MLSP – @the Venetian in Las Vegas – Live The Dream Event

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MLSP – Live The Dream – The Event That Showed It All.

MLSP Co-Founders and Cesar Ramirez

My Lead System Pro – MLSP’s first national convention was amazing to say the least. There is only one first and you’re fortunate enough to have me sit here and write my experience for you. For those that couldn’t make it, read closely.

Instead of staying at the Venetian where the event was at, I decided to make this a family vacation/business event so that I can write it off in my taxes :-). Oh you read that right, write it off. You can do that when you’re in business for yourself. My family and I stayed at the Cancun Resort just off the strip in Vegas.

The Ramirez Family

We arrived Friday night and hanged out together as a family. The exciting day starts the following day with MLSP.

If you don’t know what My Lead System Pro is, read closely. If you have ever been or have failed in a Network Marketing home business opportunity, MLSP is the solution to why 95% of the people fail in the industry. Simply put, they are taught the old methods of marketing which sort of, kind of still work, but they are confronted with a lot of rejection and if they’re coming from a J.O.B. mindset, it’s hard to overcome. The system assists the network marketer to provided a funded proposal to allow the network marketer to start making money today by following a simple system. You can view my video here on how to get your system going.

Saturday October 2nd, 2010 Day 1

I remember the morning as if it was an hour ago. I wanted to win an award so bad because I felt that i deserved it for all the webinars and effort I had put into the system. Well surprisingly enough, Norbert Orlewicz called my name up on stage for the L1 Leadership Award and I won a diamond trophy. Now recognition is one of my required elements because as once said “babies cry for it, adults die for it.” It just made my weekend a blast being on stage in front of hundreds of people. I felt like a rock star for sure. I had to sneak away from the crowd because I had people trying to interview me and ask me all kinds of questions. It’s apart of the success ladies and gentleman, You must embrace it and assist others in their marketing efforts.

On stage winning MLSP Leadership Award

Cesar Ramirez recognition for MLSP L1 Leadership.

Just look at that diamond. It will look awesome on my desk 🙂

Todd Falcone – Prospecting Master

Todd Falcone

Todd is amazing to say the least. He specializes in prospecting professionals such and Realtors, etc, I was able to get Lake Las Vegas homes for sale thanks to one of his realtors. He has an amazing story and is a no fluff type of dude. He doesn’t tolerate slackers and I love his story about his college roomates that was lazy and always putting him down while they were playing Zelda back in the 80s. They would say “[in a stoner kind of voice] Hey Todd, you’ve made any money in that Network Marketing thing yet?” And he simply said, “pack your [bleep] and get the [bleep} out of my house. :-). That’s the attitude of a winner. Some of the common objections that he squashed that most network marketers fear are:

1) Q- “Is this a pyramid?”
A- “Why are you looking for one? If you are I can’t help you.”

2) Q – “Is this Network Marketing?”
A – “Hell yeah, it is.  If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t touch it!”

Todd shared some inspiring moments and he was definitely on his game. He said whether you’re in a job or a home based business, you’re going to struggle. The only difference is that a homebased business will make you rich if you “figure it out.” You deserve to connect with Todd.

Nicole Cooper – Mailbox Money Queen

The beautiful and amazing Nicole Cooper and Cesar Ramirez

Nicole caught the audience by surprised with her fantastic energy. She said “True Winners figure things out and Never Quite.” She is absolutely correct. There are people that just can’t handle working on themselves because they’re so use to asking someone above them every single question. There comes a time where you have to take action and be responsible for your own methods of working. Everyone works different and I always say you must follow what your passion is.

Nicole said to filter out people that have not plugged into self improvement books. Let them go. If they have not read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich, etc, then most likely you’re dealing with an adult baby sitting division. Here’s a clip I took to share with you from Nicole’s inspiring moment:

MJ Durkin – Author and Dream Enabler

MJ Durkin - Author, Speaker

MJ Durkin has been a keynote speaker and presenter for some of the world’s largest sales organizations. He is the author of four books, “Double Your Contacts,” “Selling from the Heart” “Own Your Home – Own Your Life” and his brand new book, “Your First 90 Days in Network-Marketing.” This was my first time seeing MJ, very cool guy. MJ talked about how powerful it is to be a published author (book writer). He said .08% of the US population are authors, 3.86% are doctors. Basically, that chances of you becoming a doctor are more common then writing a book. Simply being a published author (MJ points out whether the book is even good) puts you in a pretty elite group. Being a published author gives you a ton of credibility and gives you a great prospecting tool as well (imagine telling your prospect you will send them a copy of your book!)

