Ray Higdon – Vibrational Money Immersion (The Truth)

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Vibrational Money Immersion

Vibrational Money Immersion

The guy who gave me a chance… Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon is calling it “Think and Grow Rich For Network Marketers.”

Let’s dissect this “Ninja Guru” for a minute.

I have personally worked and spent over $2000 on Ray Hidgon’s products. Why?

Because 1 product alone has brought me over $60,000 in profits. It was no accident
that I met Ray. Many people don’t know this but Ray Higdon was “that leader” that gave me a
chance to coach his team on my Craigslist secrets. He put me on a leadership webinar with
over 400 people.

Funny thing is as much as I knew tech and how to do tech webinars, those weren’t the ones that
made me money. It wasn’t until I learned the mindset stuff that Ray so deeply has portrayed
to his fellow audience that I broke through the barriers of high 5 figure profits and beyond.

Ray just launched this and I honestly don’t know how long he’s going to keep the
Vibrational Money Immersion information open. You better tell him that I told you to say
thanks for sharing these secrets. It will take YOU to the next level.

You absolutely deserve the secrets he shares here.

I don’t know if you can catch this from Ray, but he genuinely loves to put out more value
than you paid for.

I have also learned a lot of my presentation skills from Ray Higdon.

I really didn’t know how powerful visualization was until I started to practice it myself.
It’s true, when you learn how to vibrate your money dance song, you will attract more
of it. The right situations and people will come into your life. It’s the SECRET
behind the secret.

This content is so powerful, you’ll come back here to thank me
and ask for more because your bank account just attracts it. Amazing isn’t it?

Ask and you shall receive…

To your abundance,

Cesar Ramirez


P.S. Just grab the course. You know your greatest answer is in there…


AWEBER Cleaning up Tire Kickers

Aweber has grown my business in a tremendous way. The folks that typically are in my list are folks that are work from home, network marketers, etc that are looking for tips on marketing their business. If you are looking for duct cleaning, repairing, resealing and even replacing with perfection. Air Duct Cleaning Dallas services has satisfied many customers till date. Enjoy this tip on cleaning up your list, especially when it comes to carpets at your home, that’s we are offering you best Oahu carpet cleaners.

Grab Aweber here if you don’t have it.

Does the cost of aweber go down if you remove unsubscribes?:

From Aweber:
AWeber – Paul Jacobsen, May 22 08:56 am (EDT):
Hello Cesar,

The answer is Yes.

Once the unsubscribes are deleted from the account, they are removed from the grand total which would reduce the price for the next invoice.

There are two types of subscribers that count towards your pricing:

1. Active subscribers. These are the ones receiving messages with no problem. 2. Inactive Subscribers. These are people either unsubscribed or undeliverable. The reason you are chaged for them is because the system is still storing that information. However, you can delete them at any time.

The type of subscribers that does NOT count towards your pricing are what we called unconfirmed subscribers. These were the people that were sent the confirmation message but never clicked the confirmation link. The reason you are not charged for them is because our confirmation link has an active period of 30 days. So if they dont press that link after the 30th day, the system auto deletes them. So since we never technically stored them you are not charged for them

I hope this helps out but if you have any further requests, just let me know


New School Network Marketing

Does Attraction Marketing Engineering really work? I developed that name because I see a lot of people using their catchy phrases. I sum it all up to this. “Attraction Marketing Engineering” is taking bite size pieces of different elements on the web and you developing your own concepts. You will absolutely unequivocally find your niche as you stay consistent in developing your list.

Where do you start? Watch this video closely so you can see what the next steps are in your education of Web 2.0. The name of the system I put in place is called My Lead System Pro (MLSP). Why does MLSP work so well? Is it a scam? Absolutely not! It has allowed me to build my list of over 300 people in less than 4 months. I have built great relationships with people because of this system. People that are network marketers are seeking me out and not just people who are already working in the business but newcomers are coming to me as well. For instance, I just did a five part one on one training with a guy who is doing internet marketing part-time right now, he is a OSHA safety inspections supervisor right now but he would like to leave that job within the next year. I was very flattered when he sought me out for training. Essentially you are becoming the hunted instead of the hunter. We know that 95% of the people in network marketing are failing because of:

1) Not enough people to talk to.
2) Not enough money in their pocket.

