The Magic of Having Faith and How It Strengthens A Family.

I always believe that if you want something in life, you must always be willing to take all the risks to achieve the end goal. In everything we aim for in life, challenges are indeed an inevitable fact. It’s always all up to you, whether you take the challenge or move backwards, it’s definitely a character building factor.

However, in every dream, in all aspirations, you must always have plan a, b, to c. Always expect the unexpected. Based on experience, there were dreams I failed to achieve, not because I gave up, but because God (or your creator) has a better plan for me. It’s like chasing the wind…but if you do your best out of envy, not out of faith, then I’ll bet you’ll lose the battle of life.

The question is, how do we manage to keep faith despite of all the struggles we have to undergo for the sake of our dreams. I can share some ideas, and I hope it will best apply to your persona.

1) It is important to know your priorities. If not, then you can never build faith over something you are not sure of. How that is determined is up to you. The people you feel comfortable with being around taking you where you want to go.

2) Know your skills and flaws. It is necessary to know your limit, so you can make a smoother plan. “All you can do is all you can do..” — Art Williams

3) Be inspired with people who have proven their success. You’ll learn a lot from them. They will surely feed you on how to be tough in times of trial. I’ve been very successful because I made a decision to duplicate what other successful folks have done to get to where I want to be. I do not reinvent the wheel.

4) Above anything else, prayer is the key. If you do know how to ask what you really want in life specifically, then surely God (or your higher power) will guide you and will not let you fail. I realize this step could be a sensitive subject because not everyone believes in God. Whatever your belief is, realize that you must thank someone higher then you for allowing you to get where you want to be. I can honestly say there are no accidents. I believe God has taken care of me because I have had faith in him since I was very young. Our relationship is strong and I know I cannot fail with my Faith in God.

5) Believe that whether you lose or win, you will gain something good for yourself, because you did not hesitate to take the risk.

AS for me, that’s what I call faith…

Now, how does faith inside a person strengthen a family. I remember an adage, stating that: Together we stand, divided we fall. If every member of each family, will always have faith in any struggles that might come their ways, whether, financial, emotional, spiritual, or even a super typhoon, or whatever kind of catastrophe, you may think, they will never be divided in any means.

If you have faith inside you, you will never be a faultfinder, which will keep peace inside your family. You will always believe that for every mistakes there’s always room for forgiveness and improvement. If you have faith inside you, then you will always have enough patience and understanding for every situation that seems to be so complicated.

Isn’t it wonderful whenever you have faith inside you? You can feel it in your heart if you just welcome it. You can truly understand everything no matter how complicated it is. That’s what matters the most :). I have heard different stories from broken families, and they all have one thing in common, they lack faith inside their hearts. A family should remain strong no matter what, and there should be no room for breaking up.

Once you decided to have a family of your own, you must also start holding on to your faith, that no matter what happens you will never let your family be divided. Keep that in mind and in your heart. Let your faith rule your family and your loved one’s. Faith includes, sacrifice most of the time, because if you are not willing to make some sacrifices for the sake of your family, then you will never understand the true meaning of FAITH. You don’t live yourself alone, you live for your family. Keep the goal kicking, let faith strengthen your family.

You were born to WIN and condition to LOSE by your surrounding circumstances. At any point in time you can change your environment, change your habits, change your thoughts to become a winner.

Cesar Ramirez

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