So as soon as I heard MJ’s speech, I thought to myself. Ok,  it’s time to write your book Cesar! It’s definitely time and I’m inspired.

The King of Attraction Marketing – Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard. What is to say about the dude. He’s awesome and this event proved it. He was questioned by a panel of 5 leaders in MLSP to grind him on assisting struggling internet marketers. If you don’t know Mike Dillard, you may have heard of his Magnetic Sponsoring Book. It’s an amazing product and you deserve to read it. If not, you’re just upgrading from a dialup modem to DSL or FIOS. In all seriousness, he’s the real deal.

As he was living in an empty apartment and waiting tables, he knew in his heart that he would have a pretty big impact in the industry. Mike says it was never a matter of “if” but “when”.

I wanted to share some of the questions that were asked that really stood out for me.

Jim Chao – How do you position yourself as an expert when you’re new to the industry?
Mike Dillard – There are 2 things that I did to get around that. 1st) I didn’t talk about myself, I talked about my team. Todd Falcone was one of my original mentors in this industry 5-7 years ago. I never made a claim about a result that I did or did not have in the industry. 2) Despite the fact I had or hadn’t built a downline in the industry, I knew copywriting. Its a skillset that even my upline didn’t know.  I put a co-op together. I went to my upline and said you have money, I have time. Within the 1st 2 or 3 months I was managing a 50,000 lead campaign. It wasn’t the company it was the skillset that allowed me to build the company.

Josh Traboulsee – My wife had a question we always wanted to know “How important is it to understand the phychological of people?”
Mike Dillard – At the end of the day, is building a team it comes down to family and caring for people. This industry specifically, you really have to use the internet to foster those relationships on your team. Retention, community, and growth.

Mia Davies – The time frame when people come online to get results. Offline works but when you are out to create massive duplication, how do you connect your team to both worlds?
Mike Dillard – Talking to my parents friends and my warm market wasn’t for me. What business that I have or influence as a kid in college. So I decide to go online. It took me a long time to be the person I wanted to be to get the results I wanted.

Mia Davies – For some folks that come online are looking for ways to come online. When you have a team of people when you come on board, do you recommend people to work offline first before coming online.
Mike Dillard – Yes you have to. Show what duplicates first offline then pursue the internet as an option. Use an offline DVD that is easy to duplicate. The baby boom generation wants to pursue something different and they lost 30% of their retirement portfolio and they need to replace that income. Unfortunately, the internet may be a great way for them to get lost. They need to start something simple as belly to belly.

Ray Higdon – What about the people that are coming into attraction marketing, why would someone be attracted to me since there are so many out there.
Mike Dillard – The bottom line is, Magnetic Sponsoring has been around since 2005. It is one of the biggest if not the biggest brand in attraction marketing. Our list is average of 200,000 – 300,000. So as far as new people to brand themselves is infinite because people come and go. It’s not a concern. The single most important challenge you come to face is “how do you break through the noise.” 1) Be your authentic self even at the risk of losing what you per-see to be any-kind of following. But I learned that even losing a list of 100 people is ok because you will piss people off. Especially when you get emails from me that say “buy this or get off my list.” And I really mean it because I’m just being myself telling it like it is. 2) Never ever screw anybody over. Always have integrity.

Practicing law requires special skill and knowledge. You can call for a consultation or appointments which is hosted on the Services Division website.

Lawrence Tam – For the person that has success online in a month, how long should they wait until they quit their job?
Mike Dillard – You should have 6 months in reserved before quitting your job. Unfortunately, you see too many people with great intentions quit their job because they had a great month but they have nothing to back them up on.

Brian Fanale – Copywriting

Brian Fanale

Brian had us network with others in the room and introduced ourselves. That was awesome.

This is the topic that changed my business says Brain. Copywriting. He said its been around since the dawn of time. If you get good at it, the whole world opens up to you. He says I don’t know any good broke copywriter. You can get whatever you want in life. Brian says that’s how he met his girlfriend Rosa using this skill :-).

Brian gives an example of headlines to catch people’s attention. He said that “How to Stop Losing Money With Your Business?” converts higher than “How to Improve Your Business.”  It’s just a simple change. He says you gotta hit the emotion of the person.

On a sales page, he gives an example of a link to not buy the product that says “No thank you, I understand I will no longer see this offer again, but my competitors will.” That’s powerful. It’s a take away that nobody wants to click on. Mindset attraction for sure.

Brian wraps it up that you can be the a powerful asset in the market place if you can conquer copywriting.

