How to take your eBay items to #1 Spot SEO Cassini

How to take your eBay items to #1 Spot SEO Cassini

At Elite Drop Shippers, we’ve taken the steps to read read read and research how to update our software to help our members get to the #1 spot in the SEO or search engine known as Cassini on eBay.

Writing complete descriptions, taking product pictures and modifying them to be different, creating listings complete and efficiently. These tasks should not give the seasoned drop shipper or new drop shipper any trouble. Keep in mind when you have a “product buyer on eBay” you should considered building a “buyer’s list.” More on that later. Of course you also could get an outsource company to do it, once you analyze the difference of offshoring vs outsourcing you can take the best option that fit for your business.

We first started noticing a decrease in sales when our items weren’t moving. A few awesome members on the team started to really break down what was working for them and they took this Cassini (ebay’s search engine) to pieces. 90 days in the trenches learning what is working. We hope this guide gives you enough to help you get your items ranked.

The way your item ranks really depends on the competition your niche is in and the SEO services you employ. In most cases you will be competing against hundreds if not thousands of other items in that similar category or keyword phrase. Sometimes you do get lucky and get to the top. Let’s assume that you’re not one of the lucky 1% and arrived here to get the secret formula you’ve been searching…

Getting to the top of the search results

This is something that many eBay sellers dream of. If you follow this guide, that dream can become a reality for ANY product.

In past times worth remembering it was super simple to get your posting at the highest point of query items. There was no Best Match, no Cassini web search tool, no Top-Rated sellers! All you needed to do was offer the least expensive cost and you would arrive at the highest point of page 1. Not any longer…

These days on eBay it takes more than simply the most reduced cost to get recognized in list items. Cost is still a critical component obviously yet as the default look system on eBay is situated to Best Match (and not least value first), you need to take after Best Match’s rules to try and stand a possibility of getting your listings ranked highly.

So what are the elements that Best Match considers when positioning postings for query items?

That relies upon the listing type:

  • For BIN listings Best Match considers account seller performance standards, recent search impressions and sell-through rate, recent sales, posting title, cost and whether free shipping is advertised. Moreover, TRS status is additionally vital and in addition whether you offer Premium Service for your posting.
  • For Auction style listings – for the most part the same variables as above WITHOUT the business history (as there will be only one deal) in addition to the posting end time is imperative as well. Postings finishing sooner will be offered higher in indexed list
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