Live The Dream 3 (MyLeadSystemPro) 2012 Internet Marketing Convention

Back in 2009 when I started flying to Internet Marketing conventions, that is where I was able to connect with like minded thinking internet marketing junkies lol. I have to say this is where the magic happens. At events.

BTW, the energy in the room creates something magical that happens to each and every person to become “creative”. This happens from your right brain of thinking. Your creative side.

So here are my thoughts I took from the event of Live The Dream 3 in Texas hosted at the Gaylord, Texan.

It was great to meet people that I only knew online before… The training sessions were awesome… The Philadelphia Mariott Downtown hotel was an amazing place to have the event… Hanging out and having fun with people mastering spirit plant journeys was a blast… and the gold nuggets I got from the event can have a profound impact on my business…

But there is a big problem with the Live The Dream 3 Event.

And it’s actually the same problem with the MLSP system itself.

This one single issue if not understood and mastered can cause you to waste your time and money trying to figure out this online mlm stuff for years and years.

So what is this big issue?


Live The Dream 3 like all the other events always have great speakers, a lot of them and they all have their own way of doing things… their own strategies they follow. And they all work and every speaker makes a convincing argument why you should follow their way and run to the back of the room to purchased their great system.

But in order to succeed you need to pick one marketing strategy and stick with it. But with all the great speakers it can have you guessing which method is right for you and you end up trying all of them and never have any results with any of them.

I got what I needed Saturday morning because I know what my strategy and plan is. The rest of the weekend was an exercise in not getting distracted. I was tempted to buy other products from a bunch of speakers but I knew if I did it would only distract me from my plan and delay my results.

And that’s the same problem with My Lead System Pro.

Every marketing strategy you could ever need is in the training library in the MLSP back office. And every Wednesday is another webinar by another leader that will convince you that you need to learn and follow their method. So you stop doing the stuff you were already working on that was starting to show results and switch to this new method.

The key to success with MLSP and these live events is focus.

Pick the marketing strategy that fits you the best and go all in with that method until you master it.

If you can maintain focus and not be distracted then MLSP can work for you. But only if you stay focused.

Keep Learning… But let’s make it focused learning!

To the top,

Cesar Ramirez
Need quality leads?

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