My 20lbs+ October 2011 Weight Loss Story

I still can’t believe it. I’ve hit the Gym now over a year and haven’t had this much success. Seriously, I’ve tried a lot of supplements every time proteinpromo gathers their promotions, soups, water diets, flexx labs usa supplements,  low carb diets and I came to realize that I am not consistent with any of those and about to try a 30 day transformation with nutrisystem lean 13. I’m sure they may have worked, but most of the junk got old and it tasted like chalk. Watch closely on how my wife and I have gained our looks, health, and vitality back. You cannot put a price on health. By the way, did I mention you can get it for FREE?

Cesar Ramirez

Xochitl & Cesar Ramirez

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