problems like:

  • Spending more money on advertising than you’re getting back, and always being on the verge of financial ruin…
  • Having a spouse, or friends who think your online business is a joke / waste of time, because it doesn’t make any money…
  • Feeling totally frustrated about your online business- and often secretly wondering, “is this all worth it??”

If any of these problems describe you right now, my advice to you is this: watch every single minute of this video, right now.

I’m not kidding when I tell you that understanding these concepts will literally save you years of frustration, and tens of thousands of dollars chasing the internet marketing dream…

Here’s a few other things I discuss:

  • What a guy who died in 1906 can teach you about why your website is not making any money…
  • The greatest myth taught to newbies about traffic… that everyone takes for granted, which is 100% dead wrong
  • What most people’s website has in common with a faulty vending machine…
  • How to increase your monthly profits instantly by over 60%, by making incremental changes to just 5 leverage points….
  • What growing up on a wheat farm in outback Australia taught me about long term survival in internet marketing…
  • The 5 stages people go through before deciding to buy from you, and the one stage you should target for maximum money
  • The 2 main types of traffic you can buy- and why treating them the same can cost you a small fortune…
  • What the infomercial industry can teach you about the future of internet marketing
  • Facebook PPC- what you need to know to get started today, and how to place your first Facebook PPC ad in just 3 easy steps…
  • The 4 levels you must go through when writing killer Facebook PPC ads
  • The magical ‘Click Through Rate’ that gives you dirt-cheap clicks…
  • How I structure my Facebook campaigns when managing over $1,000 of clicks / day…
  • How to get hundreds of other online entrepreneurs to send you all their traffic- and you only pay them if they send you sales.

If after watching this, you’re ready to start sending your traffic to a very high converting sales funnel (think of Langleys plane, or a vending machine that pays out more than you put in) then go ahead and check out the

 21 Step Marketing System here.

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