The Success Cycle – 10 Steps

There are 4 ways you get paid in this world. Kiyosaki developed the cash flow quadrant which states you are either an Employee, Self-Employed, Business Owner, or Investor. I trim it down to say you are either getting paid for showing up to a job: This is called collecting a paycheck and you getting paid for what you are told you are worth. Then there are those who believe they are worth more and their philosophy is that they can dictate what they are worth by selling a product or service to the market place. They get paid what the free market bares. One of the cheapest and most affordable ways for the average person to get ahead in this world is network marketing/direct sales. This is not a get rich scheme, but it is a get rich faster then any other method if you apply and make it your craft. I’ve seen broke homeless folks go from the outhouse to the penthouse. With that said, here is the Network Marketing Success Cycle. If you can follow and absorb these steps, you will be very successful. The key thing is keeping the main thing, the main thing.

Network Marketing Sales Life Cycle.

Step 1 – Dream Big Dreams (write them down/vision board)
Step 2 – Make Commitments
Step 3 – Use the Products
Step 4 – Get a Prospect
Step 5 – Invite the Prospect
Step 6 – Tell the Story
Step 7 – Answer their Questions
Step 8 – Follow up
Step 9 – Start Them Right
Step 10 – Duplicate Yourself

Your partner in success,

Cesar Ramirez

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