Day 2 – Jerry “The Rhino” Clark – Club Rhino

Cesar Ramirez with Jerry Clark

I’ve heard of Jerry Clark for years, but I never met him in person. I read books about him own his “Personality Colors” audio, but to be in his presence is a whole another story.

He asked the audience a pretty strong question. “How would you be if you had $20 million?” Write down those traits, Perhaps you would be happy, more generous, less stressed, etc. and start being those traits right now. He addressed some of the common problems of people that are broke. “By acting like they don’t know what to do, it keeps them comfortable from having to do what they don’t want to.”

That is powerful stuff. How many people do you know that constantly focus on the “How-to” but never actually seem to stick with it even when they are taught it? Jerry shared that personal breakthroughs occur when there is an alteration in beliefs…but most people never question their beliefs so breakthroughs are rare (mm, hmm, told you this guy was good!)

So the trick is to alter someone’s beliefs without them knowing you are if you want to create a big team in your homebased business. Technical knowledge is NOT enough to master anything, it has much more to do with your self-talk and how you communicate to others.

Tracy Walker – Success Coach

Tracy Walker - Success Coach

Tracy was great! She said if you want to get good at basketball, all you have to do is practice dribble, pass and shoot. The same thing applies to your homebased business.


Don’t focus or get frustrated with other people’s fast success. Do the things that are going to improve YOU.


Don’t be afraid to NOT be the star. Talk about your team, do three way calls, it doesn’t have to be all about you and in fact, you will not grow as quickly if you DO make it all about you.


No one makes every basket, just like no one signs every person they talk to. Take the shot, talk to people and prospect. Superstars practice in the gym when no one else is looking, what do you do when no one is watching? Doing anything tomorrow, SUCKS! Do the things today that will change you and your business.

Cedrick Harris – The $10K Per Month Mentor

Cedrick Harris

Cedrick is a friend of mine and a mad funny guy. Cedrick talked about his life and him growing up selling candy. Essentially, about how he’s always been a hustler. Once he was able to make over $100 a day selling candy his mom cut off buying stuff for him.

He made some great points. #1 – After a prospect watches your presentation, never ask them what they think, it forces them to think which they are not used to and usually doesn’t end up good. (They turn into the left brain analytical thinking)

#2 – Average is defined as the highest degree of poor (do you really want to be average) and

#3 – You can’t spend anyone else’s money, so stop counting it. That is a great one, too many focus on other peoples success, focus on who puts food on your table…YOU!

He also said, he believes the mortgage industry is a legalized mafia. Lol, he has a great point there.

He says that a college professor makes $90k per year and if I want to make $90K per month, he has nothing to teach me. I agree. Cedrick also shared the fact that too many people in this industry try to marry their prospect on the first date. You must court them. He made a good point that we all want more what we can’t have.

Daegan Smith – Affiliate Marketer

Daegan Smith

Daegan is very well known in the industry and he talked about paid traffic. What’s crazy is that I recognize the picture above. That’s his favorite short “I’m Retired Don’t Ask me To Do A Damn Thing!” That’s comedy. His information was geared toward affiliate marketing, not really network marketing as he talked about not ever picking up his phone, etc, which, is just not network marketing in my opinion. If you are looking to learn pay per click, this was a great session. He said the three elements that will help you build a successful campaign are:

– Know the conversion numbers from traffic to lead
– Know the conversion from lead to sale
– Know the customer value, or, what each lead means in income to you

He said he emails his list every single day and does NOT care who unsubscribes. (I agree with him here) If you are going to do paid traffic you should be asking yourself “How can I build my business so I can afford more traffic”

David Wood – He’s not Human 🙂

David Wood and his wife

David Wood is a machine. Point blank. He has mastered the art of recruiting. I watched him put 117 people in his sales organization. He is also the #1 Recruiter in My Lead System Pro. One thing that really stood out that he was stressing on the crowd is that his lifestyle is his because he chose the correct elements that made his business work for him. He said you must “Decide”. Decide to never quit, decide to give this industry a fair shot, and really go to work for it and it will pay you in return. He said that content is important for your business. If you decide to build it online, its important that people find you!

He also hit that you must find your passion. This is something that I agree with and always share it with my leads and team on my webinars. If you are overwhelmed with too much information, that’s ok. You’re too open minded lol. No but seriously, you must focus on what you’re passion is. If you like numbers and are analytical, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is going to be for you. If you care about people and connecting with them, then making videos is key to getting your branding out there. Thus, if you’re taking your business online, focus on understanding what each strategy is and their definition and run with the one that makes the most sense to YOU. Your passion will make you a success. There is no buts about it. David showed pictures of his lifestyle in Costa Rica and it reassured me on what my goals and dreams are.

