eXclusive Interview With Affiliate Manager of MyPCBackup – Ian Leighfield

This is an interview we did with the co-owner and affiliate manager of My PC Backup to answer all your questions and put your mind at ease about the company, crediting, billing, payouts, and haters that are trying to stop you from making easy money online!


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Cesar Ramirez

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A Message of Hope and Love

Today’s message is one of hope and love.

Average Joe’s making money online is unheard of because

of the information overload we receive. I know this because
I find myself pretty technical and I know what it takes to perform
online. Even with my engineering background, it took me 6 months

to build that confidence and “Swagger” if you will to build a brand.

I find “average Joe’s” don’t have 6 months and they need money
as soon as yesterday. That’s when we moved out to the mountains

of beautiful Southern California to “unplug” from the Matrix of
the 9-5 rat racers. I can’t stand traffic. I can’t stand seeing kids being
left by themselves not raised by at least 1 parent. It saddens me.
That’s when I discovered Network Marketing. The problem
is that “average Joe’s” don’t want to leave their families once or
twice a week to hang out in a hotel meeting getting ra ra ra to
make you feel good for the rest of the week. Nobody needs that. I
mean sure it feels good and its like going to church, but the bank

account needs to grow as you grow or the spouse is frowning on you.

Fact is, I was fed up with seeing “Average Joe’s” fail and quit
on me after I put my time into their growth. They say you have
90 days to put money in their pocket, but the truth is you have about
less than 2 months or they start to blame you, or your company. I’m
already a full-time daddy taking care of 3 boys and building a
successful online business, I don’t need to be baby-sitting adults lol.
But that’s what we do to make our business grow. It’s a fact. Some
of you know exactly what I mean. Other’s are chasing after high

ticket sale items thinking that’s where the pot of gold is. I’ve been there
many times in my Real Estate career and after 6 months of not closing
a short sale, I decided it was time to move on to take care of the family, funny because now I am talking to the Castlewood Ranch real estate agency but now I am the one getting a house. For more information, visit Homes for sale in West Edmonton.
Fast forward now 3 weeks later, I’m grateful I didn’t have an ego that
was bigger than my bank account. Lots of folks do and I can hear
it in their hesitation and mindset when on the phone with me.
They want things for free because they believe they need to
“make money first” before investing time or money with me. Those
are the procrastinators that have been burnt in the past and put blame
on others. Additionally, they spend more money on gas driving to a
dead end job being surrounded by CNN (Constant Negative News) or
a hotel meeting where they hang out on the curb waiting for that prospect
who said would show up. — Didn’t.
I just had to let this out because I’m sick of these offline or online
peeps selling you a new program or deal every single month that
average Joe’s can’t succeed in.
We are the eBay Diamond Club.  Fact is, most people that took action
in the last 3 weeks have made sales on eBay. 100% profit into their
Paypal account and most importantly they built a customer database FREE.
No website or list builders because eBay does it for you. #Genius.
Come hear the success of the students tonight at 6pmPST/9pmEST so
you can blog about it after on your blog site. (I support the Davids because
they also fight the forces of evil).
Not only are we giving away the eBay training for free, but I have developed
an eBay software to accelerate your eBay earnings that I’m currently not
charging for. Register early and find out what the last 30+ students have
experienced. If I show you how to earn money with the eBay Giant where
there’s no convincing or shipping of physical products, you can live at the
top of a mountain in peace and enjoy life like me.
The webinar is at close to max capacity of 50 registered, so you want to make
sure you lock in a seat now, because you’ll learn from Dion (the 22 year old
whiz kid) that changed our life. Let go of your ego (and eggo too lol) because

it doesn’t serve you and its actually hurting you financially.

Helping average Joe’s fighting the forces of evil of attrition (people quitting)

since 2007.

Cesar Ramirez

P.S. Think about it, if you help average Joe’s make an extra $500 a week or
even in a month with eBay in their first month, than why would they quit?”


P.S.S. If you were one of the few people that were on one of the last 2 webinars we
did, you want to make sure you call me before 6pm tonight (California Time) because
waiting only increases the financial bleeding. Stop wasting gas and learn
how to finally make money from your laptop and spend more time with your
love ones tonight!
P.S.S.S. Sorry for the long email, but it was time someone coached you on the
truth. Just saying.

What’s your why? Here are mine:  Isn’t it time you start living, instead of just making a living? Call me now.


