Calling all Innovators

I just got back from a family vacation and this morning
as I was having a conversation with my wife of where
I would like 2012 to go….. I got an idea that hit me.
I explain all in the link above but most importantly,
it’s about YOU. Often times I see
marketers, including myself, promoting someone else’s
products or projects, but have you ever wanted to create
your own? I don’t mean just by yourself, but with a group
of masterminds?
I got a few thousand people on my list and I want to work with
every single one of you and I’m pretty sure I’ll get some sharp
minds that have a lot of ideas, but I’m only looking for 12 to
build the next project that we can look back at and be proud.
You see when I was in 6th grade (1989),  I invented the shoes with lights. Yep,
I called them Nighty Airs and they were cheap Prowings shoes with 3
lights in the front of each shoe and they were meant to be seen at night
when you go running. I was 12 years old at the time. The problem was
nobody told me that someone would walk into my 6 grade project and copy
my idea a few years later. (L.A. Lights: was one of L.A. Gear’s most successful lines,
which came out in 1992). I failed to patent my idea early. Imagine where
I would be now?
So here’s the deal, I’m not selling you anything. No money out of pocket for
this idea. I just want to align myself with other powerful inventors who
are ready to make the next biggest project. Is that you?
See you in the inside,
Cesar Ramirez
P.S. Even if you think you don’t have a chance, I read every answer: <– Apply.

Timing in business…

People often ask me, when is the best time to get into a business opportunity? My answer is, “if your belief level is so strong it makes you cry, then today.” Successful people take action immediately despite of fear. It´s like buying a house, just do it. You can easily find property anywhere, we buy houses cincinnati especially with the help of Costello Realty & Management .

You see many people don’t know this but the reason I got involved in this industry was because of a girl not because of money. And no the girl wasn’t in a network marketing company, she was an ex-girlfriend who left me for another guy. As depressing as that sounds, it was and it took me awhile to get over her.

The beauty of this story though is that I got invited to a business opportunity that summer of nineteen nighty-nine. It was my 2nd exposure to Amway and it was called Quixtar at the time. I had no idea who these people were or why they looked so happy as if they were on crack :-). But this set a seed in me that would keep me addicted to this industry for years to come.

So many of you know that my primary product at the moment that I have been passionate about is Kangen Water because of what the water did for my 3 year old son Adam [click to read the story]. My point in sharing with you that link is that you will read the full story of why I became so passionate.

As I stated earlier, your why has to be so big of why you’re doing this business that it makes you cry. Sometimes if not all the time it’s bigger than money. Some people just show up to feel that they’re apart of something huge. But I saw the product results, I saw the potential and I went to work. Is it ok to say that I’m money motivated when I see something huge? I am now a top leader in Kangen Water thanks to my wonderful mentor and duplicateable coaching.

Every installment loans with monthly terms that you get involved with has a marketing/sales department. I don’t care if you’re not a sales person. Get over your funk and figure out what happened to you at a young age to hate asking for the order. Sales and Marketing is the highest paid profession on planet earth – Period.

Take someone like me for example. I was a left brain thinker, engineer as I started my professional career. I realized very quickly that I love engineering, but I love network marketing even more. The self improvement and personal growth is priceless (seriously). You have to make a living first with it before you can make a fortune. Therefore, I don’t recommend quitting your job until you have come to surpass your primary income (job).

So when looking for a part-time business, my recommendation is do your homework on what your passion is. Make sure the product says what it says it’s going to be/do. Don’t just drink it on faith and make a story in your head about it. Actually see the results and your belief level will be strong. Give out samples of your product and let others let you know what they think.

Most of you know that my niche is Craigslist and I rock it quite well. I have produced over $55,000 in less than 7 months just utilizing Craigslist. You can see how [I did it here (]. The strategies work and they will continue to work.

Finally, I recommend if you’re going to build ANY business. Whether it’s real estate (which is my passion), MLM or network marketing (my vehicle to purchase more real estate), or traditional brick and mortar business, you need these tools (, if you choose real estate I suggest to get in contact with Advantage Properties, you can get lots of experience from their work, you can also check Mr. Scott Nordheimer who does a pretty awesome job.

You yourself that wants to succeed should copycat those that have made it happen. Sure you can go invest in PPC, SEO, SMO courses, but those won’t pay you today. If you want results and action quick, utilize this message and apply it. I’m an up front cut to the chase no crap type of guy. If you want results, take action today.

Our knowledgeable cincinnati real estate professionals focus on providing informed perspectives and clear solutions, drawing experience from a variety of backgrounds including accounting, tax, advisory, banking, regulation and corporate finance.

If you’re still at a job and tight on funds, start small but start somewhere. Go make a list of your friends and family and practice with them. This wasn’t my niche but some people are successful at it. I encourage you to just start and run with it.

Make it a profitable hour.

Cesar Ramirez

Cesar and Adam David Ramirez

P.S. Watch this video on how I teach my kids how to earn money quick. [Click here]

Are you looking for a way to anchor that autoship?

Are you looking for a way to anchor that autoship, ?

It all starts with the product my friend.

Here’s the top 5 ways that I get it done:

1. 100% of my organization is not only on autoship, but putting in
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top of it???

2. With my product, you don’t have to acquire a taste for it,
demonstrate it, try it on, justify the cost, or hold a meeting to
explain how it works. Why? Because my product is MONEY.
What other product is that simple to understand?

3. With my product, you succeed even if you fail.
By simply accepting the product when it shows up to your doorstep,
you’ve just increased your net worth literally whether you ever sell
any of it or recruit someone. Why? Because my product is MONEY.
What other product can put you on auto-success?

4. My product is the only product that nobody would ever complain
about having a garage, pantry or basement full of. Why? Because my
product is MONEY. What other product can be stocked up happily in
the average home?

5. My product is the only product that has the potential to appeciate
in value simply by being held and it doesn’t expire. Why? Because
my product is MONEY. What other MLM product can be held and INCREASE
in value over time?

So if you want these kind of results maybe it’s time
to take a look at this. Why? Because the product you want is money.

Today at 12pm EST and again at 8pm EST, I’ll provide all the
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Cesar Ramirez
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