I thought about the Hacienda that my wife and I want to build someday on a 1 or 2 acre land. I know that it will happen. It’s not a matter of if, but when :-).


Overall, it was an amazing event. I was able to connect with some new faces and meet new people. I believe your business will prosper and grow when you connect with some sharp folks. There is nothing like connecting with someone live. Appreciate your craft because every single one of you deserve to “Live Your Dreams.”

If you enjoyed this post, please quickly do me a huge favor and share this post with others and comment below. It took me a lot of time to write and put the content together. I appreciate you!

To Your Abundance,

Cesar Ramirez

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No Excuses Summit in Las Vegas, NV

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No Excuses Summit in Las Vegas, NV

I drove from San Diego to Las Vegas with top income earner and friend Jim Chao.

Jim Chao

The Venetian

If you haven’t heard of the No Excuses Summit in Vegas from the news or a blog like Vegas Guy, you probably weren’t online or you’re still wondering what you’re doing with that old computer that can barely push Windows 95. Just Kidding :-). The lineup for the No Excuses Summit was so amazing that if I didn’t make it down there, I knew I’d miss a ton of value from these online marketing Gurus. If you have no interest in making money online with a home business, I completely understand this is not for you, but wait… there is more :-)…. In case you are wondering what you missed, I took some awesome notes for you. After all, I know you were too busy to make it out, but this may have been the largest Internet Network Marketing summit in MLM history so I will tell you about it. [Read Closely]

The No Excuses Summit was put together by Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos and they brought together the biggest names in the Internet based network marketing. I am talking about big hitters such as Jimmy Davis, Justin Christianson, Jeff Learner, Jairek Robbins (Tony Robbins’ son), Chris and Josephine Gross, Norbert Orlewicz (co-owner of MLSP), Brian Finale (co-owner of My Lead System Pro), Tim Erway, Mike Dillard (owner of Magnetic Sponsoring and, Jonathan Budd, Cedrick Harris (The crazy dude I always talk about in a good way), Mark Hoverson, Todd Falcone, David Schwind & Jim Yaghi, Katie Freiling (The beautiful face behind the Unified Tribe), Joseph O’Day and Adam Holland. A rare gathering I know but get this, you’re gonna love the nuggets I’m about to share.

The Importance of Being at Events

I learned from a mentor a long time ago “Cesar, if you want to be successful you must be at events and hang out with other like-minded type people.” That sentence stuck with me to this day.

The major reasons I went to the event: 

1) My team was down there for my primary business and I didn’t want to be the faceless guy that hid behind the computer and didn’t connect.
2) I wanted to bring myself new nuggets and be able to teach those new nuggets to people like yourself
3) To grow my self brand image. They say that networking outside of the event doors is just as important as inside with the training.  I wanted to take pictures with the speakers without the crowds during breaks.

Online Marketers Connect

I come from the old school ways of doing business. BELLY TO BELLY! Can you believe it? You had to actually open your mouth and speak to someone to make a connection. I still use this method. The internet has taken away (some of) the pain of rejection for some people. I have found that it is rare for a computer geek like me to be able to interact with people socially as I have been a guru on computers for many years (since 1983). I do enjoy and love people though. Money and happiness doesn’t come from a computer. It comes from interacting with people and connecting with them to build your trust. So with that said, online marketing does work with the notion that you also connect with people offline.

Let’s get right into it.

Day 1 of the No Excuses Summit (Friday 9th, 2010)

Jimmy Davis says he was trying for 14 years. “Trying is failing with honor.” Jimmy Davis opened it up talking about marketing funnel systems. He is known as the “My Story Marketing” guru. Jimmy said that if you want to convert your traffic, you must understand funnels.

An example that he showed us was something like this:

Landing Page (short video)

| Business Presentation

| Testimony Videos (could be for you or your business, preferably YOU)

| Have your assistant call the prospect. (Could be you with funky voice lol, mom, wife, anybody but you)

| You call them

Pretty neat concept. You can hire a virtual assistant to do this. You can find a virtual assistant for cheap and interview them at ODesk. Having someone call your prospect first before they speak to you is such a powerful concept. Let’s think about this for a second. It allows you to be the hunted instead of the hunter because of it making you look like someone who is of professional caliber.

What is your why?
Why are you in the company that you’re in. What determines who you are, what you do, and you feel is the future you are living into.

To make money online you do 2 things:

1) Send Traffic

2) Convert Traffic

To make money NOW you send more traffic.

