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AT&T vs T-Mobile for Hot Spot

AT&T vs T-Mobile speeds So some folks are excited to hear that there will not be a merger with the giants AT&T and T-Mobile. It’s not a big deal for me because neither of them pay my bills. Actually that’s incorrect. Because of their Internet service, I’m relying on one of them to keep my […]

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Mindvalley – Quantum Jumping – featuring Burt Goldman

So this past weekend, I had the pleasure of being introduced to a live seminar by my beautiful wife Xochitl. The seminar was put on by Mindvalley – http://www.mindvalley.com/about/. Mindvalley is a company that was developed for the person seeking more out of life through enlightenment. For those that don’t understand enlightenment, the best way […]

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Who Killed The Paper Boy?

As a young boy, I knew very quickly that if I wanted to have something, I needed to work for it. My parents didn’t buy me anything over $20 as a child, but you know what it was the greatest lesson learned. You see somehow, I’ve been money motivated and programmed at an early age. […]

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Go Geeks.com! FREE Shipping

If you know me, you know I love technology. As a matter of fact, you quickly become an information booth amongst your closest friends (or at least they try to keep you close for the knowledge). It’s one of the main reasons why I started my own service company to service local and online computer folks with infected PCs.

With that being said, I really truly enjoy this computer store. I can find any part I need on the cheap. Typically 50-100 cheaper then anywhere else because they refurbish the parts like new. I’m ok with that. I go through parts like a I go through shoes, so I have no problem changing them out when I need to.

Below you will find a link to how you can browse the parts and accessories to sleek out and improve your computer

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The wireless dongle got smaller

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