So the solution is this…

1) You will learn about why Funded Proposals are important
2) Building a Powerful List
3) Building a relationship with that list.
4) Profiting off Affiliates.

Documentation beats conversation any day. Take a look at my back office and what I have done to grow my list. If you follow my training you will absolutely duplicate what I have done. The first step is taking action and following the building process outlined in this video. Enjoy:

Cesar Ramirez
Attraction Marketing Engineering

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Timing is everything in this world…

2 Days Left before the introductory price goes up (3/1/2010). Procrastinators this is a call to action. If you want to position yourself in what I like to call the right place at the right time with ZERO competition, Click on join now to lock your position in: http://workwith.CesarRamirez.com

Don’t you wish you could have bought enough stock in Google back in the early 2000s. Here’s the thing, nobody can predict the future, but those that go in early are sitting pretty right now.
What I’m going to share with you is something simple and easy to market. NEVER before in Network Marketing has a product been made available to the market place that is an asset. What I mean by that is that if the product that you receive on autoship sits in your garage or pantry, it doesn’t expire after a 90 day shelf life. It doesn’t get consumed inside or outside your body. Or it’s a service that disappears after the first month. Now, there are a lot of great companies out there, but at the end of the day we know 95% of network marketers fail because of two reason.

1) Lack of people to talk to.
2) Lack of Money in the Pocket.

So if they are failing and working each day on themselves, to empower themselves, wouldn’t it make sense that the product they are marketing is money? After all, nobody got into network marketing to get healthy. They got in to get rich.

So, with that said. I am one of the very few people in California. When I say few, I mean less than 200 in the whole state of millions that is involved in Numis Network. Numis markets the finest graded coins of Gold and Silver available. With that said, I am going to encourage you to sign up before 2/28/2010 to save yourself $200.

It’s a call to action here ladies and gentlemen. You want to be in at the introductory price. There isn’t a difference in product you receive after 3/1/2010 but you will be paying about $200 more for the same benefits. Currently the price to lock your position is $299 and after 3/1/2010 it will go up to $495. If you want to partner up with me in what I feel is the best comp plan in the industry that drives fire in your team, go to http://workwith.CesarRamirez.com and click Join Now. Don’t think about it twice or try to go and ask your broke friends for advice. Get your facts from the top leader in the company here in California. If you want to contact me directly which is what I recommend you do first to get your questions answered, call me at 760-297-0366.

It’s all about timing. Don’t sleep on this one. You and your family deserve it. Collect a true asset. Historically overtime, these coins have gone up in value.
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Make it a great day.

Cesar Ramirez

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Look at this dude…Frank puked on me…

Look at this dude…Frank puked on me…

I met a guy yesterday who absolutely loved his business.

That wasn’t the problem.

Here’s where this gentleman went wrong…

The first thing that came out of his mouth on our initial handshake
was, “Hello, my name is Frank. How would you like to own your
own business? I’ve got this amazing opportunity with this amazing
product and the company is in pre-launch. Get in now and you’ll be
set for life!”


Honestly…Do you think Frank has a good shot at establishing any
type of relationship or any chance at sponsoring distributors
using this opening line???

Of course not! Its ludicrous to think that this could ever work.

I felt like I just got puked on by Frank and his business opportunity.

Yup, Frank puked on me.

And I definitely don’t want to do business with Frank now because I don’t
work with people who puke on me…and neither should you!

This is THE #1 WORST POSSIBLE THING you could do if you’re trying
to build a network marketing business.

This repels your ONLY target market, network marketers, because
they could care less about your business.

This approach doesn’t work in person so why would anyone in their
right mind believe it could on a website?

Yet I see MILLIONS of networkers promoting websites that are doing
EXACTLY what Frank has done here: Puking on people by promoting
their business opportunity on the initial handshake.

Do you want to learn how the top earners attract endless new
distributors to their businesses effortlessly and build monster
downlines that pay them for years and years?

I will show you how to build your business the right way:


If you get this part right your business will EXPLODE overnight.

And I promise you won’t piss anybody off by puking on them 😉

To your success,

Cesar Ramirez
Office: 951-595-7758
Skype: cesar8ramirez