Just like knowing that diet and exercise will help you lose weight, knowing that you need to send traffic and convert traffic is a small piece of the puzzle. He says you need to find a Mentor because that is what Top Earners do. Avoid Advisors because they will lose you. As you will see this information develop, I think there is “more than meets the eye” (yes I am a fanatic of 80s Transformers 🙂 ).  What I mean is this, I listen to these gurus give some awesome value content and most of the stuff I gathered was a mix of theory and practical. You definately need both to connect with your audience.

Team Meet-up

After the Friday Night session ended around 8:30pm, I got together with my team to do some masterminding. It blew me away seeing a “secret audio CD” that was created for many members of the team to be passed out. This CD contained some nuggets of why there is such a shake up in network marketing with two online gurus. It invited the prospect to a special event we held on Saturday at 9pm when the events were finished. It exposed our business to many folks and I was even sitting next to an offline marketing guru with 600,000 reps in his primary company. He liked our concept so much. Definitely someone I do not want to let go of.

Party at the Luxor

The Luxor

Soon after, I got invited to a private event at the Luxor. It wasn’t crowded at all by the time I got there. Actually, I got a bit lost with my buddy Jim Chao. Jim and I drove out together since he moved pretty close to me. Eventually, we found the event  in a private rented room and networking was taking place. I met up some of the speakers and got to exchange ideas. It was amazing. Katie Freiling, Ryan Dunn, Mark Hoverson, Norbert from mlsp, Ray Higdon, Tracy Walker and a whole lot of other Network Marketers. All the pizza was gone lol (which I probably shouldn’t have eaten anyway) but I had such an amazing time planting my seeds and connecting. I shared with some of the leaders my secrets of the Craiglist Loop Hole I found. I got home at around 2:30am to get some rest.

No Excuses Summit in Las Vegas, NV (Saturday 10th, 2010)

So I got labeled pretty quick from people recognizing my face online as “The Craiglist Guy” from just one webinar I did. I thought it was pretty funny really, but imagine this. You create a product from connecting with 10 people that think like you and have a different niche of skill then you do and now you’re known in the circle of influence. I actually used this to my leverage when someone asked what I was currently working on, I said “I found a loop hole in Craigslist and it’s working for marketing.” Do you think they want to know about it? This is pretty amazing to say the least and I’m focus to get my product out ASAP! So stay tuned for the release of “Craigslist Ad Power” here shortly. (make sure to put your name and email at the top right to get into my list for release date)

I just have to make this side note. I have been marketing online as a professional since January 2010 using attraction marketing. That’s only 7  months! Granted I have been around the computer industry for quite a few years but I did not know how to properly market online until I plugged into a system. That system is MLSP.

Norbert Orlewicz and me

Norbert Orlewicz is the co-founder of mlsp and he put on quite the show. He just announced the release of the Platinum Version which adds a lot more value to your online marketing like video hosting (since the YouTube Slaps) and much more. They even build and setup your MLSP for you (Check out back office for more information on MLSP gurus setting up your system).

If you’re new to online marketing you may be use to the phrase “Have you made any money yet?” and you have to sit there and explain that you’re on your way and you hear that pause of (hmmmm). Well Norbert gave out a GOLDEN NUGGET! He said to basically answer “No, I have not yet but I am generating leads now and I can teach you how.” Isn’t that amazing?

Now if you cannot say that you’re generating leads, you can follow what I did and join their program here. Whether you do or not use the system, you must find a way to generate leads so you can use that answer so that you can position yourself with leads. Norbert also brought up a valid point which has been working for my team which is, don’t expect people to use MLSP just because they signed up, but give them direction. As I outlined here in this video: [Video].  Norbert said “Give directions rather than ask them to do something.” Some of us B.S. around the bush and try to kiss up to our prospects or new recruits. Your time is valuable and you are ALWAYS on the run but you will spend 15 minutes to support them and coach them. That’s where you deserve to be.

Brian Fanale was up next:

Brian Fanale

Brian Finale was up next and he is one of the founders with My Lead System Pro. He said a great line from the Joker in the latest Batman, “If you are good at something you expect to be paid”, I love it! He gave instructions on starting to run your own webinars as soon as possible that are packed with value. Most use GoToMeeting,

Brian gave out some good links too that you might want to checkout: – Downloads youtube videos (Disclaimer: you want to have permission before you do this or you might get into some trouble) – search Twitter for people that you want to connect with and might be in your niche – If you are leaving comments on people’s blogs, you want to look professional and have a picture show, this will automate for you every time you leave a comment on blog sites Now, some of you out there are already generating sales through affiliate marketing.

