Calling all Innovators

I just got back from a family vacation and this morning
as I was having a conversation with my wife of where
I would like 2012 to go….. I got an idea that hit me.
I explain all in the link above but most importantly,
it’s about YOU. Often times I see
marketers, including myself, promoting someone else’s
products or projects, but have you ever wanted to create
your own? I don’t mean just by yourself, but with a group
of masterminds?
I got a few thousand people on my list and I want to work with
every single one of you and I’m pretty sure I’ll get some sharp
minds that have a lot of ideas, but I’m only looking for 12 to
build the next project that we can look back at and be proud.
You see when I was in 6th grade (1989),  I invented the shoes with lights. Yep,
I called them Nighty Airs and they were cheap Prowings shoes with 3
lights in the front of each shoe and they were meant to be seen at night
when you go running. I was 12 years old at the time. The problem was
nobody told me that someone would walk into my 6 grade project and copy
my idea a few years later. (L.A. Lights: was one of L.A. Gear’s most successful lines,
which came out in 1992). I failed to patent my idea early. Imagine where
I would be now?
So here’s the deal, I’m not selling you anything. No money out of pocket for
this idea. I just want to align myself with other powerful inventors who
are ready to make the next biggest project. Is that you?
See you in the inside,
Cesar Ramirez
P.S. Even if you think you don’t have a chance, I read every answer: <– Apply.

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