“Black Box” Investing Strategies of the Rich & Arrogant

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Ok… this is one of the coolest “projects” I’ve ever seen…
If you know Cesar Ramirez, you know that he has given
a lot of credit to Mike Dillard for a lot of his online success
and image branding. Mike is the King if you will of “Attraction
Marketing,” and is one of the known well known intelligent
business minds of our day and age. I’d pay close attention
to what he has to say in this project that is assisting the close
minded to wake up from their hardworking money and not
leave it in the stock market.  In case you haven’t been hiding
under a rock, your 401K has been transformed into a 101K.

It’s pretty obvious that the big-shot bankers on Wall Street
have been getting richer and richer during this economic
crisis, while your friends and family members have been
getting poorer and poorer.

Does that aggravate the crap outta you like it does me?

Well if you’re interested in cracking open the “black-box
investing strategies” of these rich and arrogant jerks who
are pulling all the strings, so you can see how they’re
doing it, you’ve gotta check out this video Millionaire Mike and make sure to invest in acorns, that’s essential!! You can also invest in marijuana stocks in this website.

Dillard just posted…

===> View Black Box Investing Strategies of the Rich & Arrogant

Despite the fact that he’s not an investor, trader, or financial
guru of any kind, he’s made a 280% return since 2008,

while the rest of the world has lost 30-40% of their portfolio.


Get this… He found a “map” back in 2007 that’s allowed
him to basically predict the future.

Like I said… VERY COOL…

Check out this video he just posted and you’ll see how he’s
doing it…

===> View Black Box Investing Strategies of the Rich & Arrogant

Let’s rebuild the economy together,
Cesar Ramirez

===> View Black Box Investing Strategies of the Rich & Arrogant

Texas Kid Cracks the Code to Social Media Syndication

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I begged and pleaded my buddy Curt Maly to do a presentation on how he has been able to create a healthy 4 figure part time income on building his online business through Social Media Syndication. As an example for those that are new to this concept: Curt will take a small business owner and make them a rock star on social media. Just to give you an idea an average client paying $100 a month per client for this information so that they are on the leading edge of social media and video marketing is what Curt charges. He could easily charge more and fortunately he was snagged by me for an hour to share his wisdom. Curt, I thank you my friend and I look forward in working with you in future projects. Attraction marketing does work and this is a fine example of “Attraction Marketing Engineering.”

Social Media Domination from Cesar Ramirez on Vimeo.

Webinar with Cesar Ramirez and Curt Maly.


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New School Network Marketing

Does Attraction Marketing Engineering really work? I developed that name because I see a lot of people using their catchy phrases. I sum it all up to this. “Attraction Marketing Engineering” is taking bite size pieces of different elements on the web and you developing your own concepts. You will absolutely unequivocally find your niche as you stay consistent in developing your list.

Where do you start? Watch this video closely so you can see what the next steps are in your education of Web 2.0. The name of the system I put in place is called My Lead System Pro (MLSP). Why does MLSP work so well? Is it a scam? Absolutely not! It has allowed me to build my list of over 300 people in less than 4 months. I have built great relationships with people because of this system. People that are network marketers are seeking me out and not just people who are already working in the business but newcomers are coming to me as well. For instance, I just did a five part one on one training with a guy who is doing internet marketing part-time right now, he is a OSHA safety inspections supervisor right now but he would like to leave that job within the next year. I was very flattered when he sought me out for training. Essentially you are becoming the hunted instead of the hunter. We know that 95% of the people in network marketing are failing because of:

1) Not enough people to talk to.
2) Not enough money in their pocket.

So the solution is this…

1) You will learn about why Funded Proposals are important
2) Building a Powerful List
3) Building a relationship with that list.
4) Profiting off Affiliates.

Documentation beats conversation any day. Take a look at my back office and what I have done to grow my list. If you follow my training you will absolutely duplicate what I have done. The first step is taking action and following the building process outlined in this video. Enjoy:

Cesar Ramirez
Attraction Marketing Engineering

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Skymall Magazine

So I was pulling out a skymall magazine on my flight to Tampa, FL and I came across this page. “The greatest gift … is to help others help themselves.” Wow! How powerful is that?! The main reason I began flipping pages anyway was because I was listening to an audio training cd set by Cedrick Harris called “The 10k per month attraction marketing blueprint.” In there he talks about live marketing scenerios that have built him his leads for his primary business both offline and online.

Now, the concept is pretty simple. This tool that is known as sizzle cards or drop cards look like real $100 bills. What is recommended is that you stick $100 bill drop card in the magazine with a message that will intise your reader/prospect. It’s very duplicatable and they are fun!

Watch my videos at http://YouTube.CesarRamirez.com if you have not done so already on how I use these cards live.  If you want to order your very own now, go purchase and put them to work. http://dropcards.CesarRamirez.com. Make it a profitable day.

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The owners of Lead System Pro Have Lost Their Minds!!

Seriously, they have lost their freaking minds!!. You see,
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If you want to finally explode your business, NO MATTER WHAT BUSINESS YOU
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You partner in success,

Cesar Ramirez