Internet marketing and spiritual thinking

How Spiritual Thinking Helps An Internet Marketing Campaign

Internet marketing and spiritual thinking

A lot of people would shrug off the idea that spiritual thinking might aid one’s goal to conclude a successful Internet marketing campaign. After all, what can spirituality contribute to selling products and services online?

For those who have already been successful in this field, Internet marketing demands more than just a person’s physical and financial readiness. They should also be prepared spiritually. Why? Because a lot of these Internet campaigns will fail over and over again. There will be challenges along the way. Competitors will win over you and certain aspects of the industry will be too hard for you to deal with.

But if you have the spiritual thinking and the conviction that you are meant to be successful in Internet marketing, then all the challenges and problems that will arise may just be a piece of cake for you.

1. The Spirit Within You

The spirit that lives inside of you, whether good or bad or optimistic or pessimistic, will dictate the way you go about your life. The same goes for managing a business or for handling an Internet marketing campaign. If your spirits are constantly down and don’t think you can make anything out of your strategy to market your products and services on the Internet, then that is what will attract the energy around you.

You have to believe that you can in order for things to fall in place. Hardwork, perseverance and patience are, yes, key ingredients to a successful career. But always, there is the factor of a positive spiritual thinking. Believe that you can and you will.

2. Spiritual Thinking Cultivates Growth

When you are constantly in touch with your religious and spiritual side, you will also begin to understand the realities around you. It will help you get over an initial failure, and will teach you the power of simply trying again. A lot of people will cower after failing and meeting difficult challenges, but spiritual thinkers will understand failures are just another way for them to prove their worth.

People who think spiritually will also understand how to nurture people and things around them. Even when it comes to their businesses, spiritual thinkers are more prepared for the challenges. And in Internet marketing, there will be challenges and problems that will test one’s faith in his/her abilities to be successful.

3. Spiritual Thinking Prepares One For Success

Whether you will be successful in Internet marketing or not, it is highly important to keep your feet grounded. Spiritual thinkers understand the value of humility even amid a successful run in business. Humble people receive more than what they aim for while those who fail to look back always encounter problems and challenges that will force them to eat some humble pie and reach out to people they have run over in the past.

When it comes to Internet marketing, all aspects—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—of your being are important. These all have to come together as one for you to be successful in whatever venture you put your mind and heart in.

The Battle of The Mind

It’s hard to believe the fact that most people in this world think they are unhappy. I think this is because they never get content on what they have in the present. Some are  because they live in their minds, obsessed with events and situations in their past, or focusing on what has not yet come to pass from the future. They focus on the past or fearfully try to guess their future and thus end up manifesting more of the things they don’t like and dwell upon. Honestly, if you’re reading this now, and you realized my writings is already striking you to the fullest, then you better stop dwelling in the past. Further, when you live in your mind, you grow your ego. The ego can only exist because it was created by the mind, so the more present you are in the current moment, the more you diminish the control your ego has over your life.

I do believe that all of us have the power of mind. Whatever you believe, will truly come true. Of course, you need the guidance of our God. To feel truly happy you should learn to escape your mind. Escaping the mind is a hard thing to do because the mind will do anything it can to retain control. The mind can only really exist if it takes control and keeps you focused on things from the past or anticipation of things in the future. Try not to forget that the mind is important to us in our daily lives, but the extent to which it controls our thoughts and actions should be limited to those essential things in life. So in short, we must know which one is good to think of, and vice versa.

Most people dwell in what the mind creates to the extent that they lose focus on what the mind should and shouldn’t be associated with. Over time this leads people to feel empty inside. Do you feel empty? That emptiness or personal loneliness is caused by people forgetting or disassociating from their spiritual side – a person’s spiritual side isn’t necessarily associated with any religious doctrine but is based on a person’s feelings, intuitions and identification with the higher self. Do you have time for yourself alone?

