How to Create and Event on Facebook

It’s important to invite your followers/friends to an event. Follow these steps for using Facebook Events

1) Go Here:
2) Click on “+Create an Event”
3) Fill In your Event Details


Jim Rohn – Life is Like The Seasons (Hip-Hop Video Remix)

A video remix of some inspirational audio samples from the God Father of Personal Development, Mr. Jim Rohn. Every great mentor leads back to Jim Rohn in one way or another. There is no other quite like him. It’s because of him that my wife and I improved on our relationship. It all started from 1 audio or a book a day. Then it compounded over time and I do not even recognize myself from where I use to be. I stay and operate in the present (thank you Jeffery Combs). If you were inspired and in tears like I was, I would appreciate if you shared this video with your friends.