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Craigslist Training on Affiliate Marketing of CraigslistAdPower.com

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This training covers some most needed concerns on how to drive traffic to a product and receive commissions. In this case the product naturally was one I created that trains people on how to do such a task. The affiliate website for CraigslistAdPower.com is http://www.CraigslistAdPower.com/affiliates.php If you enjoyed the training, please comment below and share the post.

Note: Because of software I used to record, some syncing issues were present during the recording so try to focus on what I was saying more than visually.

To Your Abundance,
Cesar Ramirez
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How To Build Money

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How To Build Money

The methods of doing business have definitely changed. Are you prepared? If not, it’s back to the rat race you go and you will be running a non-profit business from the discomfort of your home. What do I mean? Read closely to find out.

You see, many folks are trying to perform what use to work in the 1980s and 1990s in business and are still asking themselves “how to build money”? Calling someone on the phone isn’t as effective as it use to be. Take me for example. I use to spend hours dialing and picking up the phone to prospect. I’m not saying it doesn’t work still but I am saying that the idea of getting in front of your prospects are different. Teens now, Generation-Y (born after 1990s), don’t even want to communicate via voice. They all want to use a text messaging system or digital social medium to communicate.  So we have to get into their minds and prepare for the future. Facebook, Netflix, and Twitter figured it out. Have you ever received a phone call from any of these companies asking you to join their deal? Negative.

So how do you make it work for your business and leverage your time and stop asking yourself  how to build money? It’s simple. Learn how to effectively market using affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? You may have heard of the phrase. Affiliate Marketing as of today has about 25,900,000 results searching on Google. Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The industry has four core players: the merchant (also known as ‘retailer’ or ‘brand’), the network (that contains offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the New Payment Platform), the publisher (also known as ‘the affiliate’), and the customer. The market has grown in complexity to warrant a secondary tier of players, including affiliate management agencies, super-affiliates and specialized third party vendors. (From Wikipedia).

So dumbing it down, basically it goes back to WITFM (What’s In It For Me) as a consumer? If you’re not allergic to money, this may be a solution for you if you currently have a website or like to waste time on Facebook (trust me, once you get going on Facebook, you can get lost in Flashback photos). They should just call it Flashbacks (just saying) :-). My buddy Curt Maly figured out how to save me time. He created Social Media in 7 minutes (freaking genius). The software he uses there allows me to use robots to do all the automation for me all from one location (Walk away income).

So most products or services that are making this digital era work are either paying for clicks (using pay per click) to drive traffic or have a commission percentage pay out to pay you for marketing their product. Take me for example. In the summer of 2010 I developed CraigslistAdPower.com. I knew if I was to make it an affiliate product, it would be attractive to readers and marketers like yourself because you will share it with your list. My friend Larry Beacham put me on the phone with over 200 people and we sold 122  product licenses in a 24 hour period just to his list. Why did it work so well? Because he has provided enough value so that people listen to him. He got paid gracefully and so did I. I pay out 50% of commissions to my affiliates. I call that fair. As a result, I also increased my list over 200 people that would otherwise not have known me if I wasn’t referred by him. I will be realistic and the average person will not want to invest the time to create their own product, so marketing someone else’s products is the best solution to get paid today.

Recently you may have heard the buzz about Empower Network which is first of it’s kind to pay out 100% commissions at $25 a month (starting up to $125+month or more for their up-sell) directly to your bank account. As of writing this article, they have had some challenges with merchant accounts, so at the moment I choose to be paid by Paypal until things change and are more secure. The idea of Empower Network is quite genius. Put on by David Wood and David Sharpe, they build a network of bloggers, as yourself, if you choose to get involved. If you’re like me and you love to write about anything your mind chooses and don’t care about what others think about your writing, then I suggest you consider Empower Network as a source of income as well. They have banners marketing themselves and their products and they are doing ALL the selling for you through your affiliate link. In return they pay you 100% commissions. If you have no followers online or a very small list, this is the best way to get started building a followers list in my opinion.

It’s like what Robert Kiyosaki taught me back in 2006. You want to have about 4-7 streams of income bringing you money every single month without you working it. Keywords are  “WITHOUT YOU” working it. You can absolutely do that part-time or full-time depending on your drive.

