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Tethering WIFI At An Internet Marketing Event

Hello my friend, today I’m going to share with you a little tip on what has helped me brand myself.

You know that tethering word on your smart phone. People talk about it all the time. You can tether your wifi enabled phone to your computer / laptop or even iPad, becoming “kid friendly wifi.” I’ve done it with an Android Phone as well as an iPhone. Well in the last 6 years of heavily marketing myself on the internet, I’ve came up with this simple free solution to be able to brand yourself and even capture leads at an Internet Marketing Event.

I wrote about the topic here on Facebook and it created a buzz 🙂


As of writing this article here’s some tips on setting up your devices:

iPhone 5S (latest update) 7.1:

1) Tap Settings -> General -> About
2) Tap on Name and change it to your domain  or sales funnel (I changed mine to for branding)

Branding Tethering - Create-a-Personal-Wi-Fi-Hotspot-for-Your-iPad-from-Your-iPhone-Step-5

On Android Phones:

1) Slide down your finger from the top to the bottom to pull down Smart Phone options
2) Tap the Settings Icon
3)  Tap More
4) Tap Tethering & Portable Hotspot
5) Tap Configure Wi-Fi- hotspot



Imagine this, you’re on a flight to an event. You just arrived at the airport and are looking to get online instead of using the airports wifi because it costs $10 an hour. You crank open your phone and tether it to your laptop. You realize that others around you are trying to get in but they can’t because you password protected it. Suddently you receive a message from them or an optin because they arrived at your capture page looking to snag your internet. You have just created a HTTP://WWW.ADINFUSION.COM and a perfect marketing system without working too hard. It didn’t cost you anything but doing something you were already going to do instead of branding “Cesar’s iPhone” as my SSID, you’re branding it as your domain name.

Make sure to comment below and let me know your thoughts and feedback.

Always glad to help,

Cesar Ramirez
Stay coachable. Stay humble.