Wife and Husband Support Entrepreneurs


The awesome support of a wife is like no other. I’m one of the few folks out there that still believes in great relationships. The humble people of this world are the ones I love to hang out with. The selfless folks that aren’t self centered. Trust me there’s few but they are out there.

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Husband and Wife Empowering Each Other and their Children Through Personal Development

Self confidence is a must to every individual. It is something that we all need to develop, especially if we have children and we want them to be at their very best at all times. Self Confidence, is one great way to keep each member of the family strong against all odds.  Being confident is having the power and certainty to create our desires and dreams.  It is a key ingredient in maximizing children’s potential in academic achievement, social success, and personal happiness.  For parents, it keeps their relationship stronger and better.

We all want to protect our children, keep them from harm’s way and safeguard them from danger.  We can absolutely do that, by showing them we have enough confidence in ourselves and as a parent. However, I am so aware that is easier said than done.  But we must do it, if we don’t want to be a failure for the rest of our lives. Only you can help yourself, and your kids be successful in their lives.

There are lots of books, movies, and workshops where you can encourage your children to join. Of course, as a Parent, you have to be very supportive in all manners; Financially, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually. You can also, as a parent, joined social clubs in your village to learned more about life. No matter how old we are, we still need to learn a lot of things about life. It is also a great way to boost our self esteem. If we don’t have enough experience about life, then we can never be mature enough to be a parent to our children. Believe me, no matter who you are, even if you are the well known person in the world, you still need to be flexible on learning and gaining knowledge.

I can name few best authors for kids;

1. Xochitl L. Ramirez (my wife)
2. Kevin Henkes
3. Katherine Paterson
4. Patricia Polacco
5. Joan Baur
6. Chris Van Allsburg
7. Kate DiCamillo
8. Cynthia Rylant
9. Mem Fox
10. Gary Paulson
11. Jane Yolen

As parents, we don’t want our children to have a low self-esteem.  I assure you, we all want them to try new things, believe in themselves; socialize with other kids; share their joy with you and have so many great friends.  Let them read books, so that they can internalize the situation. Hear them whenever they talk to you, so you can assist them on expressing their ideas.

I am so aware, that it isn’t common for children to love books, as much as we do. We’d rather watch tv with our kids, or simply stroll at the park. It is also a cool idea, but then we should not take reading for granted. Spend time reading along with your kids, and have a great talk-to-talk with them.

It is known that a child needs affection and love.  If you and your partner, don’t love each other anymore, expect a low self esteem in your children. Don’t be surprised if you come to the realization that you are beginning to hate yourself.  It is inevitable that arguments occur for each family. Just keep in mind, don’t let anger overweight you.  For as long as you can manage to remain calm, do so. A happy living environment is essential in areas of personal confidence and personal valuation. If a child has been constantly criticized, bullied or ignored during childhood they will have much less child self-esteem than children who are praised, encouraged, listened to and valued. Often it is the case that a child hasn’t had or cannot respond to the praise or encouragement from a parent or teacher alone. This means that it is important that every child has the confidence within themselves to appreciate their own self worth and specialties.

As couples, you can also help each other to have a healthy relationship by dating, and going to cozy and romantic places, at least once a month. Taking wacky pics together is also a stress reliever. Joining Sport Clubs along with your kids is one great way to empower great personality; Communicating and Compromising to things that each of you has to improve; Learn to Identify how you can help each other be a tough person, ever; Make sure to be obedient to each other, and be flexible for different changes in your life.

Good character, is the best gift you can share to each other. Nothing can beat that! It’s also a key success! You want to be successful, change your thoughts and be flexible in any changes. I hope that from this day onward, you will start to empower great personal development education with your partner, along with your kids.

My wife and I’s relationship has gotten so strong because we have empowered each other by sticking to the main thing of what we are passionate about. Money is the last thing in our mind when it comes to the glue that keeps us together. Understanding and communication of each other is what holds that bond. When Xochitl and I started to read books and listen to personal development audio in the car, we noticed a fire starting to light inside us. We wanted to share it with the world….

… Welcome.

Cesar Ramirez