Brian gave a million dollar tip here, pay attention to this one. If you have someone on your list buying products from you, put them in a special list. Send them cookies, send them gifts, but take care of them and you might just have a lifelong income stream. I am going to start doing this as I have generated a lot of income in affiliate marketing but have not taken special care of those who purchased from me a lot. Brian said to get better at Facebook PPC to check out Perry Marshall. He shed some light on this sometimes misunderstood marketing strategy and recommended sending Facebook PPC traffic to a Fan page that has an optin. His company is going to start doing this for members of My Lead System automatically without any programming on the side of the user so that is pretty awesome as I have no clue how to create an optin for a facebook fan page. Some good tips for facebook PPC: – They are tougher on you when you start so don’t start with ads that say MLM, FREE, Get Rich, Etc.

Todd Falcone is a rockstar. I am really glad I connected with him, not only is he a snazzy dresser, he is also a fantastic trainer. He specializes in prospecting, closing and scripts. He gave a great response to that goofball question that we sometimes get, “Is this Network Marketing?” He said to answer it, “Hell Yes, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t touch it!” Isn’t that awesome? He made a great observation in that people will show up to their job every day even if they hate it but they won’t show up for their network marketing opportunity that actually has the potential to make them rich. Why is that? He says because there are no consequences. If you want to create real results in your home business you might want to create consequences for you and your teammates. If you don’t show up to work for three days and don’t call, you will more than likely be fired. Unfortunately, if the same person doesn’t call their upline, show up to meetings or work their home biz, they will get away with no consequences and of course, no real wealth either.

I agree with Todd’s method of the two strikes and you are out philosophy of leaving phone messages for your prospects. Don’t chase, beg or bug them, if they don’t do what they say they are going to do, they also won’t do it if they were in your business. Stop chasing people and stop chasing the signup bonus and look for quality people to work with.

Todd said don’t ever “dabble” with your opportunity. Do it, but don’t dabble or treat it as a hobby. Now, this is a HUGE tip for you guys that are generating leads. Use the information of the lead to build rapport. Let’s look at an example:

Leadname – Joe Prospectson
Cityname – Washington, DC
Phone – 206-206-2062
Email –

What can you do with this instead of just calling them and asking them what they liked about your opportunity? Well, you can use their data to build rapport. Here are a few examples: – Hey Joe, I saw you visited my page, I also see you are in Wash DC, I was just up there, what a great city! How long have you been there?

– Hey Joe, I saw you visited my page, I also see you are in the 206 area code, my friend Brian is a paintball expert up there, he loves it, how do you like it?

– Hey Joe, I saw you visited my page, I also see your last name is prospectson, are you related to a Tony Prospectson that lives in Austin, Texas?

– Hey Joe, I saw you visited my page, I also see you eat cornflakes, I love cornflakes but you must really love them to make it your email address! This business is all about relationships and you start down the path when you create rapport. Then, the man, the myth, stepped up on stage, I am talking about none other than Mike Dillard. Mike Dillard is the creator of Magnetic Sponsoring which is the granddaddy of all network marketing informational products. I honestly do not know one successful network marketer that uses the Internet that has not purchased something from Mike so it was great to meet him. Mike did an open Q&A with the audience and showed why he is who he is. I cannot repeat all the questions and his answers but here is what I got from him:

– Find out why people will buy your product or business – Get rid of your emotional attachment to the outcome of your marketing – Your skillset is the key to your financial future, not your opportunity

– His number one tip is to learn copywriting. There are some pretty expensives courses out there, Mike did this one and it’s solid – Master Copywriting (if you don’t know where to go)

Jonathan Budd

Jonathan Budd is the shaolin monk of Internet Marketing. He was the 22 year punk that came on the internet. I wrote an article on why I joined MLSP over his system. All opinions aside, he is a cool guy and really connected with a positive mindset. He is the founder of the Online MLM Mastery Course that has generated so many successful marketers. I met Jonathan a long time ago through a mutual friend and he is a guy you really want to pay attention to as he is razor sharp. He gave some very solid real world advice on how to get to where you want to go from where you currently are. Here are the highlights: Create Your Own Product 1. Record webinars 2. Interview Top Leaders in the Industry 3. Record Audio at for free! 4. Write your own ebook and turn it into a PDF.

Jonathan Budd and Cesar Ramirez making up!

You know I have nothing against Jonathan. He is a smart kid and honestly he makes a lot of people angry because of his quick success. I showed him my cell phone on having a number he had from 3 years ago. I asked him, what number is this? He said oh man, that’s like my early years with the reverse funnel system. He says that was such an awesome product. I take back some of the stuff I said about Budd. Just some :-). He’s cool though and we’re like 30 minutes away from each other. Word on the street is he is dating Katie Freiling. I don’t blame him, she’s hot! She’s from my current city, Temecula, CA. Pretty small world I tell you. Thanks Budd for being cool with me champ.

