Timing is everything in this world…

2 Days Left before the introductory price goes up (3/1/2010). Procrastinators this is a call to action. If you want to position yourself in what I like to call the right place at the right time with ZERO competition, Click on join now to lock your position in: http://workwith.CesarRamirez.com

Don’t you wish you could have bought enough stock in Google back in the early 2000s. Here’s the thing, nobody can predict the future, but those that go in early are sitting pretty right now.
What I’m going to share with you is something simple and easy to market. NEVER before in Network Marketing has a product been made available to the market place that is an asset. What I mean by that is that if the product that you receive on autoship sits in your garage or pantry, it doesn’t expire after a 90 day shelf life. It doesn’t get consumed inside or outside your body. Or it’s a service that disappears after the first month. Now, there are a lot of great companies out there, but at the end of the day we know 95% of network marketers fail because of two reason.

1) Lack of people to talk to.
2) Lack of Money in the Pocket.

So if they are failing and working each day on themselves, to empower themselves, wouldn’t it make sense that the product they are marketing is money? After all, nobody got into network marketing to get healthy. They got in to get rich.

So, with that said. I am one of the very few people in California. When I say few, I mean less than 200 in the whole state of millions that is involved in Numis Network. Numis markets the finest graded coins of Gold and Silver available. With that said, I am going to encourage you to sign up before 2/28/2010 to save yourself $200.

It’s a call to action here ladies and gentlemen. You want to be in at the introductory price. There isn’t a difference in product you receive after 3/1/2010 but you will be paying about $200 more for the same benefits. Currently the price to lock your position is $299 and after 3/1/2010 it will go up to $495. If you want to partner up with me in what I feel is the best comp plan in the industry that drives fire in your team, go to http://workwith.CesarRamirez.com and click Join Now. Don’t think about it twice or try to go and ask your broke friends for advice. Get your facts from the top leader in the company here in California. If you want to contact me directly which is what I recommend you do first to get your questions answered, call me at 760-297-0366.

It’s all about timing. Don’t sleep on this one. You and your family deserve it. Collect a true asset. Historically overtime, these coins have gone up in value.
Take a look at the 1986 American Silver Eagle MS70 Coin on ebay. Clearly worth 5 times more than what you are paying for here with your autoship. It’s a no brainer:


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Make it a great day.

Cesar Ramirez

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