Tethering WIFI At An Internet Marketing Event

Hello my friend, today I’m going to share with you a little tip on what has helped me brand myself.

You know that tethering word on your smart phone. People talk about it all the time. You can tether your wifi enabled phone to your computer / laptop or even iPad, becoming “kid friendly wifi.” I’ve done it with an Android Phone as well as an iPhone. Well in the last 6 years of heavily marketing myself on the internet, I’ve came up with this simple free solution to be able to brand yourself and even capture leads at an Internet Marketing Event.

I wrote about the topic here on Facebook and it created a buzz 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/cramirez8/posts/10151991431461717?stream_ref=5


As of writing this article here’s some tips on setting up your devices:

iPhone 5S (latest update) 7.1:

1) Tap Settings -> General -> About
2) Tap on Name and change it to your domain  or sales funnel (I changed mine to CesarRamirez.com for branding)

Branding Tethering - Create-a-Personal-Wi-Fi-Hotspot-for-Your-iPad-from-Your-iPhone-Step-5

On Android Phones:

1) Slide down your finger from the top to the bottom to pull down Smart Phone options
2) Tap the Settings Icon
3)  Tap More
4) Tap Tethering & Portable Hotspot
5) Tap Configure Wi-Fi- hotspot



Imagine this, you’re on a flight to an event. You just arrived at the airport and are looking to get online instead of using the airports wifi because it costs $10 an hour. You crank open your phone and tether it to your laptop. You realize that others around you are trying to get in but they can’t because you password protected it. Suddently you receive a message from them or an optin because they arrived at your capture page looking to snag your internet. You have just created a HTTP://WWW.ADINFUSION.COM and a perfect marketing system without working too hard. It didn’t cost you anything but doing something you were already going to do instead of branding “Cesar’s iPhone” as my SSID, you’re branding it as your domain name.

Make sure to comment below and let me know your thoughts and feedback.

Always glad to help,

Cesar Ramirez
Stay coachable. Stay humble.


pinterest for internet marketing

How To Take Advantage of Pinterest in Internet Marketing

pinterest for internet marketing

Pinterest is not like Facebook and Twitter wherein interaction is the name of the game. Pinterest relies heavily on images, videos and descriptions, making it one of the most obvious methods you can market your products and services through the Internet. Established in 2009, Pinterest has over one million visitors daily who pins, re-pins, likes and shares the boards created on the site.

And thanks to iOS and Android applications, it has now become easier for business people to present their products and services in a more interesting way. Truly, Pinterest is now an Internet marketing tool that marketers can utilize in order to make sure their products and services reach the right audience.

1. Create Unique Boards

Don’t just create vague and general boards such as “things I like,” “fashion” or “Pearl Rings.” Create something that will surely be noticed by potential customers. If you are selling dresses, you may term it as “cute and fashionable dresses from the US.” If you are selling iPhone accessories, you should also create a name that pertains to those products.

2. Use High-Quality Images

Potential customers will naturally be more attracted to your boards if you use high-quality images that will show the beauty of your products. You can only imagine how uninteresting images with crappy resolution are. Use images that are 600 to 800 pixels wide and 1000 pixels deep. If the image is too small, your followers may not be able to re-pin it. And if they can find the same image with a better resolution on another website, they might use that image and you will lose traffic on your site.

3. Invite Followers

Doing Internet marketing on Pinterest relies heavily on how many followers you can attract. Since Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are still the most popular social networking sites out there, you must post links there to your Pinterest account. Also, you might be able to attract more customers if you give out prizes for your followers who can get the more likes for a board they re-pinned from your account.

4. Add Detailed Descriptions

It is not only important that you post high-quality images on your Pinterest account. It is also highly vital that you add detailed descriptions on your boards. Describe your products or your services and make sure to word the descriptions in such a way that can attract consumers. Give the details they need and answer questions as they were posted.

5. Link The Boards Back To Your Actual Site

A Pinterest account is not enough to make a successful Internet marketing bid. You have to link the boards to your website wherein they will find more information about your business. Pinterest is one of the top social networking sites that has a high referral rate, so you have to make use of this interesting tidbit.

People pin thousands of boards every day, and they follow people they don’t even know as long as their boards interested them. To have a successful Internet campaign on Pinterest, you have to make sure your boards are interesting enough for potential customers to re-pin them and follow you. Treat your Pinterest account as you would treat your actual business’ website. It is an avenue wherein your business can thrive.

Your partner in success,

Cesar Ramirez

How to clean that dusty PSP

So the other day, I picked up a PSP from a barter. The guy wanted some digital movies from my Gazzilion Terabyte collection and he offered his PSP. I use to own one, and to be honest I missed it. It allows me to relax and play a cool game when i’m away from the home office. So, with that said, here we go. This is how you clean the beast because mine had a dusty thing inside it :-).

Here’s How To Clean Your PSP.

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Here’s a how-to video I shot with my iPhone.


Cesar Ramirez

AT&T vs T-Mobile for Hot Spot

AT&T vs T-Mobile speeds

So some folks are excited to hear that there will not be a merger with the giants AT&T and T-Mobile. It’s not a big deal for me because neither of them pay my bills. Actually that’s incorrect. Because of their Internet service, I’m relying on one of them to keep my Internet connection going at home. Since I make my income from Internet marketing

As some of you may or may not know, I moved the family to the mountains of Valley Center, CA for many reasons. One major reason was the fast pace of city convenience was stressing me out.

So the flip side is Internet connection has been a debating war. You see the only service I get out here is either cellular data or satellite connection. I researched prices and speed rates and Satellite’s service through Hughes Dish is $99 for the fastest speed of 2.0Mbps. I get about 5.5Mbps down and 2Mbps up using my iPhone. Naturally my skills for tech come from a passion of tinkering. Since I have, so I thought, unlimited Internet, I figured it be ok to share the Internet from my iPhone to my home devices. Come to find out from AT&T threats this is not the case. They send me text messages and snail mail to let me know it’s not ok to use the Internet outside your iPhone.

So even though I technically can use the PDANet app to hide my data usage, it’s not a full Internet service because it limits me to not using aweber. It must filter me through a proxy of some sort.

So check out my rig. I tethered my iPhone to my desktop via USB. It treats it like a modem. Then inside Windows 7 I shared that connection with the LAN adapter. The Cat5 cable from LAN goes directly into a WAN port of my Airlink Router. Now all devices in the house can be online. :)! It works but for how long?

Speed snap shot.


To stay in the guidelines of AT&T and T-Mobile, I understand that I have to use their hot spot device. Therefore I bought a Sierra 4G LTE hot spot unlocked off EBay so I can test both TMOBILE and AT&T. CDMA (Verizon or Sprint) doesn’t have a signal out here last time I checked.

I hope some of you mountain livers find value from this post. Going from FIOS 17Mbps to Cellular (3G) 5.5Mbps is a drastic change. I wouldn’t trade living here from where we were at though.
A peace of mind. :).

To the Top,

Cesar Ramirez

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Here’s a pic of my 2 younger boys playing outside. They would never play outside in the city. I Love it!



Update: My speeds throttled from 5Mbps to sadly .08Mbps. Big brother AT&T Told Me




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iPhone Sim Card inside an iPad for 3G Internet

How to use your iPhone 4 or 3G/3GS (sim card cut up), inside an iPad 3G version to get internet.

1) pop the iPhone 4 microsim card inside the iPad 3G
2) Plug the iPad into a PC/Mac
3) Download iPhone Configuration Utility
3) Fill out the APN information
4) Install the information on your iPad


Cesar Ramirez