Cedrick Harris

My man Cedrick spoke last at the conference and he ROCKED THE HOUSE! For those that do not know, Cedrick Harris is the number one recruiter in my primary and he the best closer in this industry. This is undisputed so I don’t have to say he is “one of”, he is simply the best. Cedrick covered offline marketing, which, everyone should seriously pay attention to as there are heavy hitters I have enrolled in my business because of the fact that I am not just an online marketer. Cedrick was probably the speaker that generated the most commotion, I am sure that has a lot to do with having such a large amount of his downline in the audience! Great job Cedrick! Cedrick has a product called the 10k Per Month Attraction Marketing Blueprint which I highly endorse. If you haven’t picked it up, you deserve to. It’s a Zero Fluff offline and online marketing system.

After Day 2 of the No Excuses Summit

I was actually masterminding with David Wood on Friday night when I heard about this sneaky tactic. Cedrick and David developed an Audio CD to have me and the rest of the team pass out at the conference on Saturday. This audio CD inviting folks to our 9pm gathering. It was an amazing event. Just look at how many folks here here.

Packed House

I was actually sitting in the back. It was so packed that it started to get kinda hot lol. Fortunately, this created a lot of buzz and over 20 people joined that night. To take a look at the presentation that was shown, watch it here: [Saturday Night Presentation]

What About For Those That Missed It? The No Excuses Summit DVD!

If you couldn’t make it out to this rare event, I highly recommend you pick up The No Excuses Summit DVD. I will inform you all when it is released.

No Excuses Summit in Las Vegas, NV (Sunday 11th, 2010)

The final day of the event.

Katie Freiling and Cesar Ramirez

First up was Tim Erway, Tim worked directly with Mike Dillard on Magnetic Sponsoring and is a copywriting guru. He broke down copywriting in a very easy to understand way. He broke it down to 3 questions you should always ask yourself:
1. Who is your prospect? Be as specific as possible
2. What is their problem?
3. How can you solve it?

He also shared the 8 core motivators that get people to buy things.
1. Make Money
2. Save Money
3. Save Effort
4. Save Time
5. Improve Health
6. Impress Others
7. Increase Pleasure
8. Eliminate Pain

He said you want to work on your headline and make it as specific as possible and irresistible to potential prospects. He recommended the Copywriters Guild to get and learn copywriting in a step-by-step blueprint. I can tell you that after this weekend, copywriting and PPC is my main area I want to improve in as I heard from so many speakers how important they both were.

The next speaker I saw was Katie Freiling. She’s really awesome.  Katie is the founder of the content syndication group called the Utribe, which, I am a member of so I guess I am biased when I say it is awesome. You said if you are serious about social media and Internet marketing you really want to have a blog and always give out great value. She also shared some cool stats:
– 78% of people trust their peers when making a buying decision but only trust 14% of ads
– For the first time in 23 years, Pepsi dropped their superbowl commercial to spend $20 million on social media

Katie shared a really cool resource that I did not know about and that is Google Profiles. You can setup your google profiles that could possibly be featured on search results and it is free, you can see mine at

Katie said something I definitely agree with. She said to focus on your personal growth and the money will come. This is quite different than most as they really chase the money and hope it comes to them. She also said to get yourself into a personal success routine which is another thing I always teach. I blog, meditate and write affirmations every single day and always suggest people they create a routine for themselves. Katie says to brand yourself you have to become a giver of great value and to be consistent. She says your blog is your central hub to your branding and your marketing. Don’t just pitch your business but have people wanting to hear from you and the value you bring.

The Bad Boys – David Schwind and Jim Yaghi

OK, you have to know that these guys are totally insane but also brilliant. I had the opportunity to meet both of these guys. I spent time with David Schwind later that night with a bunch of guys at the bar. Both are absolute geniuses when it comes to driving traffic and copywriting. They started their event with Marilyn Mansons Sweet Dreams song and being escorted on stage by models. They then asked who wanted a drink of scotch and had people come up on stage and sit in chairs during their entire presentation while drinking scotch, crazy right? (I will post the video up soon.)

Their content really gave me some great ideas. Jim shared a killer strategy he uses when formulating his emails. He says before he sends out a mass email trying to sell an affiliate product he checks his gmail where he constantly receives emails from other marketers and he just does the opposite of what he sees. If all the subject lines of the emails coming from everyone else are long, he writes a short subject line and vice versa. Freaking sweet!

