The Truth About Citrix’s GoToMeeting

I have had the pleasure of being in the industry of technology since my mom gave birth to a 10lbs 300baud modem (ME) in 1977. :).

Out of all the business networking tools I have used out there for online conferencing, Citrix’s GoToMeeting has got to be the smoothest online system I have seen out there with features that make sense to a viewer and a host.

Pros: These features include, hiding and un-hiding participants online. Asking pre-qualifying questions to participants of the meeting before logging in. Audio streaming of meeting over VoiceOverIP or dial-in number for land line. Hand being raised to ask a question during a session. Very low latency on screen-casting.

Cons: Now, this is the only thing I have not found online or on Citrix GoToMeeting’s website. If I want to pass a predefined field variable through a link. In this case, let’s say the field form to login into the meeting is asking the viewer "Who invited you to this webinar?" I would like to be able to include in the special link ?WhoInvited=Cesar%20Ramirez when the link is submitted via email, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social micro blog sites. That way, this would auto populate that field when the viewer sees the pre-login webinar form page.

If you know of a method to overcome this, please let me know. I’ve dealt more with PHP coding than ASP(X) so I may be off here. Because the web page is not written in PHP, I’m sure there is a method around that considering the code variable for that field is already determined.

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Cesar Ramirez
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