The Truth About Citrix’s GoToMeeting

I have had the pleasure of being in the industry of technology since my mom gave birth to a 10lbs 300baud modem (ME) in 1977. :).

Out of all the business networking tools I have used out there for online conferencing, Citrix’s GoToMeeting has got to be the smoothest online systems I have seen out there with features that make sense to a viewer and a host.

Pros: These features include, hiding and unhiding participants online. Asking prequalifying questions to participants of the meeting before logging in. Audio streaming of meeting over VoiceOverIP or dial-in number for lanline. Hand being raised to ask a question during a session. Very low latency on screencasting.

Cons: Now, this is the only thing I have not found online or on Citrix GoToMeeting’s website. If I want to pass a predefined field variable through a link. In this case, let’s say the field is asking the viewer "Who invited you to this webinar?" I would like to be able to include in the special link ?WhoInvited=Cesar%20Ramirez when the link is submitted via email, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social micro blog sites. This would auto populate that field.

If you know of a method to overcome this, please let me know. Ive dealt more with PHP coding than ASP(X) so i may be off here. Because the webpage is not written in PHP, I’m sure there is a method around that considering the code variable for that field is already determined.

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You partner in success,

Cesar Ramirez

Why Internet Marketing through Network Marketing/Affiliate Marketing

The value of understanding Internet Marketing vs. approaching your friends and family (who are not qualified for business) in the industry of Network Marketing.

Now-a-days, to be a successful businessman/woman, it is indeed important that you are knowledgeable about Internet and Marketing. Sounds very confusing, tough and complicated especially when you will start computing and breaking down the cost of starting a business online.

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First thing to do is to understand the terminology and basic concepts about Internet Marketing. You must be filled with ideas on how to create catchy websites. Of course, that would depend on the product you are selling on the net, and the people you are trying to attract. Allow me to help you out on this matter, I developed a research to assist you in understanding basic terminologies, such as:

advertising network – a network representing many web sites in selling advertising, allowing advertising buyers to reach broad audiences relatively easily through run-of-category and run-of-network buys.

caching – the storage of Web files for later re-use at a point more quickly accessed by the end user.

frequency cap – restriction on the amount of times a specific visitor is shown a particular advertisement.

house ad – self-promotional ad a company runs on its media outlets to put unsold inventory to use.

keyword marketing – putting your message in front of people who are searching using particular keywords and key phrases.

rate card – document detailing prices for various ad placement options.

rep firm – ad sales partner specializing primarily in single-site sales.

run-of-network (RON) – ad buying option in which ad placements may appear on any pages on sites within an ad network.

run-of-site (ROS) – ad buying option in which ad placements may appear on any pages on sites within an ad network.

self-serve advertising – advertising that can be purchased without the assistance of a sales representative.

sponsorship – advertising that seeks to establish a deeper association and integration between an advertiser and a publisher, often involving coordinated beyond-the-banner placements.

under delivery – delivery of less impressions, visitors, or conversions than contracted for a specified period of time.

You need to understand basic internet marketing terms so you can easily create an advertisement campaign related to your online business. If you’re goal is to attract advertisers on a regular basis fundamental principles of SEO content, pricing strategies for your ad space, and how to report conversion rates and other statistics, is a must.

Make sure that you will ask any of your immediate family and closest friends who would like to joined your Online Business, if they are really qualified to start an Internet business?

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Take note of the following to get the answer to this question:

* Your ability to design a web site…
* Your ability to write sales copy…
* Your ability to drive traffic…
* Your ability to support the business financially
* Your ability to clearly understand the needs of your target customer.
* Your ability to follow instructions.

Easy, right? Yet some still failed to be victorious on Internet Marketing. Honestly, it’s because they failed to believe in themselves. They failed to follow the instructions of their own plans and target. They’re personality is so weak, which is not tolerable on Internet Marketing. People can feel their energy whether good or bad via Video Marketing.

If you have all the guts for Internet Marketing, then explore it. Teach those with weak personalities, on how they could deal on ups and down when doing business on Internet Marketing. Make sure that you will be very specific on Identifying which area of their personalities would fail them on Internet Marketing. Strive hard! Believe that you can be a successful businessman/woman through Internet Marketing.

It’s always up to us, if we want to have a successful business 😉

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Numis Network 1st National Convention

Logging in today as the first trip to Florida. I’ve never been in the Orange state in my life and I made a promise to a 5 years old he will be there for his birthday on October 19th, 2010 for Hollywood Studios. My son Cesar Antonio.  

As most of you know, I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was breathing. Something inside me has always told me I was going to be a leader and coach others in personal development and business development.

You know that by surrounding yourself with 6 and 7 figure earners you will achieve and be more then you were told you’d be growing up.

We grow up with a lot of dream stealers don’t we? A lot of negative people telling us that we have to stop chasing after getting rich because they want to keep you were they are.

The interesting concept though is that my 6 and 7 figure earners don’t have that mentality. They encourage me to be more. Strive more. I’ve had 5 figure months and they tell me you better do better than that. It blows my mind away because I keep reaching for the top and I love the empowerment that I get from others in my circle of influence.

So what brings me out on a Wednesday you may ask? I’m flying in with some folks on my team in my primary business for a new company just launched on August 15th, 2009 in the homebusiness arena. Most companies you may have seen before are involved in either a service industry or a product health and wellness industry.

Name me one company out there with a very little investment under $500 that their product is an asset. Don’t worry… I’ll wait. There isn’t one ladies and gentleman. Until now. Http://

You see, this is the first national convention. I would not miss it for the world. It’s like not showing up for your job. Being at all events is gold for your business and mindset. You always pickup a nugget for you to apply to your business. Understand because I do have the strongest team in Numis, you want to get in early. Most people in this industry make their money in the beginning. If you want to work with Cesar Ramirez, h…[read more]
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Skymall Magazine

So I was pulling out a skymall magazine on my flight to Tampa, FL and I came across this page. “The greatest gift … is to help others help themselves.” Wow! How powerful is that?! The main reason I began flipping pages anyway was because I was listening to an audio training cd set by Cedrick Harris called “The 10k per month attraction marketing blueprint.” In there he talks about live marketing scenerios that have built him his leads for his primary business both offline and online.

Now, the concept is pretty simple. This tool that is known as sizzle cards or drop cards look like real $100 bills. What is recommended is that you stick $100 bill drop card in the magazine with a message that will intise your reader/prospect. It’s very duplicatable and they are fun!

Watch my videos at if you have not done so already on how I use these cards live.  If you want to order your very own now, go purchase and put them to work. Make it a profitable day.

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Re: Gold And Silver On Auto-ship Instead Of $40 Juice And Other Crap I Can Live Without

My Friends, until August of 2009, there was no company that
offered you and I a chance to get rich on both collecting and marketing
an ASSET through a network marketing opportunity…

Actually, not just any asset…I’m talking about “the asset of

So, I have just one question for you: If you need extra income,
why not market money? Why not collect money? Why not market and
collect money?

Now, I’m not talking about paper money; we both know that green
paper in your wallet isn’t real. It hasn’t been real since the
government stopped backing it with “real money…”

And that my friend is what we are selling…REAL MONEY.

What is real money?

Gold and silver…

On Monday, Febuary 8th at 9pm EST, I’m going to hand you the keys
to Fort Knox…


Mark Twain said that if you want to get rich, you must find out
where everybody is going and get their first…

Getting paid to sell money? LOL. The banks get paid to sell
money, so why not you?

WHEN: Febuary 8th, 9pm EST
WHERE: In front of your computer

I’ll see you on Monday night.

Cesar Ramirez