He shared another great tip in trying to locate people that might be interested in what you are doing. He says to google your most descriptive phrase that describes what you do or what you are trying to sell and in google click the social link toward the bottom to see what people are on social media and most associated with your business and connect with them. You also want to use the related searches button when doing your research on your niche and if you are going to do any PPC.

David made a great distinction in saying that an ad is not meant to sell but to get a click. I see a lot of ads out there trying to sell from the ad, which, makes most people not want to click them. David also said never to outsource anything you don’t know very well. I totally agree with that too as I have done this with things I did not know well and it did not work out.

My Overall Review of the No Excuses Summit

To be frank with you, I have been upset that knowing computers for over 20 years, I knew very little about setting myself up for self branding. The power of using MLSP is that it gets me not only the education but the circle of influence on the top leaders in the industry. It was awesome, as this was the very first Internet marketing conference I have ever attended. I realized how much faster I could have been generating more leads and income online if I had started attending these sort of events sooner. Here is what I got out of it:

1) Educate yourself at getting at least 50 leads a day with PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) (Google, Facebook ,etc) More on that at MLSP.
2) Once you get great at #1 work on building awesome articles using the Copywrighter Guild
3) Think of methods of putting different things together to develop your own products to fuel upfront commisions and make it an affiliate for others to get your stuff out there

Ferny Ceballos and Me

Honestly, I appreciate Ray Higdon for taking the time to really think of me and be on his webinar and share my Craigslist Ad Power Secrets. The product will be release VERY soon. If it wasn’t for Ray, I wouldn’t have been labeled as “The Craigslist Guy” in Vegas. It allowed me to connect with leaders and speakers and their ultimate question for me was “What are you working on?” And I told them, I found a loop whole in Craigslist and i’m developing a product for it. They were loving me. I feel blessed.

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Why I didn’t Join Jonathan Budd’s Marketing System {SCAM?}

It all comes back to leadership and integrity. I looked at the founders of both MLSP and 7 Figure Networker. Both leaders have recognition in the industry. They know what it takes to create a powerful list. We’re all taught in the industry of direct sales to create a list because that is what you truly own. Mike Dillard says it best, “It’s what you truly own and we are all affiliates of all these systems, MLMs, etc.” I absolutely agree with Dillard on this and you should as well. Nothing wrong being sold out to your primary company, but remember, you can be terminated at anytime.

I’ve followed Jonathan since his Reverse Funnel System hit the search engines. Ironically 3 years later I call his phone and his secretary answers. He’s growing quick and if you’re in the industry you may have heard of his name. His story is compelling on how he went from broke joke to Internet superhero.

Why I went with MLSP instead of Jonathan’s 7 Figure Networker:

My view on MLSP and It paying for itself:

Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, and Todd Schlomer are also recognized in the industry for their success. I was first introduced to MLSP by Cedrick Harris when I got a call from his autodialer the summer of 2009. I was looking for a system to assist me in my auto dials. He asked me how big is your list? I said well about 500 people. He said save your money and test out MLSP because we need to grow your list. Because of that conversation, I was sold on the leadership behind MLSP. It wasn’t just another let’s close a sale and take your money. They listened to my needs. Everyday I meet like-minded powerful leaders from the system with the same mindset, Kenny Gregg, Mia Davies, David Wood, Tracy Walker, Larry Beacham, Jim Chao, Yo Le, Ray Higdon, Mike Hobbs, and many more.

MLSP is here to stay and growing by the numbers rapidly. It “Brands You, Inc.” truly, and it’s by far the most affordable system I’ve seen with over $100K in value if you take advantage of it. Of course if you don’t do nothing with it, you won’t make anything.

Cruise over to to see the system in place that I have put together.


In less than 2 months I have created a powerful list of over 200 people and 10 people using the system. My goal is to hit 400 people by Fall of 2010 and assist those using the system to do the same. That would be another stream of income monthly check of at or around $6000 . It’s definitely possible. I’ve created some powerful trainings on how to draw traffic to the system using an autofriend adder in Facebook. Take a look on how you can get more friends targeted and making money today using MLSP at

I’d like to thank the MLSP team and their leadership for such a powerful team and system. You guys freaking Rock!!

Please comment below on your experience if you’re using Budd’s system and your experience. Vice versa, if you’ve used MLSP, what would you like to see changed or improved.
YOUR partner in success,

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Saludos a todos mis amigos en el Internet

So my mentor, Cedrick Harris said to me… “Watch what everybody is doing…and do the complete opposite.” So then it hit me. I duplicate what the 5, 6, and 7 figure earners do online, and do it in Spanish.” I’m going to have fun this week. My first spanish video and green screen on that. It didn’t come out too bad.