One thing I have noticed from those that make it and don’t make it online is their drive and mentality. Are you educating yourself on what’s working now? Or are you skeptical on the next biggest fad taking your money and calling it a SCAM? I’ve spent hundreds and thousands on learning business and marketing from other online marketers. Why? Because I know they have the goods and I don’t. They are living the lifestyle that I want to live. The lifestyle of making money without having to drive somewhere every single day and spend money on gas. As a result, I now live in the mountains living the lifestyle I enjoy and being a full-time stay at home dad. It can and will happen for you. Just believe.

So let’s see what that looks like. If you hate having to commute to work every day, you’re not alone! The average commute in miles for Americans is 16 miles and 26 minutes for one way (being conservative). That’s 32 miles and 52 minutes for a round trip every day. And that is just the average! It’s safe to assume that the high metropolitan areas such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and New York will have longer commutes than the average. If you are currently commuting and it’s starting to make you crazy, consider applying for a new job in your area, moving closer to work or car pooling to take the pressure off of driving every day. Especially with the spike in gas prices

As of writing this article 1/29/2012 the local gas station shows $3.70 a gallon to fill up your gas tank. So let’s calculate this out.  32 miles a day and the average car is 22mpg. 32miles/22mpg = 1.45 gallons a day resulting in $5.38 (a day). That’s $26.90 (a week) $115.67 a month and $1388.04 a year. Not including maintenance and food (cheaper to cook at home). Why am I writing this out? Because I want to show you the benefits of the cost of savings of commute time and money by working from home.

Now the average income according to the ssa.gov website for 2010 is $41,673.83.  After paying 42% of that to Uncle Sam,  that looks like $24,170.82/year.  You are left with $22,782.78/year after paying gasoline and $1898.56/  month in income. The rest goes towards cost of living and maintenance of your vehicle. Look I don’t mean to be to the extreme here, but I really want to paint this picture. You have to ask yourself, can you make more than $2000 a month online (extra income) and can that be full-time so that you can put that the rest of the money away for other things. You can definitely save $1388.04 a year and earn more than $1898.56 a month by working from home. The beauty of being self employed is paying taxes at the end of the year on what’s left not every paycheck. There are a lot of benefits and tax write-offs for working for yourself. Consult a qualified CPA, like cpa gilbert az, that understands small business owner practices, I like to use help from Rudy El Gabsi when it comes to accounting.

In closing business has changed. Either ask your employer to allow you to work from home or create your own circumstance like I have by creating an additional stream of income leveraging online marketing.

Stay tuned because the next article will be about getting your mind set to the right thinking so that you can start to “believe” you too can do it. It all starts from your belief and foundation.

Share your thoughts below.

Cesar Ramirez

P.S. Amazon has some great books below on this subject.


last night was amazing…

Hello my friends:
Last night’s webinar with Mr. Larry Beacham was amazing.
I like to refer to him as a Affiliate Marketing Guru.
He doesn’t like the word guru. :-). Don’t be shy my friend you are.
I may do another one here shortly because I wasn’t
able to record it. For those that were on it and took advantage of the
training, there were some amazing questions. So I just wanted to
answer them really quick.
1) What was covered? Larry mentioned that he has generated roughly “an
extra” $70,000+ in 2010 on just affiliate marketing. One of those products
was mine and in 24 hours I saw what he did with my product. Sold 122 in

24 hours. Amazing.

2) Biggest hurdles? The problem with affiliate marketing is that

most folks don’t understand the science. Yep, there’s actually a science
formula on how to build your list with a target market. Larry gave an
example of a dog. If you own a dog business and want to build a list of
dog “product buyers” you offer an ebook product that targets dog lovers.Unfortunately, there isn’t many folks that can write creative ad copy to attract their audience.
So Larry gives free examples in his course he put together.
Finally for those folks that take advantage of his course before this
Sunday night January 8th, 2012 12am (Pacific Time) , he is offering
a private 30 minute coaching with the purchase of his product. Look
at all the value you get in the course. Go to my affiliate link here:
Noticed I said “affiliate link”. This is how you get your buyers to take action. This
product will put money in your account today! How do I know that, because
he taught my 6 year old how to generate an extra $500 over the summer of
2010 using just 1 affiliate product. This stuff works.
P.S. I got several emails and text messages saying that what I would recommend in 2012
to get going with generating income with little or no cost. My answer is get going with
Larry’s training because affiliate marketing money still pays me to this day. I get checks
from a webinar software that I haven’t touched for over a year. An extra $300 month
after month isn’t much but it pays some bills. Affiliate marketing pays. Learn it here:

P.S.S. Your bank account deserves a facelift. Pickup Larry’s product above.