There are lots of ways to keep a healthy mind. Reading books that enhances positive attitude. Watching movies that value happiness and success. Involving yourself to mind and body exercises, such as yoga and pilates. Try all my suggestions, and I bet, you will be addicted to it.  When you try to escape your mind, it will try to convince you that it’s better to keep dwelling away from reality. You will find thoughts following a topic your mind was working on, then dwelling in what has happened or what ‘could be’ without any of those thought processes contributing to improve your current situation. The mind will attempt to convince you that there are so many tasks you still need it to accomplish, preventing you from moving on and forgetting any of them. For example, if you are really upset about something you may feel this needs to keep entertaining the thoughts of betrayal and unfairness that have been inflicted on you in the past. It is important to know that it is just a thinking habit of the mind which keeps your thought processes focused on things that leave you unhappy. It just isn’t a necessity to keep dwelling on the thoughts of negativity as they contribute nothing to improving your daily existence.

People become so overwhelmed with their life situation that they lose the sense of being that makes them individuals, that makes them human. If you are carrying in your mind the burden of a myriad of wrongs inflicted on you in the past, or if you are dwelling on a multitude of fears seated in the future that have not been manifested, then you need to take stock of what your mind is doing to you. IN short, give yourself a break!

Coming to terms with the fact that you don’t need to focus on what your mind will make it easier to escape those thought processes that leave you unhappy. To escape your mind, and what it has created, you should pay attention to what is happening in the here and now. Being present in the current moment and observing what’s around you rather than focusing on your thoughts, is the best way to overcome the thought routine imposed on you through identification with the mind and its habituated focus on activities that essentially leave you dependent on a particular thought routine for your identity.

When you are completely present in the current moment, which we all should be at all times, you understand that, at this very moment, nothing bad is actually happening in your life. You can simply enjoy what is in front of your eyes. You pay attention to things you used to take for granted, like how wonderfully made you are, how blessed you are for existing despite of all the odds in your life. Just be thankful at all times, no matter what.

Many people completely disregard the beauty and wonders of the world that is around them. The faces of people you may see in the street are often gloomy, their daily stressors leaving them looking sallow and older than they really are. People often carry their mental burdens on the shoulders and in their necks, making them ‘hold’ their mental stressors in their physical body. All their locked in stress and tension is caused by their being prisoners of their own thoughts, being subordinate to their own mind and the object of its attention.

Lots of people are quite sensitive to the energies of other people as well as their own energy. It is quite easy to pick up on the energy of couple who have just had an argument despite the academy award winning performance they may put on for people in public. The negative energy involved in the creation of their argument carries over into the world long after the couple appear to be friendly.

It is easy to feel the fluctuations of your own vibrations as well as the energy of people around you. When you are present in the current moment, you vibration is really high. Past resentments and future fears have little influence over your current state of being. You could say that nothing bothers you when you are present in the Now. But as soon as someone goes into too much thinking they can feel the confusion from their mind setting in and your vibration going down. Energy can shift very quickly depending on what you focus on.

The only thing it takes to shift your energy to a more positive frequency away from the reality of routine and unhappiness is to centre yourself in the present moment.

Your mind is the only thing that keeps you down, although that may not look like it at that moment. You may think that it is this person or that particular circumstance responsible for your being upset. You may think that I would be happy ‘if’ or I will be happy ‘when’ I have this or that, but that is never the case. It’s your reaction to what happens to you which is responsible for level of happiness. It is more often than not the reactions of your mind to external situations that will mainifest in your unhappiness.

Being grateful for what you currently have in life is a very effective way of centreing yourself in the present moment. No matter who you are or what circumstances you are in, there is always something you can appreciate and feel grateful for. An attitude of gratitude is what makes you able to manifest better things in your life. So whenever you feel down, try as quickly as you can to escape your mind. Try the Gratitude Breathing Lesson as it is a very effective technique to use when feeling overwhealmed with what you mind has created.
Freedom from the Mind

Everyone in the developed world needs to escape from their mind. All the wisdom comes from the present moment and not from your mind. If you want to change your circumstances or solve some problem, the best way to do that is by staying present and then acting on your intuition that can only be accessed when you are present.

This article was written not through excessive thought, not from process of the mind, but from being centred in the present moment. When you tune into the present moment you access universal intelligence and intuitively accept things for what they are. The intuitive and higher self is responsible for the creation of this article.

So, what is the best way to overcome excessive identification with the mind, relief from the habituated negative thought processes created by the mind? The easiest way to overcome the control of the mind is to relax, stay present in the current moment and appreciate yourself, others, and the world around you for what it is. Appreciate everything that IS, for simply being what it IS, not what you think it should be. Do this, and you will be a happier person, and in control of your mind, not you mind in control of you.