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My Biggest Regret

My biggest regret: ¬† This post is to inspire other men and woman to support those men and woman to deny the decision of ANY FORM of contraception‚Ķ ¬† 8 years ago I got a vasectomy due to some peer pressure from close friends and you can say it is what society teaches if you […]

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The Magic of Having Faith and How It Strengthens A Family.

I always believe that if you want something in life, you must always be willing to take all the risks to achieve the end goal. In everything we aim for in life, challenges are indeed an inevitable fact. It’s always all up to you, whether you take the challenge or move backwards, it’s definitely a […]

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Allow Yourself To Breathe… Learn to be free.

Take a break. Drive up to the mountains and spend and hour or two with yourself. You deserve it.

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