AT&T vs T-Mobile for Hot Spot

AT&T vs T-Mobile speeds

So some folks are excited to hear that there will not be a merger with the giants AT&T and T-Mobile. It’s not a big deal for me because neither of them pay my bills. Actually that’s incorrect. Because of their Internet service, I’m relying on one of them to keep my Internet connection going at home. Since I make my income from Internet marketing

As some of you may or may not know, I moved the family to the mountains of Valley Center, CA for many reasons. One major reason was the fast pace of city convenience was stressing me out.

So the flip side is Internet connection has been a debating war. You see the only service I get out here is either cellular data or satellite connection. I researched prices and speed rates and Satellite’s service through Hughes Dish is $99 for the fastest speed of 2.0Mbps. I get about 5.5Mbps down and 2Mbps up using my iPhone. Naturally my skills for tech come from a passion of tinkering. Since I have, so I thought, unlimited Internet, I figured it be ok to share the Internet from my iPhone to my home devices. Come to find out from AT&T threats this is not the case. They send me text messages and snail mail to let me know it’s not ok to use the Internet outside your iPhone.

So even though I technically can use the PDANet app to hide my data usage, it’s not a full Internet service because it limits me to not using aweber. It must filter me through a proxy of some sort.

So check out my rig. I tethered my iPhone to my desktop via USB. It treats it like a modem. Then inside Windows 7 I shared that connection with the LAN adapter. The Cat5 cable from LAN goes directly into a WAN port of my Airlink Router. Now all devices in the house can be online. :)! It works but for how long?

Speed snap shot.


To stay in the guidelines of AT&T and T-Mobile, I understand that I have to use their hot spot device. Therefore I bought a Sierra 4G LTE hot spot unlocked off EBay so I can test both TMOBILE and AT&T. CDMA (Verizon or Sprint) doesn’t have a signal out here last time I checked.

I hope some of you mountain livers find value from this post. Going from FIOS 17Mbps to Cellular (3G) 5.5Mbps is a drastic change. I wouldn’t trade living here from where we were at though.
A peace of mind. :).

To the Top,

Cesar Ramirez

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Here’s a pic of my 2 younger boys playing outside. They would never play outside in the city. I Love it!



Update: My speeds throttled from 5Mbps to sadly .08Mbps. Big brother AT&T Told Me




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Mindvalley – Quantum Jumping – featuring Burt Goldman

So this past weekend, I had the pleasure of being introduced to a live seminar by my beautiful wife Xochitl. The seminar was put on by Mindvalley – Mindvalley is a company that was developed for the person seeking more out of life through enlightenment. For those that don’t understand enlightenment, the best way I can describe it is reaching your higher self so that you can connect to your utmost potential in life.

I have been blessed enough to have married an awesome woman who sees more to life than being stagnant. We forward that belief to our 3 boys and apply a sense of reaching for the stars with little to no limitations. Conventional thinking in our school system teaches us linear (1 track) thinking. As does our jobs with our paychecks (1 track stream of income). Therefore, if there is an infinite amount of possibilities through other systems of learning, you literally have no limitations.

I have been to many seminars. A lot of coaching in the sales and marketing industry as well as personal development. I will have to say that Mindvalley is up at the top of the charts for their forward thinking. I was given some tools that I have never even thought about to utilize my brain to another potential. A lot of this stuff is deep and truly “out of the box” thinking, so if you’re open to get a snippet of the notes I took and some audio notes, feel free to jump into my evernotes by clicking here.

What I personally received from this session is understanding the power of self meditation to create an abundant life. You have the power to connect with your power self. I encourage you to go through the course material.


To you abundance,


Cesar Ramirez

Who Killed The Paper Boy?

As a young boy, I knew very quickly that if I wanted to have something,

I needed to work for it. My parents didn’t buy me anything over $20
as a child, but you know what it was the greatest lesson learned. You see
somehow, I’ve been money motivated and programmed at an early age.

Not sure exactly when and where, but I remember fixing my own Atari at the age of 5. I picked it up at the local swap meet for like 3 bucks. I turned around and played with it for awhile and sold it for $30. I was labeled as the “Wheeler and Dealer” in my circle of influence.

At the age of 11, I remember I really wanted a TV and Stereo system for my room. I remember a neighbor of mine having a paper route in my area. He got tired of his paper route and had given it up to me. I had to convince my mom and dad, but as it turns out for those next 4 years, I was known as “The Paperboy”.

Now, I don’t know what part of town you live in, but I do not see a Paperboy anymore. In 1989-1994, I was rocking the BMX (GT) to be exact and delivering paper. My sweet mom and dad would get up and drive me the days it would rain. I would even get tired some days and my mom would help me fold up paper. She was the best!

I had to go collect money from some customers who didn’t mail their money in and pay “The Times Advocate” their portion and I kept mine. This was truly the beginning of a true business. What kind of company trusted a kid with their money? Well they did and I was as loyal as can be. I had to put up with some interesting characters. Getting the door slammed on my face and mini dogs biting on my ankles. To skinny newspaper flying and catching air to just skim the house and land on the roof who was prepared for this by roofing experts from sites online as the Oh let me tell ya, I had a blast as a child. Probably one of my fondest memories.

I was able to buy trinkets and toys that parents wouldn’t have bought their child otherwise. As a matter of fact, 22 years later and I still have the 13” Sony TV that now my kids use as their game TV in their room. Good ol’ Sony eh?

My concern is, there are no jobs/businesses for kids in the newspaper industry. It was actually taken away by the recovering adults from drugs/alcohol. At least it was in my area. This actually is a big mistake to the newspaper industry because now kids aren’t exposed to newspaper and they will NEVER appreciate it. As you can see now the internet has taken over and very few people will actually read the newspaper as time goes on.

Why would anyone ever kill the Paperboy? If you ever want to feel what it’s like to b ea paperboy/papergirl, you deserve to play the arcade game. It is probably the most memorable game of my childhood carrier because it reminded me of what it was like to generate cash as a child.

If you have memories of a paper route or you were a paperboy or girl, please share below.

Cesar Ramirez

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If you know me, you know I love technology. As a matter of fact, you quickly become an information booth amongst your closest friends (or at least they try to keep you close for the knowledge). It’s one of the main reasons why I started my own service company to service local and online computer folks with infected PCs.

With that being said, I really truly enjoy this computer store. I can find any part I need on the cheap. Typically 50-100 cheaper then anywhere else because they refurbish the parts like new. I’m ok with that. I go through parts like a I go through shoes, so I have no problem changing them out when I need to.

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