Black Friday Nightmare? How to give thanks without extra plastic…

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Thanksgiving Dinner to come tomorrow… Black Friday is upon us.

Is it just me or are you also tired?

Things are either not as good as you planned so you are working harder to get there or they are better than you planned and you’re afraid of going backwards…soooo you work even harder.


Do we really work this hard, this long, this distractedly, this relentlessly for silicon and plastic that we’ll discard in 12 months?

And then give up what’s supposed to be our holiday down time to camp out, stand in line, and literally fight with other tired human beings to save a few bucks on those plastic and silicon gizmos?

*NOTE: If you’re still making payments on a credit card for a gizmo you bought and have since thrown, given, or stored away only to be thrown away later, please stay home Friday…and don’t shop online, either. You’ve missed the point.

Why do we let spending time with family – the ones we supposedly “do all of this for” – stress us out?

If you don’t know how to bake a turkey, go take a cooking class or watch more YouTube videos…or serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pair it with a nice chardonnay or maybe even a bold Merlot to counteract the sweetness in the jelly and relax.

You think I’m kidding…don’t kid yourself about my not kidding.

Life’s too short to take seriously, and none of us are getting out alive.

So bust out the Peter Pan and the Two Buck Chuck, throw on some sweat pants or pajamas or get all gussied up if that brings a smile to your face, then relax and give thanks.

Start today and go all the way through to the New Year.

Then get REALLY crazy and do it throughout next year.

If anyone asks, tell them you have a note from your internet marketing sales coach that you can relax over the next 5+ weeks because you’re not going to be George Jetson on the treadmill any longer.

Now go relax.