Merry Christmas 2015 and Lessons Learned…

Hello my friends Merry Christmas from Xochitl, myself and the C.A.L. boys.




As I look back at this year, I’m most grateful for my Family and Friends that have believed in me, and I in them. It wasn’t the most simplest year for us as my wife Xochitl recently hit us by surprise. She had a ruptured appendix and 4 days into it, we thought it was the stomach flu as the pain wasn’t in her lower right portion of her chest. She spent 1 week in the hospital… It was rough on us as momma has never been sick in 15 years.

We were told by the surgeon that if we would have waited any longer, she may not be here with us today. I do believe God is awesome though. Her faith being as strong as it is in the Lord kept her here. She prayed through the whole process. Her suffering really made me stop and think what is most important in our lives.

Often times through our online businesses, we are so focused on the work that we forget about the time together as a family. That balance is what is key. I’m constantly working on myself for that balance. The only way to find it is by knowing where you were, where you are, and where you want to go. Having a rock solid foundation of goals aligned with morals and faith is what we are all seeking.

As we approach 2016, think about what your goals are and foundation. Seek the importance of your business and life. If we have ever worked together in the past, you’ll know that keeping “Servant Leaders” around you and building those folks up is the key to long term success. Easier said then done for sure. You first have to become a servant leader before you can bring some on bored with you. The only way you become one is to improve the lives of those around you by you becoming grounded in your core foundations. Faith, Family, Friends, and Finances.

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Check this out. I recently got back from a men’s retreat and you can align yourself with this core belief if you chose.

You can modify the last statement for whatever your belief in faith is in your life.

“Make a friend, be a friend… lead a friend to Christ.”

I know the world drops off Christ at the end, but without Him, I wouldn’t be here. Priorities first right?

Merry CHRISTmas everyone. We love you guys,

Xochitl, Cesar, and Lil Cesar, Adam and Luke Ramirez.

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Mindvalley – Quantum Jumping – featuring Burt Goldman

So this past weekend, I had the pleasure of being introduced to a live seminar by my beautiful wife Xochitl. The seminar was put on by Mindvalley – Mindvalley is a company that was developed for the person seeking more out of life through enlightenment. For those that don’t understand enlightenment, the best way I can describe it is reaching your higher self so that you can connect to your utmost potential in life.

I have been blessed enough to have married an awesome woman who sees more to life than being stagnant. We forward that belief to our 3 boys and apply a sense of reaching for the stars with little to no limitations. Conventional thinking in our school system teaches us linear (1 track) thinking. As does our jobs with our paychecks (1 track stream of income). Therefore, if there is an infinite amount of possibilities through other systems of learning, you literally have no limitations.

I have been to many seminars. A lot of coaching in the sales and marketing industry as well as personal development. I will have to say that Mindvalley is up at the top of the charts for their forward thinking. I was given some tools that I have never even thought about to utilize my brain to another potential. A lot of this stuff is deep and truly “out of the box” thinking, so if you’re open to get a snippet of the notes I took and some audio notes, feel free to jump into my evernotes by clicking here.

What I personally received from this session is understanding the power of self meditation to create an abundant life. You have the power to connect with your power self. I encourage you to go through the course material.


To you abundance,


Cesar Ramirez

MP3 or CDs for Audio Books?

So it’s been my experience that I can take a few hours to import MP3s into iTunes. The CDDB (CD Database) doesn’t always recognize CDs that aren’t trademarked or registered. Therefore, I have to enter it by hand and it can be tiresome. Here’s my point, even though you enter them in, sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re on the right audio track because the title may be too long, it may just get shuffled, etc. I’m sure there is an easier way, but just owning the CD and using it when you need to focus on that author and lesson of the day is enough. The CD is enough to get you focused on that lesson. Did you know it takes 17 times to listen to an audio book before you can absorb it correctly?

The whole key to reversing the process of disappointment in your life is to keep working on yourself. Jeffery Combs, my coach allowed me to release a lot of the baggage I took from childhood and let go. I had an open mind to invest in myself. Unfortunately, a lot of folks I know aren’t open to change. The sad reality is that their ego doesn’t reflect their bank account. They’re one paycheck away from being broke. They have no control of their lifestyle and that is disappointing to say the least.

You’ll never go back to the old ways. Once you know what’s possible. You won’t be able to contain yourself of the rich information that will assist you in changing your lifestyle, your friendships, your bank account. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

It’s Ok To Make Mistakes. Fail. Double Your Rate.

Each days of our lives, it’s inevitable we will make mistakes. However, everything happens for a reason, so we should never be afraid of making mistakes. What matters most is that we leave the past behind, and simply learn from it. Of course, try not to bounce back over the same mistakes. Admittedly, as human beings, we can repeatedly make the same mistakes. It’s a fact! None can deny it, even a perfectionist makes the same mistakes thrice :).

Plenty of us think in the form of “could of, should of” which will flash into your mind after making a mistake. Makes come and go. Failures come and go. I was once told by a mentor of mine Mr. Jim Rohn, double your rate of failure to really see results. Whether financially, health, or any situation you want to get a stat from.

My point is, it’s indeed a waste of time trying to figure out everything about a decision you made, and realized that it was a big mistake. If you could only turned back time, you would not make that same decision again…From the statement itself, if you could turn back time, the problem is that no one can turn back time. History repeat itself and it will continue to repeat itself. That’s the only chance you have to make the right decision, once the same scenario occurs in your life.

Lets talk about how we are being changed with our wrong decisions in life πŸ™‚

At first we feel so upset, and useless. As if we want to simply sleep all day, hoping that when we wake up everything is under control.
Second, we feel guilty for committing mistakes, and worst, if someone has been affected by our wrong moves, we would not only feel guilty, we would surely feel like we want to burry ourselves.
Third, we want an instant change…we become very eager to change our identity.

The great thing is that once we’re done contemplating over our mistakes, and realize its time to move on, we become a better person, we become more positive, much stronger, much willing to face defeat, more appreciative over small things..and of course more forgiving. Yet, if we are the type of people who don’t welcome changes and corrections in life, then past should simply be left behind, or else we might do something terrible on top of our simple mistakes.

Leave the past behind, and let us not dwell on it but that doesn’t mean you’d be ashamed of the mistakes you have committed. You don’t have to be ashame of anything, for as long as you’ve learned from it and have already move on. Of course, it is also important that you have commited to make yourself a better person. Asking your mentor, your idol, your elders to teach you how they survive from all odds in life, will help you realize that life must go on, even after a shameful mistakes you have committed.

Surround yourself, with God fearing friends with very positive attitude. If it’s necessary for you to change your environment, so be it. Go for it! Read books about how to handle your consequences of your very own mistakes. Or read more about enhancing your personalities and dealing with your past πŸ™‚ Live life to the fullest, you can only do that, if you will forgive yourself, and just learned from where you’ve failed.

To Your Abundance,

Cesar Ramirez

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